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Baldur's Gate 4 Isn't Next For Larian; Something Bigger Is Coming | Spot On | Gamespot

This is a really good interview. tl;dw is...

  • their next game was going to be D&D, but they changed course and are doing something else now
  • Vincke has a vision for "the one RPG to rule them all", and each of their past three RPGs is a step closer to it
  • the next game is not going to be that master vision but one step closer toward it, with their previous 3 RPGs proving out emergent design/multiplayer, story and consequence, and personal stories/performance capture, respectively
  • Vincke would like to have this next game done in 3 years compared to BG3's 6 year development cycle, but realistically expects 4 years, as long as there isn't something like COVID-19 or a war in Ukraine to impede their progress