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Southern gas stations
  • Definitely the latter, but it is also gas station pulled pork, so it could go either way.

  • Insane footage
  • It was a very unfunny joke. Kontakt is also a popular piece of music software.

  • Southern gas stations
  • "Just" pulled pork, he says. Just pulled pork.

  • Southern gas stations
  • Shoney's still exists, fyi. I stopped at one a few years ago and they still had the (breakfast) buffet--it was just like it was when I was a kid.

  • Southern gas stations
  • I think the pineapple is macaroni and cheese?

  • Insane footage
  • Tanks use Kontakt? Is there a MIDI keyboard on the inside?

  • Countries chosen by Norwegians for summer vacations 2024
  • Clean your rooms really well and we'll go get an ice cream cone, some crack, and a few Thai prostitutes.

  • Laying on the guilt
  • Please don't tell her you beat me or she'll do the same.

  • Serbia moment
  • How to Spot Genocidal People 101.

  • Wait... so... it isn't flat?
  • Is this true?

  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi convinced to be 'emissary of God', questions his biological origins
  • When I think of superhuman origins, I think of a 5'7 elderly Indian man.

  • Why does this happen to some of my games?
  • And make sure the channel on the TV is set to the the same one as the RF adapter.

  • There are no guardrails in life
  • Honestly couldn't hurt.

  • NSFW
    Teresa Palmer
  • She's a Christian, nice.

  • Knots 3D - $5.99 -> Free
  • But then what do I do with the $5.99?

  • Overthrow a Government and Install a Puppet Dictator? The CIA will do it for Bananas!
  • The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) has been the subject of a number of controversies...

    God, what a fitting start/title.

  • 38% of webpages that existed in 2013 are no longer accessible a decade later
  • Maybe start a charity and raise money that way?

  • Nathan's should sue
  • If I had a nickel.

  • a 320 year old elf marries an 80 year old human: Is the elf robbing the cradle, or the grave?
  • There's no way an 80 year old woman has the life experience to compare to a 300-1,000 year old elf. There's an inherent power discrepancy.

  • McCarthy elbows fellow GOP member -- GOP rifts boil over in exchange between Reps. McCarthy and Burchett

    Tensions among House Republicans boiled over in a physical altercation between former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy and Rep. Tim Burchett, one of the members who voted to oust McCarthy from the job.

    Achy-Breaky Religious Iconography

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    Billy Ray Cyrus as the Messiah.

    Music ivanafterall
    Snarky Puppy - Bet (Empire Central) - If you don't have involuntary stank face by 0:25, we probably wouldn't be friends.

    Snarky Puppy - BetFrom Snarky Puppy's new album, Empire Central (September 2022, GroundUP Music)Buy/Stream: by Michael L...

    1 Scuffle in the sauce: Inside the World Gravy Wrestling Championships

    Competitors take part in the World Gravy Wrestling Championships at the Rose 'N' Bowl pub in Stacksteads, Britain.

    Scuffle in the sauce: Inside the World Gravy Wrestling Championships
    I've never thought of myself as a compulsive person...

    ...but I often find myself NEEDING TO CHECK EVERY LAST CRATE, BARREL, ETC.

    It feels wrong to leave an area when you know there's that one you didn't check--PROBABLY it's just a rotten carrot, but you never know.


    Somehow I missed this one. I intend to rectify it ASAP. The trailer was such a ride by itself.

    What are your favorite Discord channels?

    Unless you happen to stumble upon a site/group that runs a Discord channel, it can be hard to find good ones (though I suppose that's down to what you're looking for).

    Does anyone here have any favorite Discord channels they can share/recommend?

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