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Trump tells rally-goers not to die in Vegas heat: ‘I don’t care about you’
  • im anti-trump but i hate this type of journalism. take a joke of context in order to make something up to get mad about. yes that will reach over the isle for sure.

    there's a lot to actually hate about the guy. why upvote this shit?

  • Outcry from big AI firms over California AI “kill switch” bill
  • there's a whole lot of discussion around this already, going on for years now. an AI that was generally smarter than humans would probably be able to do things undetected by users.

    it could also be operated by a malicious user. or escape its container by writing code.

  • Yuntai: Hiker finds pipe feeding China's tallest waterfall
  • it's not just china. its everywhere in east and southeast asia. the chinese tourists wouldn't even care that the waterfall is fake. they get off the bus and take selfies with it, and then get back on the bus. they have no interest in anything else.

  • FR: Filter out image posts

    I would like to not see image posts on my feed. Many communities are full of good information, but also plagued by useless memes. All of the image posts are useless memes. I do not want to see them.

    With Reddit, I could filter out image hosting domains. with Lemmy this is not possible because there isn't a special domain that images are hosted from.

    I know that the app is detecting these posts as images, because as you can see there is an image icon on the right. Please let me filter these posts out. I will buy you 37 coffees.


    Please let me filter out image posts

    Dear fucking God holy fuck.

    There are many communities here with some portion of interesting link/text posts which are also plagued by useless unfunny memes. With Reddit you could filter by domain because shitty meme posts will be from or That trick doesn't work for Lemmy.

    Sync can tell when a post is an image, obviously. Can it please filter them out? I'll pay an extra $99 for this.


    Can't do it

    is anyone else taking a shit in my ass


    San Francisco Fire Dept.: Person Dies After Robotaxi Blocked Ambulance SF Fire Dept.: Person Dies After Robotaxi Blocked Ambulance

    Cruise disputes the city's characterization of the Aug. 14 incident in SoMa.

    SF Fire Dept.: Person Dies After Robotaxi Blocked Ambulance

    A stalled Cruise robotaxi blocked a San Francisco ambulance from getting a pedestrian hit by a vehicle to the hospital in an Aug. 14 incident, according to first responder accounts. The patient later died of their injuries.

    “The patient was packaged for transport with life-threatening injuries, but we were unable to leave the scene initially due to the Cruise vehicles not moving,” the San Francisco Fire Department report, first reported by Forbes, reads. “The fact that Cruise autonomous vehicles continue to block ingress and egress to critical 911 calls is unacceptable.”

    50 Fauci defends masking as COVID cases rise: ‘I would hope’ people abide by recommendations

    Former White House chief medical adviser Anthony Fauci on Saturday defended masking amid a rise in COVID cases across the country, saying he hopes people would listen to advice from health off…

    Fauci defends masking as COVID cases rise: ‘I would hope’ people abide by recommendations