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Why not serve fried chicken on Juneteenth? How is it different from serving corned beef on St. Patrick’s day?
  • PNW weirdo here. I like things to be green and alive, I like my skin unburned, and I like being able to poke around tide pools on a lonely beach. Clouds and rain help all of that.

    It's currently sunny and about 77°F, which is about as warm as I want it unless I'm going swimming. Late summer when it approaches 100° is miserable, but for now the bright weather is fine and good for the plants.

  • Top EU Court Says There’s No Right To Online Anonymity, Because Copyright Is More Important
  • I don't see the predictable effects of dropping IP laws as more harmful than the current reality. The idea is to protect small creators but the implementation does the opposite.

    The solution, as is with so many societal issues, is UBI.

  • would you do this?
  • You can pick anywhere and honestly it's fine. Lots of people started with modern Who, so that lines up with the average experience, and there are long-running plot arcs you might stumble over if you don't, but most episodes are fairly self-contained.

    Old Who is a different show. Somewhat akin to the original Star Trek, it requires a certain ability to ignore the experience and budget constraints and pick out the charm. But some of the old Doctors remain fan favorites like Tom Baker, the 4th and longest-running generation.