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"Getting paid more money is for fools"
  • I'm sure there are cases but that's effectively a $4.80 / hour raise at full time, you'd need a lot of dependants or other assistance programs to make that not worth it if you're already working full time.

  • Donald Sutherland Dies: Revered Actor In ‘Klute’, ‘Ordinary People’, ‘Hunger Games’ & Scores Of Others Was 88
  • I assume that's from Invasion of the Body Snatchers? I've only seen the pose spoofed in other media, most memorable being Space Quest IV (think it's that one, been a few decades since playing the series now). Mean to watch it someday, maybe a good time in remeberance.

  • Fauci: Trump really believed COVID would “disappear like magic”
  • He could have been an okay President...if he was an entirely different person. Even if he did what you said he still hijacked ppe from states, answered softball questions like 'what would you tell the American people who are scared?' by telling the reporter he was nasty. The question and reply are probably off but should be similar enough. Pretty sure he was upset Faucci was getting more attention for awhile since Trump can never be wrong and Faucci wanted to tell the truth. I don't think it's possible for Trump to have come off as even okay is all.

  • Who or what started the multiverse concept and why?
  • According to a few Google searches it was a physisict Hugh Everett in the late 50s. I am sure there were others in more meta and philosophical concepts in the past but I get the idea he is the known physicist to come up with it.

    Disclaimer I didn't read a lot but his name came up a few times and I assume he had a theory that could relate to physics at the time.

    I still like that Flash was probably the first for pop culture, when weird time travel started happening in other shows (after deep into Flash recent series) I started joking it was just Barry messing up crap between the multiverse and time.

  • oh the irony
  • Or when humans think they're better than other humans cause of where they were born. Such a silly metric, we're all fucking born on Earth and the same species ya jackasses.

  • Even if god exists religion can't possibly be the way to god
  • You think there can only be one god? That sounds limiting. I don't believe in any, but say does Buddhism really contradict most of Christianity real values? Like be good to people (help the less fortunate) try to let things go to not burden your well being (praying for forgiveness), respect others (do unto others). Besides having to actually believe in a god what's the difference between the two? Though the Buddhist view I'm thinking of doesn't require a god either but both seem to have teachings of compassion and love for your fellow person (some restrictions apply when dealing with intolerant types). I'm not saying you shouldn't have faith but don't say one has to be wrong.

  • How long would it take to travel 80 miles in a car travelling 80 miles per hour?
  • Yeah isn't he The Captain? (how I met your mother, how I always call him out with my girlfriend). Yes I know he did plenty but for some reason that one sticks, even if I half watched Dune with my dad in the 80s and 90s.

  • He can be president but he can’t be a nurse: The jobs Trump can’t get with felony convictions
  • I sometimes wonder if Trump even realizes half of what he does is a crime as opposed to just doing what it takes to make more money or what he's done since like the 70s. But then I realize I'm trying to understand Trump and attempt to think about literally anything else, cause I do not have the post graduate degrees to truly comprehend.

  • Fallout TV Show Could Now Last Five Seasons After ‘Immensely Surprising’ Popularity, Say Creators
  • Sometimes it's the enjoyment of what happens in a show that makes it enjoyable, or the just the actors giving a great performance with what they get, regardless of when executives want to cancel it cough firefly cough. I do agree it sucks but sometimes it's still worth the watch is all. Maybe they'll realize errors if enough people watch the better stuff even if unfinished in the future, but doubtful. Also I'm a Stephen King reader so used to not so great endings heh but the middle parts can be awesome at least.

  • Trump tells rally-goers not to die in Vegas heat: ‘I don’t care about you’
  • I kinda thought he was attempting a joke but he only knows how to be mean for a laugh and has no idea why an actual joke works. But since his fans will cheer for anything mean it doesn't help either. Like the toddler that learned people laugh when they say a swear word, let's just keep doing that until nap time.

  • ‘Rigged’: Trump attacks judge and courts in first post-conviction rally
  • Yeah and it's so annoying some people don't want to realize how awful he is when he pulls this crap. Like they take his word as gospel, the dude who lies about the colour of the sky.

    I get that they don't want to be wrong but maybe the lesson is, we have to teach people it's okay to accept we're wrong and to change our ways. Digging into a bad hole is as bad as being bombed into one.

  • C++
  • First year programming in the late 90s .. segmentation fault? I put printfs everywhere. Heh. You'd still get faults before the prints happened, such a pain to debug while learning. Though we weren't really taught your point of the comment at the time.

    Least that was my experience on an AIX system not sure if that was general or not, the crash before a print I mean.

  • All play, no work.
  • The fun part of getting older when you go from getting the hot new thing fresh on the market to I just bought that retro thing...when it was new last ummm oh... nevermind.

  • How Trump's deny-everything strategy could hurt him at sentencing
  • The guy was found guilty of a crime to influence the election where he won and became President. We don't know how much it influenced the election because he hid it. Who cares how long ago it was if he'll probably do similar stuff for another election? He has a laundry list of shady crap from 2020 as it is.

    Trump has shown zero remorse for his actions and breaks the law like most people breath. The fact he's even a frontrunner shows how much American democracy is circling the drain.

    But let's not jail him because it seems improper to do aince he's popular, but has no shame or respect for society and should be shielded by decorum and standards he'd never think of offering someone else.

  • Trump campaign raises record $34.8 million in donations after guilty verdict
  • Yeah has there been anything, that Trump's been in charge of, not lied about the smallest thing? It's pretty much a prerequisite for working under him. All things he leads is to puff his ego to the media and funnel any revenue to his own bank account. Then go bankrupt so Trump can keep the cash.

  • Trump Goes on Crazy Truth Social Rant That Makes Zero Sense and It's Obvious He's a Confused, Demented Old Man
  • What, seriously? Damn that's an odd way to say he abused drugs and doesn't take care of himself. Let alone just his age and apparently possible genetics ( his father has dementia at the end if I read correctly). Oh right he's white, can't have bad genetics lol.