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Starulew Valley
  • You've got your coffee mug, your breakfast cereal mug, your water mug, and finally your lunch cereal mug.

  • House Republican Rips ‘DEI Hire’ Kamala Harris: ‘What About White Females?’
  • If I said some clown ass shit like this while representing my employer I'd get dropped so hard. Would love to see this turd face some consequences - other than having to live inside his own head anyway

  • The Real Reason Republicans Are Attacking Kamala Harris as 'Childless'
  • Bombing their set, furiously flipping through their recipe cards for a bit that works, but all they have is junk

  • The moviegoer experience these days
  • Whoa I thought you were exaggerating, but that's pretty bad. I would just show black and white movies in that theatre

  • The moviegoer experience these days
  • Jokes on you (meme) I only go to the theatres for old movies and indies these days

  • House GOP leaders urge members: Stop making race comments about Harris
  • Watch them try to go for an intersection high score

  • There are too many of these people on lemmy
  • If that makes you happy then, sure.

  • There are too many of these people on lemmy
  • I would consider myself socialist/communist/anarchist fluid lol. The more faith I have in the goodness of people, the more anarchistic I feel. I'd say it boils down to the same for most. We all want a better world, but disagree on what will actually work to get us there

  • There are too many of these people on lemmy
  • Idk but I'm not fine with them.

  • There are too many of these people on lemmy
  • I can agree with the text while being against the authoritarians pictured.

    I just hope people don't think that everyone complaining about US imperialism is somehow fine with Russian or Chinese actions of the same hue.

    The US as least has a flawed democracy.

  • Biden calls for justice after footage released of police killing Black woman
  • Splitting hairs, but technically being a user or addict isn't illegal, it's possession or possession with intent to traffic, which are the crimes. Might vary by region.

    In any case, not justification for murder

    EDIT: pardon me, my reply keeps going to the wrong comment.

  • Biden calls for justice after footage released of police killing Black woman
  • Technically being a user or addict isn't illegal, it's possession or possession with intent to traffic, which sure the crimes. Might vary by region.

    In any case, not justification for murder

  • Republican calls for ‘civil war’ if Trump loses
  • I feel like they didn't see the movie...

  • Based Kamarulea?
  • Clearly an instance of trans-historical materio-futurism - I recognise some of the pairings by their Luciferian mirror runes from evil gay Sunday school

  • [Nasser Junior] Lived to code for another day
  • It is kind of wild. Anytime I have to authenticate in the middle of the day it's like I thought I already did this... shit is it happening again?? Oh I guess not - back to productive work mode now toootally not in the least bit tilted 😐

  • Lauren Boebert Pushes MAGA’s Most Deranged Conspiracy on Biden
  • I'm starting to think our own outrage and disbelief at their wacko conspiracy shit is the point... Like leftists are the audience they're playing to.

    Like the clearly unhinged, deeply troubled person at a house party that keeps working *Theseus up to crazier and crazier stunts. Their fuel is attention of any kind, and without an audience they just go back to being sad.

    I dunno; a thought. I'm sure it's not so pat

    * rofl I meant "themself" but leaving this autocorrect in

  • ✍️ Writing grrgyle

    Writing Club - July 2024

    Welcome to the inaugural writing club update! This is a brand new writing club, first proposed here. I have some ideas about what I want from this club, but where we go from here is open ended.

    So feel free to start new posts or spinoffs in between my monthly posts, as long as they jive with the rules in our gracious host community's sidebar, you have my full support. :)

    On to the whole point of this club! The following brave things set to text concrete goals for themselves (linked beside their names, just below). If you'd like to join their number, simply say so in the comments, along with your goal for this month. Okay, here are the stars of our show: 👏👏👏👏


    You don't have to share any of the actual material you've worked on unless you want to (you could even use our local Etherpad to share writing stuff - for example).

    Here are some questions to start you off. I'm genuinely interested in your answers, but don't feel you need to follow my script. This is just a prompt:

    • How do you think you did on your goal(s)?
    • What would you like to accomplish for our next check-in in August?
    • Is there a part of your project that you'd especially like feedback on?
    • Is there anything about this writing club you'd like us to do differently?

    No stress if you didn't accomplish everything you set out to (I fell short and I'm still here hehe). I would love to hear your updates no matter how things went!

    I'll share my own progress in a comment below. What I'm hoping from this step is that we treat this as part check-in, and part conversation. This is your chance to really dig into each others' projects (and if someone has done so for you, maybe it would be nice to return the favour and take an interest in their own project? ;))

    ✍️ Writing grrgyle

    Writing Club

    I've never been in a writing club but I'm interested in trying to get one going. Would anyone else be interested in giving it a go? I don't have to lead it, but will do so if no one else wants to.

    What I'm picturing:

    • Monthly check-in cadence
    • Everyone sets a personal goal, and then talks about how they did the previous month
    • No pressure other than what you want to take on to motivate you
    • Maybe some "assignments" in the vein of a creative writing class
    • I volunteer to send members reminder DMs to motivate them :)

    I was thinking I'd just start with this post - come up with a goal for myself to accomplish by end of June, and then check back sometime in the first week of July. If that sounds interesting to you, feel free to join in and comment with your goal, and any details you want to add.

    PS Also very open to writing club discussion meta. I'm new to this so wide open to suggestios, comments, critique, etc.



    @JacobCoffinWrites - goal @grrgyl - goal @hazeebabee - goal @Pip - goal


    Getting up today after failing yesterday

    Screenshot of Mario Kart for SNES with text reading "give up?" And two choices shown: "yes" and "no." The option "no" is selected. Luigi is also pictured on the lower half of the screen.