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Rule 🛹
  • This implies they can’t skate together after she becomes his queen

  • Don't put you know what in the title
  • Last night I read this as “don’t live in tranny”, so I had a confusing few hours about the cultural shift at c/196

  • *braces for down votes and possible ban*
  • Ah yeah, I didn’t read OPs body text. The authoritarian left and right are equally repulsive to most people. It’s always a small, but vocal minority that moves the needle on any issue, but not till they can get some kind of common ground with the masses. Advocating for extremist transformations is never going to fly.

    So coming back to my original post, it would be “revolutionary” for America to become like progressive European countries w.r.t social policies.

  • 'Ate Seagulls
  • Right, this is animal cruelty. There are people who find humane ways to deal with “pests” or “vermin”, so the fact that we have extermination practices for some population of animals doesn’t make this okay.

  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren's bill would end trading in water futures
  • I am sure some Ivy League consultant or MBA was paid handsomely to exploit the illiteracy and/or faith of poor people.

  • *braces for down votes and possible ban*
  • American progressives are crying for what’s already working in Europe. I am not sure the European norm is that revolutionary, tbh. But it’s “revolutionary” for Americans.

  • cougar rule
  • Can she ddos đź‘€

  • Everybody Sucks Here
  • There are dozens of us! Tbh, there are lgbt gun clubs afaik. It’s just not a mainstream position, but eh dgaf

    Well, as long as the owner instills good discipline and is responsible

  • Aesthetics rule
  • Yes please fit into a nice cultural box so you’re easy to profile, entice and hunt

    Edit to say you don’t need an age to be an activist. Does hacktivism have an age? Idk I guess younger folks are more likely to do it right now. Maybe hacktivism just needs a democratizing platform. Like enable grandma to ddos

  • Freedom rule
  • Fair point

  • Al-generated content. You read that wrong.
  • By default, all chat bots should be Al-generating AI. The world would be better off.

  • Freedom rule
  • Eh, their ruling class creates divisions to distract them from their constant exploitation.

  • Am I too young for this site?
  • Post your damn memes op, the content turnover is so slow

    And get off my lawn! shake fist

  • Anon's brother hates concrete
  • How about people do that anyway without paying for tech startup hubris and possibly VC profit incentives?

  • New Forklift [Rule]
  • I am so jelly

  • Breaking the law for real
  • People driving slowly in the passing lane (left most lane) just make everyone else less safe:

  • Shark rules
  • Of what?

    Edit nvm, probably mole rats

  • vorule
  • From a U.S. perspective, if voting was useless then the GOP wouldn’t have to rely on gerrymandering and removing voters from rolls for arbitrary reasons to get its ghouls elected. Harm reduction via voting is possible! For everything else, there’s Mastercard protesting. But also maybe “Mastercard” in the form of bribes lobbying

  • Pants rule
  • Shots of what?

    Edit nvm probably cough syrup

  • Look for the warning signs
  • Lavender hot tea has a nice fragrance, so at least in teas it holds its fragrance well. Lavender syrup is pretty great in lemonades too!


    Sorry for low res mobile screenshot upload, the meme is from some shady looking site so I don’t want to link the site on lemmy.

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    I am guessing..carried cocaine on a flight?
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