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X is the worst social media app for LGBTQ+ people, says new report
  • Seriously. Elon Musk is power tripping to make all of us say his new branding.

    And also an idiot for getting rid of the Twitter name and bird, which most companies would kill for to have that sort of household name recognition.

  • Wait... so... it isn't flat?
  • That volume of ice wouldn't allow any sort of liquid water to be on the surface. Everything will be frozen.

    Then again we're dealing with Flat Earthers...

    Also, it's hilarious that their depiction of the megaplanet is spherical as well.

  • Another provocative flag was flown at another Alito home
  • I was super confused at first since the flag has a tree on it. Why would Justice Alito be flying the Lebanese flag? But the red stripes aren't there.

    Then I read on and it's super obscure unless you're in the Jan 6 / Christian nationalist movement.

  • Lesbian Rebel Rule

    From Total War: Rome REMASTERED. Sad that I couldn't ally with them.


    Gonna need to be a full on poly commune at this rate if prices keep going up.

    113 Ohio company to sell a ‘flamethrower-wielding robot dog’ called the Thermonator

    ‘Ultimate firepower companion’ is purportedly for wildlife control, ecological conservation, and snow and ice removal

    Ohio company to sell a ‘flamethrower-wielding robot dog’ called the Thermonator

    Coming soon to a battlefield near you. If it can bypass the export controls, that is.

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