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Anon has a pet peeve
  • I really love Kojima for this, many bosses are but in there as a story moment to Warf you down and show you just what you have to build up to fighting. But on NG+ or if you just are really fucking amazing some of those intended to lose battles can be won and the boss will react appropriately like "WHAT?! IM GETTING THE STORY GUN NOW HOW DARE YOU BEAT ME BEFORE I CAN MONOLOGUE BALWAKJLAHKLWA" and even say so on the following events like "YOU WONT BEAT ME WITH MY MCGUFFIN". But yeah I'm so sick of the 'have to lose to this guy so you have a grudge, trolololo' mechanic too.

  • Keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer
  • Yeah I don't remember when but this is also from the murderer sack of shit in the meme 'Oh right the murders'. Fucksitck shot up a movie theater and had brightly dyed hair and thought he was the joker.