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UK petition of "Require videogame publishers to keep games they have sold in a working state" just got thrown back to the Government
  • What part of that petition says that it's to support games indefinitely? It explicitly requests action to protect customers after support ends. That inherently means it won't be supported indefinitely.

  • UK petition of "Require videogame publishers to keep games they have sold in a working state" just got thrown back to the Government
  • The one from Accursed Farms that set off this entire campaign. It's not about supporting a game forever. It's about not killing them intentionally when support ends.

  • Microsoft to release next 'Call of Duty' game on subscription service, source says
  • Now those online services are supported by digital sales, like on PC storefronts. Digital makes up the majority of console purchases now too, but they still continue to charge for online, so it's no wonder PC market share grew in the interim.

  • Video Game Execs Are Ruining Video Games
  • There are so many viable alternatives. I've got an increasingly long list of things I won't tolerate in games anymore, and I'm nowhere near running out of games to play. The big problem is being able to identify which of those checkboxes are checked or not; PC Gaming Wiki is working for this purpose lately, though it shouldn't be necessary.

  • Announcing Wayfinder Echoes - Forging Our Own Path (online-only game soon to be playable offline)
  • Gotcha. As I said in the original blurb, I'd prefer some way to play the game LAN that it seems like they're not doing. V Rising and most survival games, for all that I can tell, preserve all of those elements of MMOs or MMO lites, and it exposes how unnecessary it is to take away the ability for the player to host their own servers. Even in a best-case scenario where the game is super successful, you can run into things like login queues or server maintenance, so having the ability to play the game no matter what is a must for me. Survival games tend to lean into the use case of people who want to PVP and grief other players, which isn't for me, and I'd much rather co-op with some friends, but since I control the server, I absolutely have the ability to tune it that way. And since these games account for dozens of players on the same instance (Factorio goes up to 255), you're capable of replicating all of those random interactions, for as rare as they actually are in a game like Destiny or Warframe, which are my frame of reference for MMO lite games, because they have you spend most of your time in instances for only a few players.

    Have you played Wayfinder before to say how much of the game up to this point was built on those larger scale random interactions as opposed to small instances with a few players?

  • Announcing Wayfinder Echoes - Forging Our Own Path (online-only game soon to be playable offline)
  • No, I meant things that people would miss. I guess matchmaking fits that bill, but we'll have to see what it looks like outside of direct invites once this new version exists. Each platform provides free matchmaking services, so I'd be surprised if it didn't exist at all.

  • Announcing Wayfinder Echoes - Forging Our Own Path (online-only game soon to be playable offline)
  • You are asking if it could be same experience as an MMO-lite without being online. Think about it.

    No, I'm asking if it could be the same experience without running it on someone else's machine. V Rising does not have an online requirement, but you can play it online on a server you control, perhaps even the same machine you use to play yourself, with up to like 60 players. Destiny is an MMO lite, is it not? For the most part, you're only playing that game 3 players at a time too, just like this one. Is there something that this game was already doing that it won't be able to do now that it's peer to peer?

  • Announcing Wayfinder Echoes - Forging Our Own Path (online-only game soon to be playable offline)
  • But could it not still be the exact same game except without a server requirement?

  • Announcing Wayfinder Echoes - Forging Our Own Path (online-only game soon to be playable offline)
  • Is there anything that was there before that is for sure not going to be there now as a result of this?

  • Announcing Wayfinder Echoes - Forging Our Own Path (online-only game soon to be playable offline) Steam :: Wayfinder :: Announcing Wayfinder Echoes - Forging Our Own Path

    Wayfinder will continue as a paid, co-op title, with no in-game monetization. Coming June 11th 2024 to Steam.

    Steam :: Wayfinder :: Announcing Wayfinder Echoes - Forging Our Own Path

    Huge W. Maybe the Stop Killing Games campaign, combined with some very real market realities, will save more games like this from companies with the liberty to do so. Unfortunately, it sounds like multiplayer will likely still depend on Steam servers rather than supporting LAN (I'd be happy to be proven wrong), but this is way better than the game just dying.

    PS5 barely missed its sales target in latest earnings report, and Sony expects to sell even less by next year
  • You can plug them in, but PS4 format controllers don't work on PS5 games; they only work on PS4 versions of games. You know, for all of that fancy rumble that's meaningless when you're playing Guilty Gear on a fightstick.

  • PS5 barely missed its sales target in latest earnings report, and Sony expects to sell even less by next year
  • Well, let me take a little bit of credit away from them then, because those controllers are needlessly mandatory, even for games that don't make use of its features! How do you think fighting game players felt about that right as Sony bought the world's biggest fighting game tournament and made all tournaments run on PS5? lol

  • PS5 barely missed its sales target in latest earnings report, and Sony expects to sell even less by next year
  • We're in such uncharted territory that I don't think I'll be able to predict it, but if Microsoft nails their next box, with its multiple stores and a bespoke version of Windows, which would make it capable of running Sony's games that aren't on "Xbox" today, I don't know how Sony will be able to compete by being second to market. Anything can happen though, it just won't involve PlayStation 6 succeeding by doing what PlayStation 5 did.

  • PS5 barely missed its sales target in latest earnings report, and Sony expects to sell even less by next year
  • There's overhead to making consoles the way that they're made now; not just R&D and manufacturing cycles, but think about the cert process, for instance, that doesn't exist on PC. That overhead only makes sense at a certain scale. Economic factors are just changing how feasible it is to make a console the way that they've always been made, plus multiple countries' legislation is finally breathing down these companies' necks to destroy walled garden ecosystems, and Microsoft is attempting to get out ahead of it. The Steam Deck isn't quite as easy as a traditional console, but it's damn close for a competitive price, and it's just a computer. I think we're all expecting Microsoft's next box and potential handheld to just do that but with Windows, and I honestly don't know how Sony will adapt, but they're in the process of adapting.

  • PS5 barely missed its sales target in latest earnings report, and Sony expects to sell even less by next year
  • I'm well aware of how consoles typically make money. So is Sony. The thing is, their games are getting more expensive to make and take longer too. That means there are fewer of them, which means there are fewer reasons to buy a PlayStation, which means there are fewer games sold to profit from. They historically haven't published on other platforms, because their bread is buttered when you feel like you need a PlayStation and buy your games there, even the ones available elsewhere. There's always demand for an easy-to-use box you can buy for less than a PC, but in the past decade, consoles have become more complex, PCs have become easier (and/or the know-how for using them became more commonplace), and the gap in price between the two has shrunk, especially when you consider long-term costs like subscriptions for online play or having to buy remasters of games that you could just have on PC and run at better resolutions and frame rates, things that consumers have become to savvy to.

    Oh yeah, and of course Microsoft is doing even worse, sounding like their next console will just be a dressed-up Windows PC.

  • PS5 barely missed its sales target in latest earnings report, and Sony expects to sell even less by next year
  • Well, I didn't stretch that one piece of information into that conclusion. Sony's basically telling their investors that. Their expensive exclusives are not fueling growth in adoption of the platform the way they used to, making their margins far slimmer, even when their competition in Xbox is basically squeezed out of the market. I believe Circana estimated that peak spending on console hardware was all the way back in 2009, when there were three extremely successful consoles in healthy competition with one another. If their old model was still working, they wouldn't have broken into the PC market to begin with. With the PC sales of Helldivers 2, that game is 7th in revenue for PlayStation published games; without the PC sales, it doesn't crack the top 20. New management at Sony is embracing these market realities. Consoles used to be the dominant platform for AAA games, and they no longer are, and that makes plenty of sense when you realize how many of consoles' advantages have been eroded over the years.

  • PS5 barely missed its sales target in latest earnings report, and Sony expects to sell even less by next year
  • Missing its sales target means that Sony expected it to sell more by this point in its cycle. The console model is breaking down.

  • Weekly what have you been playing discussion - week of May 13th, 2024
  • I just finished up Titan Quest with a friend, and we moved on to V Rising. That game feels very good to play. The controller support is a tad wonky in menus, and I wish that the opening minutes were better at facilitating co-op play, but it seems like a very cool loop between base building/survival and action.

  • Final Fantasy Maker Square Enix Will Aggressively Pursue a Multiplatform Strategy After Profits Tumble
  • The story changes are, to me, some of the most interesting parts of remaking this game in the first place.

  • New Doom Game Could Be Announced At Xbox Showcase In June
  • Hopefully the last game Id makes before Microsoft closes them is a good one.

  • I don't think big companies know how to make a good FPS campaign anymore, let alone hone in on classic deathmatch multiplayer. The last FPS I bought was Half-Life: Alyx four years ago, and the first one to come along and interest me since then was Phantom Fury, but I'm letting that one iron out bugs for a few weeks before I pick it up. Even former TimeSplitters devs, given the opportunity to make a new TimeSplitters, made another Fortnite instead. Likely this new Perfect Dark was built to turn it into a live service that keeps players playing it forever rather than just making a fun deathmatch to play with your friends a handful of times, which would be missing the point. And all this is to say nothing about how those devs must be feeling when even a great game that sells well won't save you from Microsoft laying you off.

    Lars Wingefors on why Embracer is going away, and what happens next [] Lars Wingefors on why Embracer is going away, and what happens next

    When Embracer CEO Lars Wingefors declared an end to the company's nine-month restructuring program at the start of this…

    Lars Wingefors on why Embracer is going away, and what happens next

    For those who missed it, Embracer is split into three new publicly-traded companies, Asmodee Group (focused on board games) and two tentatively-named groups comprising their video game business. Wingefors, the CEO, and still (I believe) majority share holder of these three new companies, doesn't do many interviews.

    Personally, as the acquisitions were happening, I was rooting for Embracer, because they were clearly trying to rebuild the type of publisher that the big ones today used to be, offering a large variety of options so that you can have hits and misses and keep experimenting to find what your customers want, where today's big publishers make a couple of games per year, leaving most types of games they used to make on the table, even if they were profitable, because they're not the most profitable. It's hard to keep track of what these three companies even own anymore, after splitting with Gearbox and Saber recently as well, but just prior to this shuffle, Embracer absolutely had so many irons in the fire that plenty of them were catching my interest, like the old days.

    Unfortunately, Embracer did this with a lot of debt, and comes to this wisdom all to late:

    > I'm a firm believer in equity. I think debt in general is quite dangerous as a tool. You should be careful to carry too much in gaming.

    And then he basically immediately disregards this wisdom with the next sentence. There's an old saying from Warrent Buffet, "A rising tide floats all boats…only when the tide goes out do you discover who's been swimming naked." And Wingefors was naked.

    Don’t Do the Do - The Perils of the 2014 MTN Dew Game_Jam [Hot Button podcast]

    Full disclosure: I'm friends with the guys who run this podcast and have appeared on other episodes, but I thought this story was particularly interesting and worth sharing.

    The largest campaign ever to stop publishers destroying games [Accursed Farms]

    Actionable steps provided, especially if you ever bought The Crew!

    Crunchy audio coming through some Proton games on desktop but not on Steam Deck

    Hi, folks. A bit of an unusual problem here. In some Proton games, in semi-predictable places, I'll get this audio crunch noise. It's not deafeningly loud or anything, but it is distracting sometimes. I first heard it when playing Starfield, and it was most common when loading into a city environment. This crunchy audio sounds kind of like when Hollywood simulates corrupt or glitchy video recordings, and it's in addition to, not really in place of, the other audio in the scene, as far as I can tell. Because Starfield is a sci-fi game, I initially thought it was either supposed to be there or that it was there for everyone on Windows as some kind of Bethesda technical shenanigans. Then I noticed it in Horizon: Zero Dawn, a game I had played through 7 years ago on PS4, so I was familiar with the sounds in that game. It was much more rare there, and I had a hard time pinning down a pattern. As I'm now playing through Pillars of Eternity II, it's much more noticeable, as it tends to happen whenever you continue the dialogue to the next step by hitting "1. Continue" or whatever other dialogue options the game gives you, but how frequently it shows it can vary wildly by location. Sometimes I won't hear it for hours, and sometimes it's every time I click to continue the conversation.

    I wish I could show you what this audio sounds like. I encountered an area in Neketaka where this glitch happens frequently, so I set up OBS and recorded it, only to find that the audio glitch didn't make it into the recording. "Maybe it's my speakers?" I thought, but I also get this glitch through headphone jack with a shielded audio cable. I tried the game on Steam Deck, which also defaults to running the game through Proton instead of native, and the same scene via cloud save was glitchless. I found some search results saying that some "audio niceness" value may have been exceeded, but when I turned on logging, I didn't see any evidence that that's what's happening to me as the thread explained that I should, and trying the advice they offered anyway, I saw no difference. I've tried Proton 7, 8, and experimental, and they all behave the same; Steam Deck says Valve selected Proton 8, for what that's worth, and my kernel is newer than the one Steam Deck uses, though that is Valve's custom kernel. I'm on Kubuntu 23.10 and kernel 6.5.0-26-generic.

    There are a couple of reasons why I chose to run Pillars of Eternity II, in particular, via Proton that I won't bore you with, and I may be able to get around this more-pervasive-than-average problem for this game specifically by running it natively, but I'd still like to solve this problem for all of my future Proton games if possible, and I can fairly reliably reproduce the issue here to be sure that it's gone after making changes. Does anyone know where I can start looking? Has anyone run into this problem personally?

    Baldur's Gate 4 Isn't Next For Larian; Something Bigger Is Coming | Spot On | Gamespot

    This is a really good interview. tl;dw is...

    • their next game was going to be D&D, but they changed course and are doing something else now
    • Vincke has a vision for "the one RPG to rule them all", and each of their past three RPGs is a step closer to it
    • the next game is not going to be that master vision but one step closer toward it, with their previous 3 RPGs proving out emergent design/multiplayer, story and consequence, and personal stories/performance capture, respectively
    • Vincke would like to have this next game done in 3 years compared to BG3's 6 year development cycle, but realistically expects 4 years, as long as there isn't something like COVID-19 or a war in Ukraine to impede their progress

    She looks to have retained most of what made her cool in +R, except there's no Instant Kill for her to route into. Looks like a cool addition to the roster.

    How does Heroic Launcher work for WMV-encoded videos on GOG games run through Proton?

    I'm considering prioritizing buying GOG games when available, because they're DRM-free, especially now that there's a partner link through Heroic to show where my purchase is coming from. But a thought just occurred that those Windows-encoded videos were a problem on Steam until Valve started re-encoding those videos in other codecs on their servers. To my knowledge, there's no legal way to distribute Proton with those codecs. Will I run into video playback problems on GOG games run via Proton? How has your experience been with that sort of thing?

    Separately, I also remember Vulkan shader compilation being a problem, but it sounds like it's less of an issue on modern versions of DXVK. Still, I'd be interested in hearing if stuttering problems for those things have been resolved as well, in your own experience.

    MaximilianDood Hands On Preview of Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves

    A bit of a media push for this game is coming out now. It looks great in motion, and this is a good breakdown of the game's main systems. I can't help but feel like they copied Street Fighter 6's homework, but I love Street Fighter 6, so I'm not complaining.

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