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Linux as the new developer default at 37signals
  • dhh is also an insufferable prick, sucks off Elon, and Rails was garbage under his stewardship

  • Google is losing it
  • I spent most of today looking at places to rent in Denver and I come home to Google having killed it's fucking search engine. What the hell is going on

  • Rule
  • Welp they finally did it. They fucking killed Google Search.

  • It looks a lot like VMware just lost a 24,000-VM customer • The Register
  • "Hey guys, we bought VMware and ate all it's seed corn. Please remember to like and subscribe, and ring the bell!"

  • Right wing humorule
  • Last time right wing humor was funny was the first half of Team America.

  • Conservative cell carrier Patriot Mobile hit by data breach
  • I can see that they really aren't hiring the best.

  • What skill or talent took you longer than it should have to learn?
  • The ECS design pattern.

    Oh you meant talent? Well I didn't get my drivers license until I was 19.

  • IGN immediately lays off every non-UK person at their newly bought sites, including some key members like deputy editor Alice Bell
  • The old Ziff Davis Nasty

    I'm amazed they are allowed to own both publishing for video games (Humble) and publishing for journalism.

  • Two students find security bug that could let millions do laundry for free
  • There used to be this music festival in my college town and they liked to charge absurd money for "tokens" to use at the vendors. I didn't use all of them but I found they worked in the parking meters (I think they detected as slugs, because they immediately gave me an hour and flashed the meter) but nobody in the city bothered to ticket me for it. I dunno, I felt kinda bad but at the same time, I don't like to parallel park.

    For what its worth, I paid more for the tokens than I ever did parking.

  • noodrule
  • What kind of wack ass noodle container is this

  • Not cool
  • I disagree

  • branding makes Strange Bedfellows
  • It ain't called Cerbal Space Program.

  • NSFW
    He who rules
  • Where's Iron Lung you sexy man

  • Larian Studios has two major games in development and opens new studio in Warsaw
  • Former Warsaw Pact countries have really strong mathematics training in primary and secondary school.

  • Back to the roots the good old rules the life experiences

    Alt text: a meme from Spongebob Squarepants episode S03E03 "Just One Bite," where Squidward takes a bite out of a krabby patty, except its been doctored to the LimeWire logo, a notable P2P application. It doesn't end well for him: In the last frame he is choking to death (with an overlay over him resembling a Windows Blue Screen of Death)

    I ruleate to the cat on a spiritual level

    Alt text: A meme in two parts: Top part of the image is captioned "When you feed your dog:" with a cute doggo showing appreciation. The bottom part of the image is captured "Once you feed your cat:" with a calico cat on a skateboard skating into a wormhole with the caption: "See ya later, Dickhead." The last d in 'dickhead' is cut off.

    This is a rule for help

    DAE Speech 100 int 1 run

    Alt text: A photo of the doge meme with the text "I am At a point in my life where I seek validation amongst my peers By discussing New Vegas on 196"

    First rule of writing your characters

    alt text: a circle pointing to "suffering builds character" repeatedly and on itself into infinity

    "Has this ever happened to you?" rule

    Original image:

    Alt text: Ubel from the anime "Frieren: Beyond Journey's End" delivering an empty pizza box to Marcille Donato from the anime "Delicious in Dungeon". It is evident that Ubel ate her food in transit, hence why she is wearing a uniform for "Ubel Eats."

    The Supreme Court majority sounds sold on Trump's Big Lie SCOTUS sounds sold on Trump's Big Lie

    The extremist majority on the Supreme Court is acting as rank partisan operators — and threatening our democracy

    SCOTUS sounds sold on Trump's Big Lie

    What is the fucking point of living if everything you believed in can be taken from you by some old white fucks

    If I have to die, I want to go out like this rule

    defiant to the end

    As the rule doth declare: If its Boeing, i'm not going.

    Alt text: A recommended article highlighting the latest community speaker at the Edmonds Chamber of Commerce: Rich White of Boeing.

    14 Tesla recalls all 3,878 Cybertrucks over faulty accelerator pedal

    The “Cyberstuck” defect will be fixed at no additional cost to customers.

    Tesla recalls all 3,878 Cybertrucks over faulty accelerator pedal

    So the failing part in question is a cover on the pedal, which is just the worst, god awful, below dollar store quality design and I'm shocked there wasn't any adhesive or better yet, thought on how to have the part fail gracefully or remain stationary w/o adhesive. This is shockingly bad construction.

    How do I start same-sex dating and romance?

    I've been fighting off writing this for a while now. I even considered making a throwaway for it, but I guess if its too embarrassing I can delete it.

    I've sorta come to accept I'm bi in recent years, and I am wondering how I should go about dating and courtship in regards to dating within my same sex (male). Especially since I find femininity to be a key attraction point. I also haven't dated or had sex in like, three years or more. Its been a while, I kinda stopped caring for myself and focused on work, I am slowly trying to become an interesting person again, get back in shape but its hard. I dunno, man. I'm in my mid-30s and I am trying to figure out what I want out of the world. There's a bit of lust involved. And I definitely need a hug at the very least.

    Furthermore, I live in the Southern part of the US, and the amount of trans hate has me actively wanting out of here (I'm aiming for Colorado) and dating in this part of the Southeast is already difficult as is, in my prior experiences.

    How does one navigate this kind of world after coming out? How do I deal with the stigma especially since in the states, there's a renewed interest in putting people back in the closet?

    I don't know how much more clearer I have to rule on this. It's the exact same thing.

    alt text: A screenshot of a comment thread by two people. OP comment says "What's the difference between git and GitHub" and the replying comment says "like the difference between porn and pornhub"

    Its so easy, even a rule could do it!

    alt text:

    a shark tryna eat a seal with the text at the bottom: Remember if you never close the tab you never have to post on 196

    I wanna try out vtubing

    Not sure if this is the right place, I didn't see a 7CupsOfTea on lemmy. If this is out of scope, let me know and i'll move/delete it.

    For a while i've been doing game development and I have been thinking to both better develop my skillsets and engage with the community, streaming my development on YouTube or Twitch. The problem is, I am not really photogenic (i'm out of shape and working on it) and I don't think people would be interested following just another development streamer.

    Also, I want a female avatar, which makes little sense as someone who identifies as a man (bi at that), which has me really self-conscious and worrying i'll be accused of sexism or egg. I've seen males using female models and don't care anyways. I'd also have to pay for a model or make one in VRoid, and i'm all so green to it. Not that I don't mind!

    So, I dunno. I wish there were some tips for this to help me figure out if this is worth doing.

    See a lot of these relatable doomer posts are copy pasted (whole rules and and formatting) so it gets a little depressing

    Alt text: Screenshot from YouTube that says the following:

    I am 57. Not only does it feel like "something wicked this way comes" but there is also this feeling that the whole world is holding it's breath. Almost as though we are all waiting for some catalyst or sign or event that puts an end to this feeling of being put on hold. This vague, unexplained unease we feel. Something terrible lurking just out of our field of vision but we all feel it closing in. I cannot count the number of people who have told me they wish that whatever is going to happen would just get on with it. That this waiting for the thing in the darkness is unbearable.

    What could have ruled

    Not seen: the 100,000 USD bill for the Apple Car

    Alt text: A cartoon photo of a "Windows" car that is in need of maintenance and care, and an "Apple" car that just has an on/off switch

    81 Nokia tells Reddit it might be infringing on Nokia's patents.

    In an amended SEC filing ahead of its IPO, Reddit warned potential investors that "...on March 18, 2024, Nokia Technologies sent us a letter indicating they believed that Reddit infringes certain of their patents. We will evaluate their claims." Nokia, of course, leaned into, ahem, patent licensing...

    Nokia tells Reddit it might be infringing on Nokia's patents.

    I can't believe I have to defend reddit for once.

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