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  • You've not understood to Existence until you've gone "oh good. foo-ood."

    Source: Been a student, subsidised, unsubsidised, employed also, then left alone too. Unemployed, Also an intern, and not as much.

    Foo-ooood is goo-ood. Just grab it. If you can. Tacos are better than death.

  • Seriously, Wikibooks?
  • In Wikimedia projects (and MediaWiki systems in general) you actually have to pay attention to other people's usernames (when working with histories and in article discussions), and at least in Wikipedia long long time ago there was a lot of trolling/vandalism where people impersonated other users (particularly the admins) and made bunch of sockpuppets with tiny variations in names when they got banned. So this rule makes sense.

  • vampire rule
  • I was like, ooh, I didn't know there were newer Nikon tilt-shift lenses (Nikkor PC-E) for the F mount that are still available for purchase new... ...and the bloody things cost like 1900€. Even the older PC-Nikkor lenses cost a pretty penny in second hand market.

    These lenses are firmly in "would be extremely neat to have, but are both on the very expensive side and also I don't know how much use I'd get from them in practice" category of photography gear. ...which doesn't narrow much down if we're talking photography gear, but hey.

  • Words for an epic quest, part 2
  • Not really. Or maybe it depends.

    Reminds me of the fact that a lot of the terminology for magic is extremely coloured by how it's used in fantasy fiction and it might not be consistent with other fictional works, let alone how the words were/are used by magic practitioners. Fantasy authors have the benefit of just making the rules up.

    (Perhaps most notable example is the term "witch" - pop culture defines that as female magic practitioners, but historically it was more of a gender neutral term in a lot of places. You know, kind of like the word "witchcraft" doesn't have gender connotations as such.)

  • Self-balancing commuter pods ride old railway lines on demand
  • Here's an amazing business plan: take the old designs for a railbus. Remove chassis, design a new chassis, but make it all futuristic. Show it to the investors. They'll say "but I want a pod!" And then you say "But it is a pod. A megapod, even!" And they'll squint and go "oh I see. Let's make 1000 of them."

    (And actually this is exactly what people have done in the past. Cool futuristic exterior hiding what's basically just a diesel bus with train wheels.)

  • Old XKCD, still relevant
  • Actually this reminds me, what is the deal with tar command recommendations to use or not use dash? I know GNU tar accepts both (e.g.) tar xvf file.tar and tar -xvf file.tar, but at some points people were like "NO! Don't use the dash! It's going to maybe cause issues somewhere, who knows!" and I was like "OK". Something to do with people up designing the Unix specs?

  • Donald Duck says eat the rich rule
  • Don Rosa worked with the various comics publishers, not directly with Disney. This one was published by Egmont (in Denmark). As a result the comics writers actually have a pretty high degree of creative freedom, compared to people in other parts of the Disney empire.

    Though he did decide to retire, partly for health reasons, partly because while everyone feted him like a rockstar when he was visiting Europe, he certainly wasn't paid like a rockstar by Disney. (...or, given how little money flows toward music artists these days too, maybe he was paid like a rockstar.)

  • People keep telling me that Nuon is probably the most obscure video game platform ever created. Oh, they've not heard how the greybeards entertain themselves.

    When I read the sentence, I was like "Wh... w... how? WHY? ...and OF COURSE it was distributed via FTP, I mean, what else do you use for entertainment in AIX. Or business, for that matter."


    you don't need more 4GB of RAM
  • About 10 years ago I was like "FINE, clearly 512MB of memory isn't enough to avoid swapping hell, I'll get 1 GB of extra memory." ...and that was that!

    These days I'm like "4 GB on a single board computer? Oh that's fine. You may need that much to run a browser. And who's going to run a browser regularly on a SBC? ...oh I've done it a lot of times and it's... fine."

    The thing I learned is that you can run a whole bunch of SHIT HOT server software on a system with less than a gigabyte of memory. The moment you run a web browser? FUCK ALL THAT.

    And that's basically what I found out long ago. I had a laptop that had like 32 megs of memory. Could be a perfectly productive person with that. Emacs. Darcs. SSH over a weird USB Wi-Fi dongle. But running a web browser? Can't do Firefox. Opera kinda worked. Wouldn't work nowadays, no. But Emacs probably still would.

  • Nintendo Switch Is Removing Integration for X, Formerly Twitter
  • One of my big disappointment with social media integration was Xbox 360, where "share" was basically "share on Facebook." Wasn't happy with that. Who shares video game screenshots on the Boomer Network?

    Was further disappointed on Xbox One where they had Twitter sharing buuuuuuuuut it only put in links to expiring Xbox screenshots and didn't, you know, post the actual images on Twitter. I don't know if they changed it since its introduction to actually post the images. I only wanted to get burned once.

    And now, finally, Xbox has announced that Xbox screenshots and clips go to OneDrive. Fi-fucking-nally. How fucking long did it take for Microsoft to realise that people with Microsoft accounts might want to use two already coexisting Microsoft systems?

    Dunno about Switch. Was happy with it storing pics on SD card. Was happy with dumping them on my NAS month after. Never used the sharing system. Probably because Nintendo would ban me if I did. Sharing videos or screenshots of Nintendo games? Absolutely bannable. It is known.

  • Does anyone else feel strangely calm when seeing this photograph?

    My brain goes all mushy and mellow when it notices that I'm apparently in proximity of a slower kind of a fellow. 🐢

    (Close-up of a radiated tortoise (astrochelys radiata\*) , from Wikimedia Commons)

    (\* Everything is more awesome when you put astro- in it)

    Anyone remember Rad Mobile the first Sonic The Hedgehog game?
  • I remember seeing this in an amusement park arcade!

    I was a giant Nintendo fan and my sister was a Sega fan. She was like "oh, wow, look, Sonic!" and I was like "why did they hang him?" ...and that was last time this game was discussed in the household.

  • That time when Microsoft bought and killed Nokia phone unit
  • It wasn't really Microsoft that killed Nokia's cell phone division, but gave it the final blow that made the house of cards fall.

    Nokia was basically getting super arrogant. "Oh, trust us, we're the #1 phone manufacturer on the planet. We know what's best for the market". They got caught completely pants down when iPhone came out. Despite the fact that they had already made successful smartphones (Nokia Communicator line). Despite the fact that there was this one small Finnish company that had made a touchscreen based phone and Nokia just laughed them off when they offered to help.

    Every move Nokia made after iPhone was basically playing catch-up with some really strange decisions.

    I believe that Nokia could have salvaged themselves if, instead of going with Windows Phone, they had just announced they'll be Yet Another Android Manufacturer. But Nokia had to be special about it. They had invested in Ovi (app store) and Here (map service) and they just had to be special. (And even more ironic is that HMD Global is doing just fine as a maker of Nokia-branded Android phones these days.)

  • hey fix your ruleing website
  • Heh. I should try digging out the Nintendo DS browser and see how it works with Lemmy. That thing worked with barely any damn websites even when it was new. And it didn't help that DS only worked on open Wi-Fi (and WEP, but that was pretty much broken already by the time the browser came out)

  • That feeling when even Elon Musk thinks you're insufferable
  • TERFs? Posting interesting and positive content? I don't think so, Elon - they're usually regurgitating same bullshit over and over, and being as miserable as possible. Just like the Twitter's usual far right user base, but somehow even more so.

  • The Verge shows how Google search is useless
  • I really need to go through my old files and find The Screenshot from around 1999-2000. Basically, I searched for something in AltaVista and got back a page that was super chock full of ads and "portal crud". ...and a tiny little text that you really had to squint for, somewhere in the middle, that said there were no search results, actually. I got the strong impression that this search engine was fucked.

    Sometimes Google's results are kind of starting to look like the same, except the crud is in the actual results. Which is something Google could do something about. I mean, they used to care about SEO spam.

  • So what's changed Microsoft?
  • I remember Nintendo Wii.

    Nintendo: "Hey, a new system update is here."

    Me: "So what's new?"

    Nintendo: (shrug)

    Homebrew people: "This patch changed nothing, except they tried to plug a hole. Damn, took us almost 10 minutes to counteract that this time!"

    (OK, there was one system update where they added the ability to run stuff off of the SD card, but beside that, there were a whole bunch of updates where they tried to stay ahead of homebrew/pirates and failed spectacularly.)

  • List of countries that cannot make a PSN account, following the Helldivers 2 controversy.
  • I'm in Finland and peering toward Estonia and wondering what the heck did they do to annoy Sony so much that you can't make a PSN account there.

    My instant guess would be that Estonians are in possession of a Sony tape deck from the 1980s that still works (being a Sony product from the 1980s), and Sony is like "No! We refuse to do business there until they join the modern time planned obsolescence club."

  • One of my recent retro game moments

    A lot has changed since the late 1980s. I can now run Thunder Blade off of a flash cartridge (EasyFlash3). And in general I've grown so cynical of in-game product placement that it's not even funny.

    Political Memes umbraroze
    Presidential Vigilante Martial Arts Rescue Rewards

    Ronald Reagan is the last US President to establish Presidential Vigilante Martial Arts Rescue Rewards, way back in 1988. Biden should totally one-up this while he's in charge. The Ninja Turtles are crying for one pizza minimum wage. Turtles live for a long time, you know.

    A Cruel Angel's Thesis - Neon Genesis Evangelion (Finnish Cover)

    To be perfectly honest, this makes it sound like it aired here in the saturday mornings. Hell, sunday mornings. ...It did not. Deep into weekend nights, as far as I can recall, and obviously this thing here is a fandub - it aired here in Japanese.

    On an open, straight road, a giant tortoise can actually hit quite reasonable speed.

    (Not my image, so I didn't actually measure this buddy's speed, sorry. I don't know where this was actually taken or what tortoise species this is. This may LOOK like a left hand drive country, but do the tortoises know the traffic laws? ...that's another matter, you know.)

    NeoGeo: Blender

    Demoreel of Dutch ad agency NeoGeo. You're not ready for how 1990s this stuff is. Also this lead to the development of this little known piece of software called Blender, which, you know, is kind of vaguely hinted at in this video.

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