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How do you transport your armies?
  • Do you mean at home or for travel?

    At home I have a display case :)

    For travel, if they fit, (small monsters, npcs, adventurers, etc) I put them in toilet paper tubes that I’ve cut in half with a bit of TP to keep them snug if needed. Then I put them all in a box.

  • Copium
  • Personally, I just look at all new shows as their own thing and only care if the canon is consistent within each show.

    I just can’t reconcile SNW bridge vs OS bridge. So it’s a multiverse or whatever. Who cares? It’s not like keeping canon consistent was that important to the old shows.

    Whatever happened with those brain slugs in TNG S1??

  • Katz Group launches court battle with Edmonton homeless organization over $5M donation

    Is anyone surprised that after they got them to close by the shiny new arena that they’re now trying to back out of their deal?


    This cmnty needs more posts, so here's an (I think) up-to-date list of upcoming movies. What are you stoked on? Marvel release dates: Every upcoming MCU movie and show

    Here are the release dates for every upcoming Marvel movie and Disney+ series, from What If...? season 2 to Avengers: Secret Wars.

    Marvel release dates: Every upcoming MCU movie and show

    I didn’t realize Deadpool 3 is the only movie next year. Should be sweet!

    Also I’m trying new shorthand for “community,” let’s see how it plays out.


    Alberta school buses have been late for years, but there’s hope that may change

    I'm a school bus driver myself. I'll tell you the issue is that they're short drivers because they pay peanuts. The buses are coming that late because drivers are doing routes after their first routes. All the school bus companies somehow pay the exact same rates. There is no competition between them, but "they're trying everything."


    Episode 4 discussion?

    Since there’s no official thread I’m going to write my thoughts in this post as I watch the episode.

    The animated stuff has never really grabbed me. All this Ezra stuff is like, “oh ok yeah uh huh he’s super important I get it.”

    “Can I count on you?” - foreshadowing?

    I like this sith dude, but I feel like he’s going to turn to the light.

    Rebellion insignia on Sabine’s mando armour 🤔

    Jedi bot nooooo!

    Oh good they saved him. I like this droid. What’s his name?

    Oh, it’s the 25 year old general again. I don’t mind her character, but she doesn’t seem grizzled enough to be a general.

    How come her kid doesn’t have head tendrils?

    Oh it’s Mr. Kim! I always like seeing him show up.

    Ooooo baddies being bad. Trippy map stuff is fun.

    Uh oh showdown time.

    Cool fight. She should have just stabbed spinny-lightsabre guy in the knuckles though. Guess we’ll never know who that guy was. Did we know Sabine had a light sabre or is this a new development?

    Oh no they’re splitting up! Mr. Droid said not to do that!

    Can’t they make a copy of this map? Why are they fighting over this one map? Any good data hoarder would have backed it up by now.

    Oh shit they’re going to talk about Anakin now!

    Yeah get bent pal, she doesn’t have to explain herself to you.

    Yeah don’t start wars, bro. Or do, I guess that’s why I’m watching Star Wars

    Oh lightsaber time again already??


    I’d like to be able to see the instances the communities are on while scrolling

    Yeah that’s all. I appreciate that we can see it on usernames now, but I’d like to see it for communities as well.

    Thanks Lemmy devs!