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Flavored vape bans led to increase in teen smoking
  • True, I tend to forget i’m more of the exception than the norm. I don’t just do things at the drop of a hat, especially if it costs a lot of money or could have long-standing repercussions, and I never would have rebelled against my parents. I don’t know how the people that do these things get by from day-to-day, it’s gotta be tough!

  • Ultra processed foods unhealthy even if plant-based
  • Exactly, they never quite explain what “processing” is, or why it’s bad. Just makes me think of people that say “chemicals” as if they are automatically a bad thing. It’s like, dude… water is a chemical!

  • Leaky bags
  • Well that just makes me wonder why it’s apparently okay to ship flour in paper bags but not oats… i mean, rolled oats are a lot less messy than flour, so it’s kind of strange tbh.

  • Ryan Gosling explains how to turn debt into money | The Big Short
  • That’s fair. I know with video games it got to the point where people would make fun of people who would call games they liked “hidden gems”. Like, just because it’s not Pokemon or Call of Duty doesn’t mean it’s some niche game no one has played before…

  • Price gouging
  • I think you misinterpreted what I wrote? I’m not saying people SHOULD reduce their food spending, i’m saying they’ve been kind of forced to, and so in effect that’s why prices are going down. So it IS a supply and demand effect of some kind.

  • Lemmy Wish list Kiosade

    Ability to block/filter certain Lemmy "subs"

    So I came here from Reddit, and I was using the Apollo app. It had a cool feature that let you basically “reverse subscribe” subs, so that posts from them didnt pop up at all when browsing All. Is this something that can be implemented for Lemmy?


    Is there a way to set personal filters for certain Lemmy "subs"?

    I’m liking how active the overall Lemmy community is already getting, but the subs I like aren’t SUPER active yet, so I go to “all” and see a bunch of random stuff. Is there a way to make it so I don’t have to see certain subs? I use wefwef if that matters.