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President Biden tested positive for COVID-19.
  • It also exacerbates mental decline in elderly patients. You can also lose 3-9 IQ points with each infection. It stays in the brain for long after the initial infection and disrupts the brain-blood-barrier. It's honestly (still) pretty scary:

  • Sunrise Warns Trump-Vance Would Cause 'Irreversible Damage' to Climate
  • While I agree in general, we are already past the stage where we can avoid irreversible damage. Now it's only the choice between catastrophic damage that will kill millions and apocalyptic damage that will kill billions.

  • No Man's Sky 5.0 Update: Worlds, Part 1
  • Apparently they made so much money up front with the game, and are such a small studio, that they can just do free updates basically forever and be fine. Plus, each update also brings new players.

  • Musk Donates to Trump, Tapping Vast Fortune to Swing 2024 Race
  • Yeah, that's what I said. But Musk is literally doing supervillian shit while Gates seems to be at least trying to do some good to outweigh the bad. Still, billionaires are a cancer to a planet. I just find it ironic that Gates has become this demonic figure for something he never did and what Musk is literally trying to do with no one batting an eye.

  • Donald Trump wants to reinstate a spoils system in federal government by hiring political loyalists regardless of competence
  • Or to put it into perspective, the US president, thanks to the Supreme Court, now has all the power Hitler needed a false flag operation and emergency powers for. Step 2 in establishing a fascist system is always putting loyalists in key positions and jailing (better: killing) any opposition.

    Project 2024 is really just Projekt 1933 with a fresh coat of paint.

  • Doctor Who boss reveals Ncuti Gatwa scene that was cut from The Devil's Chord
  • I really hope after this season he is done with "magical shit just happens". It was fun for a season to let the Doctor play in another wheelhouse but it got stale quickly. The series at least pretending to be sci-fi is a part of its DNA.

  • Two crows in Kyoto

    Leopards Ate My Face CitizenKong

    If you go to monkey attack beach you may suffer a monkey attack because monkeys frequent monkey attack beach

    Movie News and Discussion CitizenKong

    Something weird I noticed while watching "Moonfall"

    (Besides the movie being hilariously bad.) Halle Berry's face is massively deaged through the entire movie for no apparent reason. What's up with that?


    So close...


    Hell and Sanitation!