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A wordle-like game based on the jokers of Balatro
  • The rules state that only cards with listed probabilities (green text, affected by the dice) will count. Which I don't agree with but is consistent. Perhaps there should be three modes for RNG instead of being a binary yes/no. Anyway, the fact that RNG is such a narrow category helped me get this one in two guesses.

  • Vegan Firefighter Loses Groundbreaking Discrimination Case
  • It doesn't only come from supplements, but it's how most people get it these days. Livestock aren't sticking their faces in wild dirt and flora very much, so most need supplements. Also even with livestock being given supplements there is a surprising amount of B12 deficiency in the omnivore population, arguably more should be supplementing.

  • Vegan Firefighter Loses Groundbreaking Discrimination Case
  • B12 is not an "extensive amount of supplements". Furthermore your average contemporary nonvegan likely consumes way more supplements than a vegan just indirectly through livestock feed, including B12. Even ignoring the "animal" sources though, people these days consume a lot of supplements from cereals, energy drinks, table salt, and more. I'm not sure why relying on supplements would even be a gotcha in the first place though.

    Furthermore I'm not sure why it would matter that there exist healthy diets that include meat, like you said a mostly plant foods diet but including some fish. If anything that reinforces that there are other reasons for people abstaining entirely from animal foods. Veganism is way more than a diet, it is an ethical stance, and extends to far more than what we eat. It just so happens that what we eat leads to some of the most egregious abuses and also butts heads with culture because what we eat and what others eat is so important to us as humans. That's why the way vegans choose to eat gets so much attention.

  • I Like This Food Guide More
  • I find the checklist format for dietary guidelines like Dr Gregor does to be more compelling and easier to groc. These plates make it seem like you should fret about achieving a specific balance. It's like when people try to achieve very specific macro splits, instead of focusing on getting the things their body needs (enough proteins, essential fats, fiber).

  • made crunchwrap supremes over the weekend
  • It makes me happy to see homemade cheeses since a lot of the store stuff is crap nutritionally. I also love seeing pickled veggies on nachos, tacos, or anything similar, adds so much flavor.

    What do you use to flavor the cheese sauce? I usually use nooch and pickle brine (for sharpness), though for nacho cheese I would probably use the brine and maybe pieces as well of the pickled jalapenos. Spices depend on the dish, I like dill and paprika in mac and cheese for example.

  • Cost by Protein Source
  • I've had to debunk this myth multiple times in this post already, I'm not sure who started it. Legumes do have all the aminos and in sufficient amounts.

    Also on bioavailability, it is a double edged sword. For example heme uptake is greater than mineral iron, but your body has very little control with inhibiting uptake when you already have adequate levels. With the mineral form your body has various ways to promote or inhibit uptake. The same is true of your example of vitamin A. You can pretty much eat as many carrots as you want and suffer no ill effects, eating too much liver or taking too many liver oil supplements however can lead to poisoning.

  • Cost by Protein Source
  • Peanuts are cheap in the US. There's always peanut butter too, which despite the processing required is probably even cheaper, maybe because of shelf stability and packing density.

  • Cost by Protein Source
  • Not just meat, but veggies as well, would get a huge boost from looking at protein per calorie. In terms of available calories, vegetables are often very protein rich, especially the dark leafy ones, but they are also packed with water and indigestible fiber. Nobody is going to eat 2000 calories of spinach, but when spinach is on your plate you shouldn't look at it as hurting your protein intake. Also a chart based on calories that had lines down the middle for suggested protein intake and suggested intake for bodybuilding would reveal that most whole foods that aren't fruit are completely adequate, the only reason you'd ever have to eat a lot of the highest protein per calorie foods is if a large portion of your diet was refined sugars or oils. Supplementing your Oreo addiction with chicken breast is not a good way to think about a balanced diet.

  • A cool guide for Cost by Protein Source
  • Which pulses? AFAIK all of the common ones have plenty of the essential aminos. With grains it can go either way, rice and wheat for example aren't great sources of specific aminos, but oats and quinoa are good.

  • A cool guide for Cost by Protein Source
  • Incorrect. Legumes do not need to be complemented by grains. Some grains like wheat may need to be complemented by legumes or some other protein source however, though this is not true of all grains, such as quinoa.

  • A cool guide for Cost by Protein Source
  • Your post contains a lot of incorrect information. First of all, basically all plant proteins contain every essential amino acid. You can nitpick about certain foods being low in certain amino acids but void of them they are not which is what you are claiming. But also your statement on complementary foods is incorrect. Legumes and most vegetables don't need to be complemented by anything. Certain grains like wheat are lacking, but quinoa is fine. Potatoes are lacking, but squashes are fine. Basically all fruits are lacking and just low in protein overall. "Don't eat a diet of fruit and bread." is a pretty big step from "It takes a large amount more work..."

    And this is tangential but we should be concerned about nutritional content in general, not simply the amino acid profile. Amino acids are simply just some of the many essential things our bodies need. Compared to vegetables like spinach, steak and eggs are by far more nutritionally incomplete.

  • Retro games you wish were harder to beat?
  • There are different skills than just physical execution. Pokemon isn't easy because RNG or because it's turn based, it's easy because the NPC team compositions are awful, the AI sucks, and the game only has very lenient soft caps on grinding. A mod like Radical Red solves these things, and I've played other turn based games with plenty of RNG which require lots of skill.

  • Borderlands (2024) Exclusive Look – Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Jack Black
  • Borderlands was fun but the story was boring and characters were so annoying, especially later in the franchise. I don't see why I would want Borderlands but with all of the gameplay removed, if it's executed perfectly it will still be terrible.

  • Am I misunderstanding these features or do they just not work?

    I have "Show Read Posts" toggled off and "Mark Read on Scroll" toggled on. I would think that after scrolling past a bunch of posts and then refreshing that would then clear those posts from my feed, but it doesn't seem to be working. Am I misunderstanding this feature? And if so can we get something like it? I do not want to see the same thing over and over again but I also don't want to manually hide every post.


    What team did you use in the Aetherium Wars championship?

    Automaton Spider was the core of my team, it's increasing speed means it eventually is taking 4 turns per enemy turn. This is broken in combination with the Attack Interception expansion. The other expansion I went with was Computation Lock for a free 75% attack.

    The overlord unit I used was the Aurumaton Gatekeeper. If you equip it with Saturated Activation and Sudden Injection then on its first turn it can debuff all enemies and massively delay two of them, this gives Spider the time it needs to ramp.

    I used Bubbles for sustain, their damage doesn't matter so I equiped them with Firewall and Safe Mode for 100% increased health to empower their heals and soak. I gave them Functional Overdraft so they can heal significantly more often. And since they take their turn frequently they are holding Deep Clean for team cleanse.

    My last unit wasn't as important to the team as the other three, but it was a Silvermane Cannoneer. They will always get their max follow ups off if they use skill on Aurumaton turn one and then switch to Spider after that. Their ult can be used to give Aurumaton two energy so that it can do it's AoE Impair -> Sanction Mode -> Imprison combo immediately after leaving Sanction Mode which is very powerful. Backstage Enhancement is great damage for them and Efficiency Optimization let's them always have ult on time.

    The Morale Activation expansion is incredibly powerful with this team as every unit is taking multiple actions for every enemy action. I had Aurumaton hold it but any unit on the team could hold it really.

    If this team survives just a couple cycles it's basically unkillable, and that is not hard to do with the massive debuffs from Aurumaton and sustain from Bubbles.

    Interested in hearing about other people's teams in this event as I'm sure there are many powerful combinations.