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They pissed
  • Happy Towel Day!

  • Blind and deaf dog Teddy got lost in a neighbor’s yard. Police called to help him shot him dead
  • This police department really gave a gun and a badge to someone who fears for his life encountering a 13-pound shih tsu.

  • One way ticket to midnight
  • If it's relevant to multiple communities, why not upvote it in all the places?

  • James Bond's Roger Moore: a charming story
  • He's also much more of an utter prick.

  • Oh no.
  • Probably only because their wives were, like, right there.

  • This is not a record to be proud of.
  • No Genuflect Required

  • The Future of Sportsball
  • Trying to source this quote, all I could find was this tweet attributing it to politician and former professional athlete Joshua Turek. Interesting if that's correct.

    Also, for the sake of putting the text in question here in text instead of a picture of the text:

    I wonder if future generations will look back in bewilderment that citizens allowed themselves to be taxed to build sports stadiums that billionaires then charged us to enter for the sake of rooting for millionaires to play children's games whose outcomes distract us from getting robbed by rich people for things just like this.

  • The Future of Sportsball
  • Except neither the entertainment nor the bread is free. I wonder what percentage of the average person's income is spent on food and/or entertainment.

  • Gotta stab a new drive into computer
  • Though I know it means "et cetera" when reading my brain has always "heard" that word - whether in the context of the word "etc." or the computing /etc - as pronounced "ettick." As in, "you need to edit your ettick f-stab file."

  • Someone purchased the old domain of a FOSS app, then it's using it to deceive users to download adware
  • Is that really an enforced rule somewhere, or just one of those loose intentions from the early days of domain names?

  • Eric Trump Tweets From Dad’s Trial Despite Electronics Ban
  • You wanna play with your fidget spinner, buddy?

  • My experience with Walmart+
  • Are you doing a surprised Pikachu face at having a poor customer experience with one of the most notoriously crappy companies out there?

  • Are there any household gadgets you found unexpectedly useful after you'd gotten them?
  • If you like boiled eggs, you need a boiled egg timer.

    It's a clear "egg" made of heat-tolerant plastic with a color-changing temperature gauge visible inside. You throw it into the pot when boiling eggs and it lets you know when the eggs are soft boiled, medium boiled, or hard boiled. It's very readable even in boiling water, and the results are always perfectly accurate. These things are totally worth the few dollars they cost.

  • Searching for the "most representative" Star Trek episode
  • "Who Watches the Watchers" is self-contained but you can also show someone "The Drumhead" after they've seen it. Beyond that also being a good episode for newbies as suggested elsewhere in these threads, the callbacks to "Who Watches the Watchers" nicely illustrate how threads from one story can keep affecting and enriching the show's universe.

  • Mozilla could you fucking not Mozilla (@[email protected])

    In the fast-paced world of generative AI, staying ahead means moving swiftly and smartly. ⏩ That's why we've embraced Gradio, the low-code prototyping toolkit from Hugging Face, as our go-to for bringing new ideas to life.

    don't label me man Christiann (@[email protected])

    Attached: 1 image don't label me man new #comicstrip today on +

    Christiann (

    By Christiann MacAuley at StickyComics

    How are your editing skills? Christiann (@[email protected])

    Attached: 1 image When you pad your resume and somehow land the interview anyway 😅 ... new on my & @gocomics pages today

    Christiann (
    Remember to get tested for Eris. As the new Eris Covid variant spreads across the world, here’s what we know so far

    EG.5 or "Eris," now the dominant variant in the United States, is currently thought to have the same risk level as existing variants.

    As the new Eris Covid variant spreads across the world, here’s what we know so far

    She likes it when you have things put up your nose.

    Vince McMahon served with federal grand jury subpoena and search warrant Former WWE CEO Vince McMahon served with federal grand jury subpoena and search warrant

    McMahon has been under investigation for allegedly paying hush money for alleged sexual misconduct during his time as CEO of WWE.

    Former WWE CEO Vince McMahon served with federal grand jury subpoena and search warrant

    You love to see it. 😆 🍿

    Kevin Mitnick has passed away. Kevin Mitnick Obituary - Las Vegas, NV

    Celebrate the life of Kevin Mitnick, leave a kind word or memory and get funeral service information care of King David Memorial Chapel & Cemetery.

    Kevin Mitnick Obituary - Las Vegas, NV
    How does one add image descriptions?

    Hi, all! I'm posting to Lemmy from desktop, and I'm having trouble finding where one adds an image description (commonly known as a "caption" or "alt text") for accessibility when making an image post.

    Help is appreciated, thanks in advance!

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