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We text now, stop calling me.
  • Voicemail is dead too. It just gets filled with a hundred 1 seconds hangups from spam calls being sent straight to it. Every legit person and business will either show up on your ID, sent an appointment text, or an email.

  • Embracer Group announces its intention to transform into three standalone publicly listed entities at Nasdaq Stockholm - Embracer Group
  • Embracer owns far too much stuff. The Lord of the Rings media, Dark Horse comics, Crystal Dynamics, Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Thief, and Legacy of Kain, Warhorse (the Kingdom Come devs), 3D Relms, Gearbox (then sold off half of that), Zen Studios (the PinballFX devs), the Metro series, Coffee Stain (Goat Simulator and Satisfactory), the Gothic series, Silent Storm, The Guild 2, Alone in the Dark, Red Faction, Jaggied Alliance... And a crap ton more.

    All because of one karaoke wii game called We Sing.

  • Street Justice, Twisted Sister
    Conservative WarmSoda
    How Donald Trump Performed on 11 Key Promises How Donald Trump performed on 11 key promises

    As president, Donald Trump had a mixed record in keeping his promises. Since Trump’s inauguration in 2017, PolitiFact ha

    How Donald Trump performed on 11 key promises

    If Your Time is short:

    • Some of Trump’s biggest campaign promises were not enacted, including building a wall and having Mexico pay for it, repealing the Affordable Care Act, and achieving 4% economic growth.

    • Other key promises were partially fulfilled, including cutting taxes for every American and eliminating some of President Barack Obama’s immigration policies.

    • That said, Trump did implement several key promises, including installing conservative judges, levying tariffs, moving the U.S. embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and pulling out of the Paris climate accord.

    Rain World - Random Gods
    [Resolved] Is this a limitation of Lemmy, or of the app?

    That's a 30 comment thread. The reply button disappears around 20ish comments. I'm curious if the app can even do anything to make things like this readable.

    Edit: Issue resolved. Download new update of Connect, version 173

    Pathfinder WotR - Mythic Power
    How much does the Renderer matter for making 2D games with light effects? (v4.1.1)

    For example if you want pretty effects like areas being lit by projectiles will Compatibility provide lower of options than Forward+ ?

    Can you use materials (normals, reflect, etc) on textures in Compatibility to have light show up as it's passing by?

    I'm still getting a grasp on things, nothing serious yet, but I'd like to know what to expect and your experience. More of a food for thought type of question.

    Axiom Verge - Inexorable
    Political Memes WarmSoda
    Some crickets wear tinfoil
    How long has the ability to add notes to people's names been there?

    Because I just found it, and it works great. Now, what do you want to be noted as?

    I need help. OpenDNS is blocking a lot of sites on my phone. How do I stop it?

    I've been looking this up for days, and at a complete dead end now. Everything I find basically comes down to remove the dns address, turn it off, or change the address to None of this works.

    You can see in the picture that it's turned off, and there are no saved addresses to remove. It won't even save an address if I enter one. I can't find anything else on my phone that references dns or network settings. I'm only using cell data, not connected to any wifi. Changing the setting to automatic doesn't do allow me to visit sites either. Changing a setting and power cycling the phone doesn't change anything.

    I've spoken with my carrier, there are no parental blocks on my account. I'm the only person on the account. No one else has access.

    When I go to a site my browser tells me the site is not secure, mentions opendns, and gives me the option to continue anyways. Doing so only routes back to the same not secure message. I can't go any further.

    I have no idea how this got on my phone, but it's been on it for a couple months now. I'm sure I'm forgetting some info, but I've listed the main things. Any help would be appreciated, this is just stupid at this point.

    If there's a better /c/ to ask about this in let me know. Thanks everyone!

    EDIT: Lem453 got me back online with thier suggestion. Select the bottom option “private DNS hostname” and enter either or

    Lots of good info provided by people too in the comments. As much as this has been frustrating for me on a daily basis it's also given me new knowledge on how my phone works, so that's pretty cool.

    Here are the mods for Legendary Edition I installed. what are your thoughts and suggestions?

    For first timers use ME3 Mod Manager. All mods are from Nexus. When modding you need to install the Community Patches for each game _before _any other mods, and install the ALOT texture mod last for each game.

    Launcher: Unofficial LE2 Patch Launcher Video Fix. Also used a patch to skip online authentication. Found by using a search engine, look in forum posts for the link.

    ME1: LE1 Community Patch. Black Market License. Charted Worlds. Elements of Comparative Weaponry. Galaxy Map Trackers. LE1 Streamlined Weapon Loadouts. Mission Timings. Pinnacle Station DLC. ALOT LE1.

    ME2: Unofficial LE2 Patch. DLC Timings. EGM Armors for LE2. Expanded Shepard Armory (ESA) LE2. Miranda Butt Shot Restoration LE2. Overlord Morality Fix. Reaper Husks Consistency. ALOT Update LE2.

    ME3: Community Framework 1.6.9. Community Patch. Choose Your Outfit. Collectors Cabin. Expanded Universe Mod. -EGM Armors. -EGM Extras. -EGM Squad. -EGM Mod Menu. Miranda Butt Shot Restoration LE3. Miranda Mod LE3. Persistent Settings. Spectre Expansion Mod. Take Earth Back.

    Request: Is there any chance we could be able to change the vote number text color? The current red is painful with the dark theme.

    I enjoy how we can change the colors for other elements, being able to choose a color for the up/down votes would be really helpful too. Or maybe just make it the same color as regular text.

    The red text on black background creates a nasty floating text optical illusion and is hard to read.

    I also want to say wow you've made a ton of great improvements on this app since the first couple of days. Very cool work!

    Edit: Maybe the color looks ok with two eyes, I only have one so it might just be me. I'm kinda interesting in other people's thoughts on it too.

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