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It's exhausting...
  • We didn't "vote blue no matter who" in 2016 and trump got 3 supreme court picks. If we did Hillary would have gotten them instead and we wouldn't be here. So you're literally wrong.

  • ACAB.
  • If people were convinced by facts and logic we wouldn't have had trump as president and the ADF wouldn't have any power in Germany. Snappy soundbites are necessary. Why do you think you heard 13/50 everywhere? Because it's easy to remember and it sounds good. Same thing with 41%. You'll be hard pressed to find someone that's willing to do a whole bunch of reading to understand why ACAB unless they are already predisposed to believe you. 40% is a potential gateway in, and when they are along that path and see all the problems with cops, it won't really matter when they find out that the 40% wasn't true.

    So go ahead, be disappointed, go ahead downvote, or whatever. But if you think winning only involves playing fair and honest you have another thing coming and it's very far right from what you want.

  • ACAB.
  • Like I said, I'm gonna be that person.

    don't belong in civilized society.

    It's not like we're ever going to reach that civilized society with the way everything is sliding to the right. It's also not like they don't already plan on removing me, so feel free to remove me once you have your civilized society, until then I'll be here.

  • ACAB.
  • I'm gonna be that person right now, but i really don't care if it's a misleading or misquoted stat. If they get to throw around 13/50 or that trans suicide number without any care to the actual reasons I'm gonna throw around 40% self report to domestic abuse. Just like you can't stop them, you can't stop me. It'd be different if I had a platform of some kind, but I don't. If someone finds out misrepresented something oh well, they'll fine the correct info eventually and by that point they may have been swayed to our side by doing further digging. Go ahead and down vote internet numbers mean nothing to me.

    BTW did you know that 40% of cops abuse their spouse?

  • Sotomayor rips Thomas’s bump stocks ruling in scathing dissent read from bench
  • I honestly believe it was a mistake not releasing the footage with the screaming.

    The fact that they were all standing around doing fuck all is bad, but you have to actively remember there are kids screaming. While mr punisher walpaper is pulling his phone out there are kids screaming. While they were all grouped together in the hall there are kids screaming.

    Instead of having to actively place the sound you would have to actively ignore it like those shitbags in blue were. It would make their inaction all the more inexcusable. Release the edited footage so the news can play and so people who (understandably) can't stomach the sound can still watch it, but have the unedited footage to show how monsterously uncaring those subhumans were.

  • Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas out of Olympics after losing legal battle
  • Except her pre-transition fastest 1000 free was faster than the record for female 1000 free.

    To add on to that. Her pre-transition time was ~24 seconds slower than the male record and post transition her 1000 free was about 32 seconds slower than the female record. So if anything she was preforming better in her categories before she transitioned.

    Edit: the downvotes are funny to me cuz it's like what? Are literal facts getting in the way of your worldview?

  • Valve confirms your Steam account cannot be transferred to anyone after you die | Your Steam games will go to the grave with you
  • My family is black you ding dong that's not "having a black friend" that's having people related to you that are effected. But i guess people like you literally only care about things that personally effect them

    And only self inflated idiots care that much about grammar