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Trump Repeatedly Used N-Word, According to His Own Nephew
  • Its less that saying the n-word was OK back then and more that Trump is already known to be a piece of shit so this isn't at all surprising information.

  • Proton launches LLM and crypto wallet
  • We asked for Linux native apps and collabrative office suites not this garbage.

  • Trump Repeatedly Used N-Word, According to His Own Nephew
  • Racial slurs in the 70s isn't anything. Digging up stuff from 50 years ago makes the left look unhinged.

  • Imperfect, Linux-powered, DIY smart TV is the embodiment of ad fatigue
  • I've got a similar setup except I have a dock under my TV that I connect my steamdeck to and a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse that sits under the coffee table. Using sway would be way nicer and allow me to browse with keyboard. Fuck smart TVs they are actual garbage.

  • Trump Demands Changes for Next Debate, Prompting Claims He’s “Afraid” to Debate Kamala Harris
  • He wasn't a charismatic superstar but I genuinely don't understand how you could watch the whole debate and think Biden looked worse or that both were equally bad. I believe you when you say you watched the entire debate. I just struggle to understand how any sentient person comes to that conclusion. Trump was making the most insanely obvious fake claims and rewriting history to fit whatever narrative he decided to ramble on. While Biden was responding to every question with thought out answers and relevant policy to address the issue.

  • IRL co-op\LAN gaming best moments
  • Getting my friends over for the weekend and playing borderlands and doing the glitch to loot general Knox's Armory with no time limit over and over then fighting over all the loot.

    Or when I was quite young having my friend sleep over and then pretend to sleep and once my mum went to bed we would play medal of honor rising sun split screen on a tiny 10" CRT. We would put a blanket over us to conceal the light and sit with our faces right up to the screen. We would stay up all night playing and my parents would get so pissed when they caught us I'd lose my ps2 for weeks but it was worth it.

  • How to become a Portuguese Commando
  • That's my nightmare

  • Trump Demands Changes for Next Debate, Prompting Claims He’s “Afraid” to Debate Kamala Harris
  • the lowest point was when they started arguing about golf. It showed everyone that these guys are both utterly divorced from the real problems facing Americans.

    You mean the short back and forth at the end of the 1 hour 30min debate where Joe Biden had clearly outlined the issues facing Americans, what he has already done and what he plans to solve them. Oh yeah a little back and forth of Joe insulting trump definitely invalidates his entire debate because it exposes that he is rich enough to play golf?? Did you just learn in that moment that Joe Biden was an elite class white boomer?

    When I read stuff like this I wonder if you watched the debate or you only saw a clip with some republican opinion posted above it.

  • Trump Demands Changes for Next Debate, Prompting Claims He’s “Afraid” to Debate Kamala Harris
  • Debates don't matter and that is a prime example. Trump gave no coherent answers while Biden was able to answer all but 2 questions. Yet the response was as if biden answered 0 questions and Trump intellectually ran circles around him.

  • i apologize for my wacky and uncharacteristic behavior 😔
  • You cant hold that againt me, I'm a changed man (I changed 1s after being called out)

  • Republican calls for ‘civil war’ if Trump loses
  • So for them it's trump or violence? Why are these people allowed in civil society

  • Aotearoa Weekly Kōrero 23/7/2024
  • I'm pretty surethats how I broke it. I factory reset it 9 times INA row then the factory reset button stopped working.

  • Yeah, they're pretty great
  • When we get full VR simulations the first thing I'm going to do is fight monkeys from small to large to see whats the biggest monkey I can beat in a fight. People say you can't fight the money half your size but I think I can take them.

  • What's that song you adore but you're too embarrassed to make anyone else listen to?

    I think this song is really good but it doesn't at all fit my friends vibe so I don't share it.

    It gets better by the same artist is also really good.

  • As Biden departs, Trump set to face questions over his age and acuity
  • Trump fans never actually cared about bidens age. Biden at his most senile still runs circles around Trump intellectually. They will suddenly stop caring about age limits and move onto dei or something.

  • Unhinged Republican candidate calls Kamala Harris a "little wh*re" as GOP descends into misogyny
  • The party that was Pearl clutching about the lefts "violent rhetoric" goes right back to crazy insults and unhinged accusations.Yeah I wonder which side is riling everyone up..

  • Aotearoa Weekly Kōrero 23/7/2024
  • Update: the router worked out of the box and the more I fiddled the worse things became and I eventually bricked the router. It's not responsive on the web port or the recovery SSH. I need a rj45 to USB rollover cable to see what's going on but they are like $45 bucks and I don't want to spend that.

    My last resort of troubleshooting is to go to bed and hope it magically works tomorrow.

  • Aotearoa Weekly Kōrero 23/7/2024
  • Instead of buying a normal router for $130 that does everything I need. I decided to browse trademe for 2nd hand stuff trying to get a better deal. Well now I have an old enterprise router with no wireless and a complicated setup and two things which I think are wireless APs but they need PoE so I have to buy a device that has PoE and after that I will have not saved any money and wasted several hours finding, picking up and installing all this stuff. I've also decided to run ethernet through the floor and upgrade my internet plan so I can actually feel the difference.

    Massive waste of time and money but I've had fun doing it so its all worth it in the end.

  • Aotearoa Weekly Kōrero 8/7/2024
  • Yeah UFC cards have been very shit lately so maybe it can be revived once a good card is put on.

  • Can You Tune A Fish?


    Pan frying a steak butter vs oil

    I want to put the steak onto a hot pan to get that sear on the outside and uh lock in the flavor or something. But butter burns at high heats and oil doesn't add flavor like butter.

    Is there a way I can get the best of both? A nice sear but still cook in butter?

    Says it's a stirlon for example.


    DIY 256-Core RISC-V


    Cat Distribution System


    NZ Government announces ban on walking - April fools joke on Auckland transport forum

    Highly recommend reading this April fools post and the many comments of people who thought it was real.


    Wooden Minigun


    New posts dont seem to be federating from kbin

    I am trying to find this thread from kbin's mma community but it doesnt show up.[email protected]?dataType=Post&sort=New


    How to sign up to services that require sms authentication?

    What is the proton equivalent of this service if one exists?


    Spark now charging $6 a month for their email service that was previous free for customers Xtra Mail Price Changes | What You Need to Know | Spark NZ

    Impacted by the Xtra Mail price changes and want to know more about what it means for you? We’ve got you covered. Spark NZ.

    This is so annoying. They are acting like they were doing such a good deed offering email for "free" to their customers. But all the customers never assumed it was free they saw it as an included service in their broadband plan.

    6 New Zealand-backed satellite reaches orbit successfully

    Scientists gathered in Auckland's Mt Wellington on Tuesday to watch a SpaceX rocket launch MethaneSAT into space from California.

    New Zealand-backed satellite reaches orbit successfully

    NZ government and US non-profit Environmental Defence Fund worked together on a satellite that will monitor methane emissions. EDF will be looking for global oil and gas leaks while NZ will be using it to measure our agricultural emissions.

    Pretty cool stuff.


    Anarbor - Letter in a Suitcase


    MAKO ROAD - The Green Superintendent

    Love this song. It's such a good summer song.


    When glazing a Chrismas Ham how much of the ham do I cover?

    I have a half Christmas ham and I'm not sure if I'm supposed to glaze only the top(fat) or if I'm supposed to cover the sides as well.


    Guinea pigs escape into the veggie garden


    /x/ poster discusses fitness


    Cities skyline 2 patch notes for 1.15f1 Cities: Skylines II - Patch Notes for 1.0.15f1 hotfix - Steam News

    Hi everyone. We have a new patch for you today with a bunch of fixes and improvements for the game. Thank you for all the reports and feedback, it's very much appreciated, and thank you for your patience while we've worked on these fixes. We'll continue to work on both performance improvements and g...

    Cities: Skylines II - Patch Notes for 1.0.15f1 hotfix - Steam News

    Userbenchmark's GPU reviews are all complete garbage

    I was looking through Userbenchmarks at a few different GPU's and I noticed that every single review for all GPU's included a negative review about AMD GPU's falsifying data, paying people to shill and experienced gamers knowing that AMD is a bad choice. I looked a little further and saw that all these reviews came from one account and after digging more it seems that this is userbenchmarks account considering they've made videos expressing the same sentiment on their youtube channel.

    Its insane to me how one of the highest trafficked hardware comparison websites is blatantly this biased and still has the balls to accuse AMD of paid sponsorship. What are some better hardware comparison sites to use?


    what camera settings do you guys use for screenshots?

    Team Fortress 2 Fizz

    Engineer's Newtype Moment


    For the people playing City Skylines 2 how do you solve 'High rent"

    I cant seem to get rid of the high rent tags on my residential and industrial sectors. For residential Ive tried adding low cost housing but i dont know what to try with industrial.