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Putin’s Pals Panic That Trump’s Opponent Is No Longer Old, Sick Guy
  • This line was very telling "Russian state TV’s coverage of Harris—which is a carbon copy of what is playing on Fox News..."

    Fox News is basically a Russian state propaganda arm.

  • What do to if I survive a nuclear blast in my city?
  • I live in Pentagon City VA, I'm not surviving shit. ☺

  • Civilian employees at Pearl Harbor training with fire hoses, Hawaii, USA, WW2, ~1942
  • The video from the flight deck was used during my damage control training when I was in the Navy. The DC rate was created after that disaster.

  • Civilian employees at Pearl Harbor training with fire hoses, Hawaii, USA, WW2, ~1942
  • Fun fact, Navy ships didn't even have a dedicated firefighting force until after the disaster on the USS Forrestal in 1962. A fire broke out on the flight deck and the attempts to put it out were like watching Keystone Cops. Nobody had a dedicated job or understood how to actually fight a Class D fire.

  • Don’t forget on moving day
  • Such a slow burn movie, but I really enjoyed it.

  • Progress happens with every death
  • If this type of basic science research interests you, in the US there is a federal agency dedicated to this pursuit; the National Science Foundation (

    95% of its annual budget goes out the door in the form of research grants to colleges, small businesses and individuals. Most of the research has no immediate application but has lead to some very exciting discoveries. The biggest in the recent past was that orange donut picture of a black hole that was everywhere. (

  • Every song for children
  • Got to love Singin' in the Rain!

  • What’s the worst piece of technology you’ve ever owned?
  • The Cuecat:

    Came at a time when there weren't barcodes everywhere and QR codes didn't exist yet. Companies had to publish Cuecat specific barcodes, it was much easier to just type in the URL by the time you figured out you could use it at all.

  • Everything old is new again.
  • In live in DC and I wish we had a well functioning taxi system here. The airport is about the only place you can reliably get one. If I want to get picked up at home there is no one number to call since every taxi is independent and the Curb app is worth shit. When I do get a cab from the airport the experience is on par with Lyft and usually cheaper.

  • Why is Donald Trump obsessed with Tic Tacs?
  • Because they make his hands look huge.

  • They call it "The Sampler"
  • You see a shirt like this an MLM is not far behind.

  • praxis
  • The aristocats

  • This union was not meant to be.
  • The receiver attached to my TV let's me do ½ volume numbers. It's great to raise the volume to 45.5. 😈

  • Is the Proton (Mail, VPN, Password Manager) ecosystem any good?
  • Thank you for your detailed answer. I'll have to give it a try.

  • Is the Proton (Mail, VPN, Password Manager) ecosystem any good?
  • I am asking here because it sounds like you might have first hand knowledge. I currently use LastPass for a password manager and I really like it's integratiom with the Android phone and using it within app and on websites.

    How is the integration of Proton into the phone? I don't want to have to open a different app and copy/ paste the password.

    Thank you.

  • me whenever hbomberguy uploads a new video
  • It seems like I will only watch either a 15 min video or a 4 hour one. I just don't seem to like the very short form video format. It does allow enough time for even a single subject.

    With one exception, I'll watch a lockpicking lawyer at any length.

  • Sonos' Privacy Policy Change Suggests It Might Sell Your Data
  • I sold all my Sonos speakers after the app release debacle. I think I am getting out at the right time.

  • About to enter the dating pool again

    Hello. I am about to enter the dating pool again as a financially stable, working, hetro, 53 y/o man in the DC area. I have been out of the pool for about 10 years, where do people meet people now?


    “...or because they worked too well”

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