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How to port any N64 game to the PC in record time
  • It is! I‘ve ever only known it as „Goemon 2“ and it‘s very different from the first game (it‘s a 2.5D sidescroller) but also a fantastic game IMO. The first game is kinda like an N64 Zelda game… Kinda.

  • Steam is now refunding Ghost of Tsushima for people in affected countries.
  • Helldivers‘ success somehow caused a crazy knee jerk reaction among the management suits at Sony. This whole sudden „make a PSN account or fuck you“ is just bizarre. To me it seems like they’ve lost more than what they‘re hoping to gain from this. Just a mindboggling move.

  • Half Life 3
  • Valve isn‘t publicly traded (AFAIK) so they don‘t have to squeeze every last penny if they don‘t want to. And Steam revenue alone can fund anything gabeN wants to do. They don‘t have any ideas for HL3 they‘re satisfied with so they don‘t make it. And I respect that a lot TBH.

  • Reflections on Xenoblade Chronicles
  • I have a big problem getting into the combat of XBC3. I just feel like all I‘m doing is standing there waiting for cooldowns to come back. Which also gives me the feeling that I‘m „playing the game wrong.“ I tried finding a guide on how to „properly“ play the game and to make combat more involved - to also make it more fun for myself - but couldn‘t find anything good.

  • Monthly Recommendations Thread: What are you playing?
  • The Nioh games are amazing. I spent hundreds of hours playing them and hundreds of hours helping others in coop. I really love playing those tough as nails games in multiplayer, it‘s like sharing the pain, and sharing is caring lol

  • Monthly Recommendations Thread: What are you playing?
  • I‘ve only ever played it in Early Access through family sharing and only casually, but if one thing stuck with me then how atmospheric the game was. It‘s kinda meme-y to say but the game really made me feel like I‘m stuck in an abanfoned village in the middle of freezing nowhere.

  • Monthly Recommendations Thread: What are you playing?
  • I played 8 then 9 and later 7 and didn‘t like it. But it probably also didn‘t help that it was hard to not get spoilered if you hadn‘t played it already. I already knew some twists so I didn‘t get surprised and played through the whole thing while expecting it.

    I loved 8 back then but 9 was just so fucking good I liked it even more. 8 blew me away with its story back then, but 9‘s gameplay resonated more with me and the graphics weren‘t as hard to look at (probably thanks to its comic-y style).

    So personally I go 9 > 8 > 7.

    On a sidenote, FF pretty much lost me after 10. I did play through all of 15 and I thought it was mediocre at best. The plot holes (you have everyone‘s fucking number but not your fiancees?!) were annoying, the gameplay hardly felt like a FF, the story in general didn‘t do anything (positive) for me. In retrospective I probably would advice myself to not buy it.

    (Sick atm so apologies if this is just some confusing rambling)

  • Monthly Recommendations Thread: What are you playing?
  • I‘ve recently finished Fallen Order, Unravel, and En Garde.

    Fallen Order was a nice game although I always felt like the game valued celebrating its animations over how in control I felt. It felt kind of sluggish to fight and the frequent traversal stutters were also a bit meh. It sounds like I didn‘t like it but I‘d give it a 7/10. There‘s also no fasttravel at all. It‘s absolutely worth picking up on sale if you‘re into soulslikes.

    Unravel is a really old game, but it‘s a 2D platformer and through its realistic style stood the test of time thus far: It‘s great to look at even today. The story‘s somewhat emotional but if you don‘t like it, you can ignore it since it plays out wordlessly in the background. Puzzles and platforming sections weren’t frustrating and just fun. I think I looked up a solution like twice and it usually turned out there was an object I could interact with that I wasn‘t aware of. Fantastic music. The game‘s cheap and great, I‘d give it an 8/10. If it crashes on start up, you need to download and install the basic version of K-Lite Codec Pack, the game uses an old codec for videos that you might not have.

    En Garde is a cheesy indie Zorro game with Sekiro mechanics and lots of environmental interactions. It‘s on sale on Steam right now for 10 bucks and absolutely worth it. Great music, combat feels snappy, the game does its thing and then it’s over, no fluff. It‘s also tough at nails to do no hit runs and pretty hard even on normal runs (it ramps up in chapters 3 and 4). However, it has „accessibility“ options which are basically just cheats (infinite health, auto parry, etc.), so tune to your liking. I‘ve beaten a lot of soulslikes and found normal difficulty enjoyable. 8/10.

    Now it‘s back to Skyrim and Monster Hunter World.

  • I am Tommy Vercetti
  • If I had heard anything positive about the remaster at all, I would‘ve replayed it by now… It‘s an amazing game in my memory but I haven‘t played it in well over a decade. I remember being obsessed with buying real estate and tank racing (shooting backwards propels the tank forward). And trying to fly that weird plane on the airport which was real hard to do IIRC lol

  • Zelda. The minish cap
  • Ikr? The last Zelda I played before TotK was one (or two?) on GBC with seasons and time manipulation and I can‘t remember a thing about them other than the mechanics being great… So I guess they’d make an amazing „second“ playthrough?

    I remember a lot more about A Link To The Past, especially being extremely anxious back then about the thief that lurks on the way to the Master Sword…

    TotK didn‘t blow me away as much as it blew away critiques. There‘s just so much empty space between points of interest… I haven‘t given up on it though. Keeping it spoiler free, I’m at the part where I gotta look for someone specific down in the Abyss which is a bit daunting since it‘s big, dark, and full of enemies (I know you haven‘t played it, I‘m just rambling, apologies).

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