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RFK Jr. Says Doctors Found a Dead Worm in His Brain: Report
  • My mother has taken a similar track, and come to find out about a quarter of her brain has died, presumably as a result of her cancer treatment. Today she’s a mind boggingly gullible person who’s fallen down every conspiracy theory hole that she’s come across.

  • You play your game bro, you play your meta ass cheap way!
  • I once won a RPS tournament with 100 people by throwing nothing but paper, and making sure to tell each opponent that’s what i was going to do. I’m convinced people think paper is somehow weaker than rock or scissors and that’s why it’s effective. That and the mind game of telling them what I’ll be throwing. But even when the others that lost to me affirmed that I wasn’t lying people thought I was lying.

  • Biden condemns ‘antisemitic protests’ — and absence of Palestinian empathy, too
  • using a style of demand for "proof" which is very common amongst trolls, astroturfers and sockpuppets

    Nah. It’s trolls, astroturfers, and sock puppets who come in, make extraordinary claims, and say it’s too hard to find so you should go find it yourself.

  • Get rid of landlords...
  • I looked into gig work to supplement my unemployment and it deducts 75:1 in my state. It’s definitely not worth all the extra work to potentially get another $250 so I’m not doing it. Gig work is my fallback if I can’t find work before the insurance payments run out in June.

  • Get rid of landlords...
  • I’m reporting it on my taxes.

    I called the unemployment office to specifically ask about how rent impacts the insurance payout, and they were explicit that it doesn’t.

    It is above board

  • My new hobby is giving GPT a prompt for a movie premise

    Title: "Shadows of the Mind"

    Premise: In the bustling city of London, "Shadows of the Mind" follows the life of Emma Clarke, a young and ambitious journalist played by an up-and-coming actress, who believes she's on the trail of a career-defining story. She investigates a series of enigmatic events that have subtly disturbed the city's rhythm. As Emma delves deeper, viewers are drawn into her journey, but there's an unusual twist: Daniel Radcliffe appears in the background of her story, a silent, enigmatic figure whose presence is felt but never explained.

    Throughout the movie, Radcliffe's character, never speaking or directly interacting with the plot, appears in various guises - a passerby on the street, a patron in a café, a figure in a crowd. His silent, expressive performance conveys a spectrum of emotions and clues, guiding the audience's perception and understanding of the unfolding mystery.

    As Emma unravels the layers of her story, she encounters themes of isolation, connection, and the unseen forces that shape our lives. The audience begins to piece together the puzzle of Radcliffe's character, realizing he is not just a part of the background but a central figure to the entire narrative.

    In the climactic revelation, it's unveiled that Radcliffe's character is the embodiment of the collective consciousness and memories of the city itself. His silent appearances were fragments of a larger, interconnected story of humanity and empathy that Emma's investigation was inadvertently revealing. Through Radcliffe's nuanced silent acting, the audience realizes he has been the lead character all along, telling a profound story about the unseen threads that connect us all.

    "Shadows of the Mind" is a cinematic exploration of how much can be communicated without words, relying on the power of visual storytelling and Radcliffe's compelling performance to weave a narrative that speaks volumes about the human experience.

    I was lucky enough to call her friend for 10 1/2 years. I had to say goodbye tonight.

    She was a rescue and I adopted her when she was 3, maybe 4, we were never sure. She was a breeder in her past life and abused. She came with all the neuroses that any rescue has mashed up in all the weirdness of a Boston Terrier.

    She’s had ambulatory issues over the past year, but they didn’t become a problem until November. She went from occasionally stumbling, to constantly stumbling, so losing the ability to stand. She’s been able to move around, roam the backyard and house, and generally get where she wanted to go. But this morning I took her out, she made it down the ramp, took a few steps, and then fell over. She got her feet back under her but couldn’t get up. She struggled for a moment before giving up. She looked scared and confused because her body wasn’t doing what she wanted it to. I went and tried to help her, but even with help she couldn’t stand.

    I thought I still had months with her, I’d hoped to make it to the summer when I know she’d have been happiest. But as the morning progressed it was clear this was a significant change. I took her to the vet who agreed… it’s time. I called my ex wife and we agreed together, it’s time. She cancelled her day and came over. We spent the rest of the day spending time with Mercy, giving her all her favorite treats, as much as she wanted. We remembered all the good times, went through the thousands of photos and videos in our phones. We laughed a lot, we cried a lot more. The vet arrived at the house at 6pm. I carried her down to the vet’s car at 6:46pm.

    It all happened so fast. I’m in disbelief now 4 hours later. My life will never be the same. I miss her, and a part of me died when she crossed the rainbow bridge.

    Mercy, you were the best, and you are desperately missed already.

    alert when aqara temp sensors outside go above or below temp sensor inside

    Wondering if this is possible. A quick look through the automations and scenes didn’t pop anything out for me, but it would be nice to know when to open and close my windows throughout the summer based on actual local temp now that I’ve got a couple of the Aqara sensors outside.

    The idea is that when the temp on both of the outdoor sensors goes below the temp on the inside sensor, in the afternoon/evening, I’d get an alert to open my windows.

    And in the morning I’d like an alert to close my windows when the outside temp and inside temp are the same.

    executive dysfunction vs depression

    i'm pushing 40 and have only recently been given an informal diagnosis (seeking out a formal diagnosis currently) from my therapist of ADHD, so it's all new to me and changing the way i look at my behaviors and patterns. i've been thinking about this distinction between executive dysfunction and depression quite a bit lately and wanted to bring it to other folks who have a better grasp on how their ADHD impacts them and see if this resonates or if i'm maybe not hitting the mark.

    i have two different things that i've always identified as 'depression', one that includes the sads, and one that doesn't but has the same low energy and inability to get anything done without external pressure to move me forward. the impact is very, very similar, but the feeling is very different. with the one that includes being sad, it's that sadness that's the driving force behind my inability to move. for the one that doesn't, it's just.... i don't know how to describe it, it's just an inability to get myself to take action.

    i'm in the middle of an episode of the second one now. i find myself listless, bored but can't get myself to do anything about it, hungry but nothing sounds good when i think about the steps it takes to get it, and it's when my memory is the worst and i most often find myself misplacing things, unable to focus, or doing that thing that Hal does in that one Malcom in the Middle cold open when he goes to replace a lightbulb but is working on the car when Lois gets home. this doesn't feel like a good description, but that's how i feel about literally everything i do or talk about when i'm feeling like this, so i hope it's coming across ok.

    does this sound like there's a differentiation between the two to ya'll? anyone feel similarly?

    Burger cart burgers in Venezuela 20 years ago

    I went to Venezuela back in 2000 and there were all these burger carts that sold these little delicious burgers. I remember them having really thin meat pattys and but loaded with toppings and have been trying to figure out what the toppings were.

    Does anyone know what I’m talking about?

    We Have A Ghost

    I just finished watching this on Netflix and was really pleasantly surprised.

    I expected a stupid sappy comedy, but it turned into a movie with a lot of heart. It felt like old adventure movies I grew up with like the Goonies and E.T., and it did a great job of pulling me in and making me care about the characters.

    It’s got it rough edges and there’s plenty that’s not remotely polished, but all in all it was worth the watch and I’m glad I stumbled on it.

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