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Any suggestions for cheap but decent laptops for coding?

I'm currently learning how to code (currently Python, then maybe JavaScript), but I'm not always around my desktop, and learning on my phone is not always an option (also, it can be quite cumbersome at times). Therefore, I'm looking into purchasing a laptop just for learning how to code and stuff.

I don't want to get a Chromebook because I want to be able to wipe the drive and install Linux on it (probably Linux Mint). Maybe it's changed since 2013, but the last time I had a Chromebook, it was a pain in the ass to install even bog-standard Ubuntu on it.

Problem is, I'm also heavily limited by space & budget: no more than 11 in (280 mm) total laptop width and 330 USD base price.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Please forgive me if this is not the right space for this kind of question. Lemme know if it is and I'll delete it. :)