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they look so dumb
  • Hairstyle is a big part of most people's identity, and a disease, or anyway it's treatment, strips it away. People shave because their hair falls out like their body is just giving up. With the hair goes the ability to keep your sickness private. Everyone you know, and most people you come into contact with will know you're going through something big, and they will treat you differently. You're not you anymore. You're sick. Friends or family might try to show you it's not such a big deal by shaving their own heads, but strangers won't do that.

    Let's contrast that with trump. His body isn't failing anymore than it already was. This doesn't strip him of his identity. If anything it solidifies it. This doesn't change the way people interact with him. This doesn't divulge any information about him that wasn't already public, by his own choice. Given his obvious insecurities, we would know if his ears were one of them and they are not. These people have no personal relationship with him. This isn't about making him feel better. It's about these people's own identity and demonstrating group solidarity.

  • [Trump Shooting] Suspect was registered as Republican voter, state records show
  • They're less lethal, not non lethal, and they're frequently used as an excuse to escalate violence needlessly. I'm very critical of the use of their use of force and would generally prefer police to be unarmed, but this is not a situation where I have any complaints. That threat needed to be neutralized as quickly and effectively as possible. Overwhelming force was the best way to do that.

  • Local Cop Confronted Trump Gunman Before Shooting—But Backed Away: Report
  • The guy was also pointing his gun at a whole lot of people who weren't trump. Do you extend your statement to them too because they support trump? At least many of the media weren't there to support trump. I'm sure at least some people were there to see the spectacle rather than support him. Should their value be disregarded as well just for being around the guy? I get the attitude that trump has asked for this. I don't think it's right to say everyone else there asked to be shot at too.

    The basic problem I see is that we keep treating police like it's their job to protect people and when they don't we say, nah it's ok, that's not your job.

  • Local Cop Confronted Trump Gunman Before Shooting—But Backed Away: Report
  • Bad take. If he'd gotten shot, the snipers would have immediately killed the shooter before he could reposition and take more shots. It would have saved a guy's life and kept a former president from being shot, so definitely not pointless. And he likely had on body armor so he had a lot better chance of surviving than any of the people in the crowd did.

  • [Rant] Something's wrong with my ears for the past week and it's making me quite uncomfortable
  • I have anxiety as well. I'm not saying that your problem is the same as kine, but I'm going to tell you what happens to me so that maybe it'll make you worry a little less. I generally have a very slight ringing in my ears. Most people probably wouldn't notice it but I'm autistic so I do. If I have to increase my dose of antihistamines for my allergies, I will have a noticeable increase and qualitative change in the ringing. If I am overly stressed and my anxiety level is higher than usual, I'll have more ringing. If I get less sleep than I need I will have an increased ringing. It's not always the same in both ears either.

    I'm not telling you it's nothing but stress. That would be irresponsible. I am telling you I get the same symptoms and it's nothing but stress and usually resolves in a few days once I get myself under control.

    On another note, I would really recommend doing something about your anxiety. Brief high intensity exercise works well, if you can handle it. Guided meditation works well too, even if you hate the whole idea of it (like I do). The best overall remedy is probably to get adequate, good quality sleep, but I know how hard that can be. The easiest immediate relief is blood pressure medicine, if that is an option for you. For instance, if you lay down to rest you should not be able to hear your heart beat. If you can, your blood pressure is too high and you should get it dealt with, because it will absolutely make your anxiety substantially more manageable. Whether or not the anxiety is the problem with your hearing, dealing with it will improve your life, and from one person with anxiety to another: friend, it's obvious from your post you need some help with this.

    For the time being, if you need a short relief from the ringing, I've found that certain types of computer generated noise played through headphones will stop my ringing, at least for a few minutes. You might want to try that, just be careful not to play it too loud.

  • How to deal with post-work exhaustion?
  • I won't notice a qualitative difference most of the time either, but I have noticed that I am much less anxious and have a better time at social gatherings when I have exercised than when I haven't. It's tricky for those of us who can't take stock of ourselves very well.

  • Are there FLOSS-friendly versions of YubiKey?
  • I believe solokeys are open source. I use a solo v1 for sudo, ssh, and two factor websites. They either went out of business or are basically defunct as I understand it, but you can pick them up on crowd supply. I wouldn't get the v2, supposedly they had problems and that's why they shut down. You likely won't see updates, but they do function for what you're looking for. There are some that are shaped like a small thumb drive and some that sit almost flush with a USB port. Some have nfc, which is useful for phones. Buy at least 2 though, and register both for everything, because you don't want to lock yourself out of something.

  • Trump could legally sell pardons under 'blueprint for totalitarianism' from Supreme Court
  • If it makes you feel any better, with the age of these two candidates and the speed of the courts it's likely that it didn't actually matter before the ruling. They're not exactly consequences if they happen after you've died peacefully of old age.

  • Basic American etiquette
  • They glory in the bounty of food. I went to a Cuban restaurant with a friend who was vegetarian. The staff just flat couldn't understand the concept. Why wouldn't you eat meat if it was available?

  • Basic American etiquette
  • This is going to get so Florida, so I'm sorry. Most of the people I know who carry daily carry guns without safeties, so that just wouldn't work. Also, it's literally a mark of distinction between "responsible gun owners" and irresponsible ones that before the alcohol comes out all the guns are made conspicuously safe, unless the person is a designated non drinker. They would take on the unspoken responsibility of being armed and vigilant for the rest of the group. This will happen discreetly in mixed company, but likely conspicuously if everyone present carries a gun.

    And anyone committing the faux pas of calling a magazine a clip would get a polite correction, and if repeated they wouldn't be invited next time.