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Will anything dethrone the Steam Deck? Probably not -GamingonLinux
  • I think so. But it would be hard and I would be surprised if anyone besides Valve could pull it off.

    I have a second batch steam deck and still play it often. I wish it had a slightly bigger OLED screen. I think the 16x10 8inch equivalent is a good size.

    There would also need to be a fairly decent CPU and GPU upgrade. As well as either an efficiency upgrade or a bigger battery. I think with enough time if we could get a decent arm CPU with good GPU performance, but that is likely not going to happen anytime soon, this could theoretically hit all of these requirements.

    I would like to see hall effect sticks and triggers by default.

    That could dethrone the steam deck. Especially if it had good linux support, either steam os or bazzite would be good for me.

  • GNOME June 2024: C'mon you can do better
  • I started on gnome. I love it at first, but as time has gone on my experience with gnome had gotten worse and worse, and my KDE experience keeps getting better. It's a real shame because I actually tend to prefer the gnome look at feel, but KDE has been so much more usable for me in recent years.

  • Why does nobody here ever recommend Fedora to noobs?
  • I love Fedora. But, part of my day job is also managing linux servers. I tend to recommend things that I think are the easiest to get running. Although Fedora is super easy to get running (at least to me), I find the installation process of mint or pop os to be much easier overall. Between those two OSes, I have moved several people from windows to fulltime linux and I'm not entirely sure that the conversion would have been as successful with fedora and without more help from me during the install process.

  • What's your favorite Godot game to play?
  • I have my eye on that one. I have given myself a super restrictive budget for the next 2 years, but maybe after that I will pick it up. I love the way that game looks and as a wannabe game dev on the weekends, I am super impressed with what the dev has managed to create on his own. Absolutely amazing work.

  • What's your favorite Godot game to play?
  • Lmao. I think the art really sells the story, even if it is a little offensive. There is so much depth including an economy where you can trade and sell business stocks (before and after killing influential figures), and most importantly, fish and organs. I think the most stable place you can have your money is as either pancreas or liver as they are always about 1 dollar. It's like bio crypto lol.

    I have played only about 30 hours, but I have not even scratched the surface of secrets that are there.

  • How do people plan for their deaths in terms of account & device secrets (passwords, 2fa etc.)?
  • I use a Deadman switch I wrote myself. I have an encrypted vault that contains information that my wife/children may need to gain access to our health benefits, my life insurance policy info, my PII (code to my personal firesafe containing my SSN, birth cert, etc etc.), my bank account info, steps to file for debt forgiveness on my CCs (I pay a small amount per 100 dollars on my CCs that will wipe them if a supported life/death event happens), college tuition savings accounts for my kids and more.

    Basically my goal is to make sure that my family has access to all of our assets and money since I manage our finances, and they have enough Info to change any accounts over to their email and info. I haven't told them yet but I have been stashing money as well (both in physical cash and a max contribution Roth IRA). If I ever die, I try and keep enough money in cash that no one knows about that will pay for all of their living expenses for a minimum 1 year. Since I do all of the budgeting, I can account for this before the spendable money is made aware to everyone. They would probably hate me now since we run pretty tight on money, but if I ever die I think they'll forgive me.

  • Any suggestions for cheap but decent laptops for coding?
  • My bad! You may have totally said that and I missed that part.

    You might want to look at the dell XPS 13 series. Their small bezels in the more recent models put them more in line with a MacBook 11 inch. Might be best bang for the buck as far as performance.

  • Any suggestions for cheap but decent laptops for coding?
  • I am super partial to old ThinkPads. Currently I am running an x1 yoga gen 4 that I got from a company that was recycling it for free. I also have a P52, and a t460s. All have been great. I have used several others including an x230, an x201, a w520, w530 and w540(least favorite due to the trackpad). Generally I like to stop at about the Intel 8th gen series as parts are usually still fairly serviceable and affordable.

  • picked up the pixel 7, will (eventually) be testing some performance.

    Hey all,

    A while back I made a post requesting any information about emulating games on the Tensor chips from google.

    Just recently I broke down and bought the pixel 7.

    I will likely be doing some gaming and reporting back here what I find. I will try and aim for the harder to emulate of each of the big console generations that are currently well supported on android.

    With that all being said, are there any here that would like any games tested on the pixel line? I have an extensive physical retro game library and have the means to rip the roms from any of them.


    Google Pixel Phones and Emulation performance.

    I am currently a primary iPhone user, however I am planning a return to android in the next year. I always use custom Roms and lately it feels like I will be moving to GrapheneOS which will require me to move to a pixel phone. I have used a pixel in the past with GrapheneOS on a pixel 4a, but I have yet to use a non snapdragon variant.

    I know historically, at least it seems, that Adreno tends to get the most development of emulation geared towards it, specifically on the high end. But, does anyone here have experience using Mali on higher end emulators. I see yuzu has added support recently, but I usually stick too my steam deck for Yuzu. Generally I would be curious about AetherSX2 performance, but any level of insight is greatly appreciated!

    Either way I will being going with it, so I suppose I can follow up here with my testing and compare it, relatively poorly, to the SD 8gen1 in my tab s8 ultra.