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What advice would you give to people in their 20s?
  • Don’t drink and drive.

    Always keep a first aid kit with you.

    Actually know how to use your first aid kit.

    It should be in a drawer or bag with a conspicuous Red Cross on it. If a stranger can’t figure out where the first aid kit is, you fucked up.

  • Why are many people in America so politically unaware?
  • Most Americans are incredibly politically aware, but would not call their understanding political and don’t believe the government can resolve their problems.

    They’re wrong about the former and right about the latter.

  • New ssd shows not selectable in the bios boot menu
  • As long as you have some way of recognizing which is which in the windows installer so you don’t accidentally wipe your existing drive.

    If you’re worried, just pull the one you don’t want wiped out of the system while you’re installing.

  • New ssd shows not selectable in the bios boot menu
  • The new drive probably doesn’t show in the boot menu because it doesnt have a partition table or anything.

    Are both drives the same size? What I’m trying to figure out is would you be able to recognize when the windows installer is trying to install to the wrong drive.

  • Some windows help please
  • There’s a lot of people saying not to pay for windows or not to use eBay or to download from Microsoft directly or to use massgrave instead but there are very few possibly no responses explaining why that’s a better option than buying from eBay.

    First things first, and I know this is gonna get some people responding with the ol’ “nuh-uh”, but there’s compromised counterfeit install media for sale. You most likely don’t know how to tell the good from the bad. The bad can also look very, very good.

    If you want to know you’re getting the good stuff straight from Microsoft, use uupdump to create an updated install media for whatever sku(version of windows) you want and use rufus to make the usb installer (you’ll need to be inside a windows vm or on your old version of windows). The reason I say use Rufus is because it gives you the opportunity to turn off some stuff like requiring a Microsoft account in the 11 install process.

    Once that’s done and installed, you can activate however you like, either with massgrave or with a key for your sku purchased from Microsoft directly.

  • How do I calibrate a new battery on Linux?
  • You can’t.

    The laptop talks to the battery and the software you’re using tries to talk to the laptop to see what the battery says. What’s your laptop make and model, battery make and model and did you check the bios for battery configuration?

  • Secret Service notified as Alex Jones hosts show with 'assassinate Biden' in title
  • That depends on if you’re including people “known to law enforcement” as lone nuts.

    If so then yeah, if not then no.

    Your typical real deal lone nut doesn’t target political figures, instead opting for the uhh propaganda of the deed.

    The ruby style lone nut isn’t really acting by themselves, and always seems to have a bunch of people around them influencing their decisions.

  • Secret Service notified as Alex Jones hosts show with 'assassinate Biden' in title
  • nah, the american conservative movement is just trying to stay in their lane and let the democrats fuck this one up themselves. there's no benefit for their party, donors or true believers to a biden death.

    that's not to say they can't screw it up, just that they won't allow or condone something as damaging to their chances as bidens death.

  • Secret Service notified as Alex Jones hosts show with 'assassinate Biden' in title
  • Could be the donors, could be the party, could be a true believer.

    I don’t listen to his show so idk the reasoning but this is probably one of those stopped clock situations.

    They lose with Biden, if it goes instead to a brokered convention they lose. If Biden dies then there’s a good chance they win.

    Your question of who is the sticking point though. The party doesn’t care about winning, the donors are all giving to both sides anyway, only a true believer would do such a thing.

    There’s not a lot of precedent for that though. There was the congressional baseball watcher, but even then it was an ill conceived haphazard attack with little preparation.

    Pardon the pun, but democrats just don’t got any shooters.

  • I am sick of old men.
  • you can choose to stop posting, that's fine.

    if you change your mind and want to know particulars about a certain policy or something i can give some reading recommendations that will do a much better job of explaining ideas in the detail you seem interested in than i can.

  • Before your change to Linux
  • I still use windows. Theres a bunch of stuff which needs it.

    Seriously though, for about twenty years Microsoft has released patches on Tuesday. Don’t wait till Saturday, go ahead and restart on Tuesday. It’s easy and predictable and more often the patches are important.

  • What's Some Tech That Was Better Than It Is Now?
  • Car stereos.

    They used to have buttons and tape decks and cd players in em. From the factory.

    I don’t want to do a complex install of some aftermarket thing. I want a car stereo with buttons, knobs, a tape deck, cd player, am/fm and aux input that looks like it belongs in my cars interior and is designed with the same ideas as the rest of the cars controls.

  • Possible to use Linux for Wi-Fi drivers on Windows?
  • I see.

    There is no way to use wpa3 in windows with that wireless adapter.

    Some of the answers provided itt will work:

    running a vm hosted on windows with hardware passthrough and some simple operating system which does support wpa3 on that adapter bridged to your windows installation.

    Running windows in a vm for lockdown browser has worked for me in the past. Try it and see. I used qemu.

    Since you talked about it being your network and not some other person or institutions, you could always run two wireless networks, one supporting wpa3 and one supporting wpa2.

    I do that everywhere for 2.5/5g so older devices can still connect to the wireless. If youre worried about a wpa3 thing connecting to the wpa2 network you can set them up with different passwords.

    Is there a specific benefit of wpa3 you’re trying to get?

    E: you could use a sbc that supports wpa3 and has an Ethernet port as some kind of mutant firewall/gateway like you do when tethering your phone, but that’s kinda silly…

    E2: laptop or desktop? If laptop, what specific model? Often the wireless cards in laptops are replaceable and you could always put one in that has wpa3 in both Linux and windows.

  • Running a business using linux
  • Oh wow.

    Are accounting firms subject to the same requirement as businesses that file themselves? It almost sounds like it’d be a good idea to have someone do all the filing for you so that when there’s a leak and you’re damaged by it you have legal recourse…

  • how do i become a bot account?

    i saw a user with the (BOT ACCOUNT) flair.

    how do i get that? i wanna be a bot account too...