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all i do is crunch numbers and eat wood glue.

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Post a prompt, have an art from this insane russian
  • Anyway...

    No clue just have had it stuck in my head.

  • Post a prompt, have an art from this insane russian
  • Prompt meme:

    Oh no! Anyway...

  • Connect A Song owatnext


    The last song is by "The Dead Kenny Gs" which made me think of "The Dead Kennedys" which made me think of JFK and how his head just sorta did that.

    Summer grasshopper on the wall [OC]
  • Little bug on the wall.

    Ding jing.

  • Wireless mouse suggestions?
  • That looks like exactly what I'm looking for! Thanks. You're a legend.

  • I give you 100 dollars (or the equivalent in your country) and you must spend it today all in a single thing. What do you pay/buy with it?
  • Boring answer: a $100 prepaid card.

    Fun answer: my car needs a new part that is just about $100 even.

  • Wireless mouse suggestions?
  • Just a standard mouse. I have bigger hands, so a larger one would be nice. No extra features are required but a DPI button, forward/back buttons, et cetera are fine.

    Thank you for your response.

    Edit: just checked out your suggestion. Looks like it ticks all the major marks, just is a bit expensive new. Going to see what the used ones go for.

  • Sora meets Bluey!

    I believe this is by Costa Kassab. Not sure.


    Wireless mouse suggestions?


    I was unsure where to post this question, but I figure that this community is as good of a place as any. ___ I am looking for wireless mouse suggestions. I currently use a Lenovo ThinkPad Bluetooth mouse "MOBTC9LA". It is fine and serves its purpose, but it is horribly small and uncomfortable as well as wasteful in regards of using AA batteries.

    My basic requirements are wireless and preferably rechargeable via USB C, but micro USB is okay if USB C isn't available. I would also prefer if it were Bluetooth. I see a few listed online, but I was hoping for a real human suggestion as opposed to sifting through paid off and fake reviews.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance!

    Mods if this is the wrong community let me know and I will move on.

    Are there any good casual/low-stress mobile games that aren't filled with microtransactions?
  • I have a 2048 clone from F-Droid and a Solitaire-like games collection from F-Droid that keep me busy on flights, etc. No stress, easy, entertaining.

  • Looking for new Site Admins
  • I can't stop thinking about this so I made this to hopefully get it out of my system.

    Trollface defending from various social media

  • goddamnit
  • convert image.webp image.png

  • It's like magic

  • Looking for new Site Admins
  • Poor analogy.

  • Looking for new Site Admins
  • livejournal

    It's been 84 years...

  • New to the game, really enjoying it!

    I just started the game a few days ago. I have "found out how I died" a lot, but it's fun.

    I have a question however: where can I find non tap water? I get lost easily, the map is hard to follow, and I keep dehydrating in the forests when my bottles run empty. I understand I will have to purify it from a fire or something.

    Also, how do I eat the wood glue I keep finding in sheds? It looks so tasty.

    This new Find My Device Network....
  • Personally, I turned it off. I don't like that feature. Maybe others will or are doing the same.

  • Remember
  • Remember: there's no scientific proof that souls exist, so your job can't be soul-crushing!

  • What is this and how do I make it stop?

    Sometimes when I am scrolling through a comment feed, I somehow make this dialogue pop up and it seems to involve comments with links in them. I don't like it and I don't know how I am making it happen, it just gets in the way.

    Long short, how do I make it stop or disable it entirely? It happens very often.


    For those near Fremantle.

    Hi! I just took a holiday to your lovely city and the surrounding suburbs and had a great time. My favorite part was probably visiting the Freo Markets. I saw this mural near the IGA car park building near the Markets, and thought I got a good photo of it, but as it would turn out to be, I didn't quite get all of it in there. If someone has a photo and could share, I would greatly appreciate it!

    Here are the photos I got. Thank you so much, and mods if this is the wrong community for this let me know and I'll move on.



    Anyone notice Twitch app on Android eats through battery?

    My phone lasts 2+ days, but if I spend an hour on Twitch it takes a good 50% off my battery. I'm just trying to support my friend's small streams.

    Photography owatnext

    Antithesis — Canon EOS Rebel T5.

    Canon EOS Rebel T5, f/5, 18mm. Color edited in darktable. New to photography.