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  • Johnny Lakewood The alter ego of Johnny Denver

    Just wait till Saw Badman drops?!?

  • Shortest license agreement ever.

    Bring Your Own Liscence Agreement

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  • There is no BSD???

  • Just not his thing.
  • It now has 2 slices missing You took to long to buy it

  • Shortest license agreement ever.
  • NOO NOOO LINE 21 OF THE EULA "this product is defined as a service and when we use the word "purchase" were lieing and ment it can be revoked :P"

  • Introducing a new RISC-V Mainboard from DeepComputing
  • dumps water on laptop Oh gosh golly, darn Guess i gotta buy a framework :D

  • ChatGPT?
  • ItS Ai EnHaNcEd FoR OpTiMaL BoOtInG

  • Jenkins.
  • 1000016226

    Its this man He lives in this thing called "The Cloud"

  • Only 191 days until Christmas


    all i want for christmas by mariah carry starts playing


    glass shatters, then fades to black


  • But can it run Crysis?

  • The ultimate rickroll
  • It would be great to link them to a youtube videos with just ads. Cause you know you go in youtube to watch ads not content

  • Master Chef in the making
  • I simply must have it my good sir, Name thy price of your deletcablely eloquent meal.

  • That’s deep
  • Thats profound

  • Stop comparing programming languages
  • There is another That you might say is a little rusty

  • guys i made llama2 terminator because of hamster shitposting

    i was just dicking around with ollama+webui and i kept trying to gas light llama2 to think the world spun cause of hamsters. and it have off this subtle but terminator esq response.

    what you guys think about world spinny cause hammster theory :D and the term-inator (im joking about the hamster thing... maybe)


    Box86/box64 is frickin dope rpi400

    I have been messing with my raspberry pi 400 and stumbled across box86. This program converts x86 calls to arm. And it works pretty well, i got the orginal pvz (disk verison) running through wine and box 86! The game is slow on cutscenes but gameplay is suprisingly playable and was more playable then my first pc lmao!

    Its crazy that a fanless 15watt arm chip can run old games this well! Compared to a pentium 4 thats is taking off.


    self hosted newbie question about moCA router

    Hello and good evening self hosters! so i recently new to self hosting, i just installed my CM3588 DIY NAS with a bunch of services which is very addicting!

    but i digress, so i recently found out today that we pay $11 a month to rent our router for our house. Which i personally think is ridiculous! So i am looking into buying to own, not renting to burn money. However the router seems to get internet from the ISP through moCA which looking at router that support moCA are rather limiting in speeds and very expensive. So my query for this fine, fine community is if i were to buy a coax/moCA adapter that then coverts it to Ethernet and then plug it into my router and and then by proxy my access points. would it work, wifi 6E looks super nice and there are very few options that are very pricey for modem/router combos that support moCA.

    I am open to alternatives and ideas, and please correct me if i made any mistakes on terminally or my diagram

    thanks folks!

    Edit--- my current router is a ARRIS Surfboard TG3452 DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Voice Gateway Modem Router with 802.11ac Wi-Fi & MoCA 2.0



    Injection molding is pretty fancy stuff +recap

    So for the last month-ish Ive been working at my new job as an injection mold operator, which has been rather interesting. I first thought of injection molding as a basic concept of hot plastic gets shot into a mold and gets ejected. But there is so much more that goes into injection molding. There is back-pressure 5 heating zones a TCU which helps the plastic cool in the mold before it is ejected. Then the eject pins extension length and speed. There is probably a lot more as-well but that's just to name a few. There is so many variables into running a injection molding machine, luckily the company i currently work for is teaching me everything and im trying to learn as much as i can (which is slightly overwhelming).The only real annoyance is the plastic smells quite a bit and i read all the MSDS's i can. Something i learned that was a neat tidbit is that plastics like Acetal and TPV, and many other co-polymers is they have alot of nasty stuff in them, and the nasty stuff is only released if it gets above the recommended plastic temperature which is rather important to keep it with a safe range.

    On a side note the last place i worked, i liked the people but hated the job and lots of people said the equivalent of "same shit different pot" aka the job you had is going to be alot of the same even if you move. And there mostly right, instead of carbide and kobalt its plastic. The only big diffrence is this place is full time and actually doesn't bully you for wearing PPE, as-well the people there are also rather nice just like the old place.

    also any other injection molding operators in the community, and if so do you like the job? as-well as any experiences with it.

    also huge thanks to everybody in the thread for helping out and getting me to this point!


    Mill for sale at localish auction is it a good buy for the right price?

    its an enco and i cant find much info on it is most likely not more than 2 horse. i dont plan to do any crazy pocketing and REALLY WANT A MILL to match the sexy tractor lathe and use it for hobby projects.

    whada u think machinists? i cant imagine it going for more than $500 as its not a knee mill


    Long post and story about a shitpost

    So your probably reading this thinking, OK its a PC same old stuff. Well here is a long story.

    so about a year ago myself and 2 friends would get together on weekends, my friend who we will call ash. Owns a Xbox One S, so we all were hanging out on Friday night the weekly ritual , and we got tired of playing UNO. so we Decided to play the Xbox we played about every game and it was starting to get quite dry on selection. Ash read off many games from the roster, to which just sounded repetitive, So at this point we all kinda agree there wasn't a game we wanted to play. So we checked out the Microsoft store, this was around Christmas so games were on "Sale". More like for sale not on sale, every game was just so expensive compared to Steam at this point lightning struck me. what if i built a PC to use as a console, so the following day after the rather dull Friday night. I went onto the apocalyptic wasteland that was Facebook marketplace, full of tweakers and entitled Karrens. To which i found a i5-2500 motherboard CPU combo, Sweet i thought now i just need a few more parts. I used a 550W Bronze PSU, bought some used ddr3 ram from eBay as-well as a 1tb ssd and had a rx570 laying around. All i then needed was a case, Now im a cheapskate and wanted a nice case but couldn't feel the need to buy one. So i went to a junkyard and found some recently thrown away office PC case. however the case was to bland to me, so i made the joke of its not an Xbox its a Ybox when myself and the boys hung out. So i attempted to do a paint job the PC case, ! which wasn't a Picasso but it started to rain and i was to lazy to redo it. So the other thing i wanted this PC case to have was a handle, so i took a piece of 6061 extruded aluminum and some bolts and nuts that i bought at a flea market and made my handle. Originally the nut could fit with the PSU in but the bench grinder fixed that.

    I was rather giddy at this point, as it is now time for the OS. I am a real big fan of Linux as i run Nix-OS on my main system, so i decided to use Chimera. i unveiled the Ybox to the boys and we play many many cheaper steam games that are rather fun. Eventually Chimera felt rather closed because there wasn't a traditional package manager. I installed Ublue Bazzite (i stole the idea from action retro trash can mac video). We played on the Ybox for many many months and eventually i talked my friends into building PC's and they went with some pretty good specs. ryzen 7 5800x, 6900xt, i7 12th gen NVIDIA 4050. so we had LAN partys playing lots of games. The Ybox was pretty good for the 300ish dollars i had in it, however i wanted something that looked nicer and could run higher end games. as alot of the time when we would group buy games my PC was the biggest qualm.

    So the Ybox Pro was born, it is my tote-able gaming/VR-rig. I built it using a machinist x99 motherboard with a 8 core Intel Xeon E5-1680 V2. 16Gb of ram and a junky vega 56 bios flashed vega 64 graphics card. It Runs VR great games look awesome. However one design choice i did not like about the case i bought was a glass side panel. Now for alot of people they really like tempered glass however i am always paranoid about the glass breaking in transit. And i bought a 120mm thermal take AIO which i couldn't find a good mounting place for. it was rather going to be at the bottom of the case or mounted sketchily on the roof of the case. So i have a side business where i have a Omtech 60Watt C-02 laser and a little bit of an engineer background. and decided to engineer a wood side panel which would have a mount for the AIO and look nice. I laser cut the side panel out of cherry paneling and stained it. I am very happy with the end result.

    also i plan to like the cheap case i bought and a thingiverse/printables file for the side panel if anybody want to replicate my build.



    pc parts used in build (Case)


    (AIO fan)




    Do you strictly only do metal working? (poll)

    I've wondered for a while, there are lots of things that attract people to machining, and with that come areas. My previous instructor would say (in no offense) but in this class we are not doing wood working, we are doing precision machining ". he also dabbled in leather working in his free time. So it raises the question "do people that do machining mostly do purely metal working or other tasks including wood or leather just as much?"


    Got me some Mic's at the flea market + some old manuals

    so i went to a booth with this older man selling all kinds of stuff, Cameras, glassware and all kind of knick nacks. I then found this beauty under some washers and bolts. It's a brown and Sharpe No.38 and looks pretty good for how old it is. i also got the lot for $15 and I can't complain. !

    There was also 2 mics which were no name and one that is very hard to read but says "Central man. Co Auburn MI certified accuracy" on the black tag !

    I also found a mic operation manual





    also, there's just something so neat about old school graphics !

    I got a Lufkin manual as well, sadly there was no Lufkin.


    Here are the pages if anyone wants to read it.




    ! !




    ! !



    Tool found in lot at a flea market, I have no idea what idea it is.

    So I bought a small box of tap wrenches, and it had a dollar general dial caliper in it, as well as this. The guy had no idea what idea it is, and neither do i, he seemed to think it had to do something with machining

    ! The "roller has 2 textures and 3 different sized wheels that thread on.



    You can only pick 2 games from steam to play for the rest of your life, what games are they?

    I have a large library of steam games, but yet always come back to Garry mod and ravensfield. I keep coming back for the modded content and every other game is excellent, don't get me wrong. But a lot of big games like RD2 and watchdogs 2 just seem like such a long time investment. What 2 games do you infinitely come back to?


    Whats your thoughts on Ai in your terminal? Warp: Your terminal, reimagined

    Warp is a modern, Rust-based terminal with AI built in so you and your team can build great software, faster. Now available on MacOS.

    Warp: Your terminal, reimagined

    Today i was doing the daily ritual of looking at distrowatch. Todays reveiw section was about a termal called warp, it has built in AI for recomendations and correction for commands (like zhs and nushell). You can also as a chatbot for help. I think its a neat conscept however the security is what makes me a bit skittish. They say the dont collect data and you can check it aswell as opt out. But the idea of a terminal being read by an Ai makes me hesitant aswell as a account needed to use warp. What do you guys think?


    Good news, New job opportunity! (update added)


    So, for a recap for people who don't know my current situation. I've been working at a die shop for 6 months, and the position is in maintenance. I was told that after an amount of time, a machinist job would open, and I could continue to learn so much about the amazing trade that is machining. However, it has been 6 grueling months. I have worked part-time 3 days a week as the employer would not hire me full time. Although I did enjoy the free time, I would like to be able to afford things. Plus the working conditions have been sketchy at best, So after I left some slight insight into my work on this community, it was evident that I'm not just being a complainer and my job actually sucks. My duties at this job have been, in order, from what needs to be done first to last. Assembling push pins (for a process on a die) Brazing solider pins, cleaning up mill and lathe, facing cutting and polishing dies on lathe, punching out reclaim dies.

    These are all the thing I do in my day-to-day job and I somewhat enjoy facing and polishing dies, however It's pretty far down on the list, and I've had 4 eye infections because of grinding dust ending up in my eyes (yes I wore safetys). So thats what I do, I love the people at my current job. They are all supper friendly and I know a lot of them thought family and friends before I started working there. So with great help from the community I've been looking else where, I looked at one shop that was hiring for a manual machinist (I've never programmed a CNC, I'm a button pusher). So I thought "sweet a new job, and it's machining and the starting pay is $17 an hour" So I looked them up drove there got an application, and got an interview. Talked to some old timers and a self-taught machinist, They were both pretty cool guys. So they sat me down in the break room and asked the generic questions, do you have a valid driver's license, why are you leaving your other job, have you committed any crimes? the answers were pretty easy (I never did anything stupid) then they gave me the shop tour....

    Bunch of South Bend lathes, 1 Atlas 12in (I thought that was pretty funny to see) Mill ports, bridge ports, boring mill, BIG ASS Cincinnati lathe. And they did have a CNC, it's from 1995 And it runs Mylar ticker tape. Ok, maybe not the most up-to-date shop, but I'm not picky. So I talk to the Old timer for 30 minutes, He tells me that they have had tons of people that come in and say they're machinists, and they don't know shit. He told me a story where a guy came in, First day on the job puts a block of steel in a vice then starts to load an end mill into the collet. Old timer goes, "you're going to want to use the Edge finder" and hands it to him. The guy puts the collet down and puts in a Jacobs chuck and doesn't turn the spindle on and just pushes it up against the block and says "ok got it set" Guy was fired by lunch.... Anyway I talked to the Old Timer for a bit, and he told me starting pay would be $15 an hour (so they lied on indeed), and we went to the office, the HR lady asked "is he a keeper" and the old timer shrugged. The HR lady gave me a folder full of insurance paperwork and company polices. I said I would have to think about taking the job. Yeah, I didn't, So I was on the job hunt again and heard of this company a little ways out of town. 2 weeks ago sent them my resume and Nims Certifications attached with the Application, get a call last week to set up an interview, went to the interview. They were impressed, they asked generic questions like what tools I've used mic's calipers, that kind of stuff. I tell them I took a machine class, the guy asked what metals we used. I named all of them 1014L 3003 Aluminum, and some other random stuff (donated steel). The guy seemed surprised, we finished up the interview, and they took me on a shop tour. My god, it was eye-opening the floors and the wall were not covered in black dust (probably carbide) and you could eat off the floors. It was that clean, my job starting out would be deburring and adding a chamfer to a part on a Bridgeport mill. They said, "your hands are probably going to be covered in oil so it's going to be a little dirty job, are you still interested?" for context, my hands are black at the end of the day at my current job from polishing. plus, starting pay is $15 minimum, and they are willing to pay you more based on your experience level. They said it would be about 30 hours of deburring every week and 10 hours of helping out other departments, and they are going to cross train me in other departments. Tomorrow I have a 2nd interview lined up with them, and I am super excited and can see the light at the end of the tunnel!

    Thanks for the support, Guys!


    Went to the 2nd interview, they thought I would be a better fit for running an injection molding machine. Because I'm mechanically inclined, and evidently impressed them. I told them I have never ran an injection molding machine before. And they said that's perfectly fine and are willing to teach me, they made sure to infasize that if you don't know how to do something make sure to ask. (because mold are super expensive) Which I really appreciate, you can tell at my current job I irritate people by asking lots of questions. And the new company was very upfront about everything and asked multiple times if I was still interested in the job throughout the interview, as it would be lots of learning. They wanted to hire me because their current guy that is running the injection molding machine, will soon have to run other machines and tasks. Currently the machines are fed by medium-sized bags that are manually fed every 2 hours to the hopper. The company is working on buying large pallet boxes and vacuum system to make it easier on the workers. My duties of the job will be inspecting the parts, making adjustments if needed. Starting and stopping the machine at the end of the day, and changing molds every week. As well as, they plan to teach me to use a forklift for moving pellet containers. And during the job if I am not doing anything I am to help in other departments as it is a small company.

    I am a little nervous but excited for all the new learning opportunity and plan to give my current boss my 2 weeks notice.


    Yep shes an orange vice alright

    so for a while at work, we have ran the Tormach. so originally we had the same coolant as a Hurco CNC and the tormach is in a small room, which made the EDM guys displeased because it reaks. so we switched it out for the coolant that originally came with the Tormach and it didn't stink as bad. well finds out that coolant does stop rust that bad. so we took it out and were trying to clean it up.