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Robert De Niro and Lizzo lead celebrity reactions to Biden announcement
  • I'm pretty sure it is because he came out hard against Trump.

  • Robert De Niro and Lizzo lead celebrity reactions to Biden announcement

    Stars rush to back new frontrunner Kamala Harris after US president bows out from 2024 White House race

    Robert De Niro and Lizzo lead celebrity reactions to Biden announcement

    >Mark Ruffalo spoke about what’s next, and told his followers we have our “marching orders”. "No to Trump/Vance. No to the right-wing Christian religious takeover of our nation. Nothing wrong with Christianity; just shouldn’t be running a nation birthed from freedom of religion.”

    Appreciate someone saying this loud and proud.

    Does Kamala Harris have a chance and
  • Good to know, thanks for the heads-up.

  • Dems Mock Trump as ‘Too Old’ to Run—Like He Did to Biden
  • This just in, Donald Trump discovered to have been covered in feathers instead of scales as was previously believed...
    Here's Tom with the weather.

  • A tip for Android users.
  • Thanks, I set up a Tasker profile to give this a go.

  • From raising alarm to backing Biden, Democrats in Congress grapple with debate aftermath
  • gets most people long before theyre in their 80s

    Long before? No. Age can be a problem, but being 60 or 70 doesn't make someone geriatric by itself.

  • Candace Owens describes science as "pagan faith"
  • I've not heard the Democratic Party demand a balance between themselves and Republicans as a policy plank. Even if an individual had done so, It seems foolhardy to blame a large tent of fairly reasonable people for the incestuousness that has become conservatism.

  • Ladybird announcement
  • How can you be "independent" if you have sponsors? All sponsorships are in the form of unrestricted donations. Board seats and other forms of influence are not for sale.

    ..per the FAQ.

  • Dallas could become largest Texas city to decriminalize marijuana

  • Conservative US lawmakers are pushing for an end to no-fault divorce
  • My ex-wife and I filed the requisite paperwork and a month or so later met downtown at the courthouse to finalize our petition for a no-fault divorce. We had filled out some of the paperwork incorrectly, scooted over to the law library around the corner and returned less than an hour later to wrap things up, paying a fee so incidental I couldn't be bothered to remember the amount.

    No-fault is a near necessity for folks that want to take the high road out of a shitty situation. Going on to think of the massive cost savings, we're left not only with religion to blame for the curtailing of our rights under law, but also perhaps the legal profession that spawned many of these legislators. Fuck them all.

  • Am I unsubscribing or staying subscribed?
  • "Mark as Spam" it is!

  • Flooding left behind from Tropical Storm Alberto in Surfside Beach, Texas
  • That is wild. Dodged us here in Houston, despite the warnings. At least the hill country got a little wet, I know y'all needed it out that way.

  • First Look: Riven Gameplay Reveal

    As an older, and increasingly jaded gamer, I'm having a hard time remembering when I've last been so excited over a release as this one. Riven is seemingly getting the gold-standard treatment with a ground-up remake that not only utilizes 3D (and VR) to give depth to the world but also adds new content while keeping the visuals near one-to-one. My favorite part of Riven personally is the excellent soundtrack, I can't wait to hear it while wandering around and exploring this space all over again. Cheers, Lemmy!

    18 The NYPD is using social media to target critics. That brings its own set of worries

    The New York Police Department has been taking a more active role in trying to influence public policy through slick online videos and social media posts.

    The NYPD is using social media to target critics. That brings its own set of worries

    Michael Hallett, a professor of criminology at the University of North Florida who studied the effects of “Cops,” said he viewed the NYPD’s forays into social media as a natural response to a digital media ecosystem that rewards speed and sensationalism.

    The proliferation of body-camera footage and, increasingly, drones, have made it easy for police to create their own reality series, free of delays imposed by the TV gear and network schedules, he said.

    “They now have a proactive and sophisticated messaging system that is designed and intended to deliver messages on behalf of the police agenda,” Hallett added. “In the negotiation for control of the message, that gives them the upper hand.”


    Half Life: 25th Anniversary Documentary


    Fingerprint unlock for Pixel in-screen readers

    Not sure if this is a log that Android 14 exposed but when I first got my 7a I could not get fingerprint actions working. Anyway it works now.

    When setting a Logcat Entry event under Profiles, search for a "Biometrics/AuthenticationClient" Component in the log. Then try filtering for something like "onAuthenticated(true), ID:123456789", the individual finger ID. Tasks can then be fired off on unlock.