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RPM to APT distros correspondence
  • IIRC, within RHEL it goes fedora (next major) -> centos stream (next minor) -> RHEL (current major.minor).

    With Debian and its derivatives (e.g Ubuntu) this means that Debian-unstable corresponds to fedora, Debian-testing corresponds to CentOS stream and Debian-stable corresponds to RHEL. (Roughly of course).

    Ubuntu is based off of some flavor of Debian and is therefore downstream of it: Debian (unstable I think) -> Ubuntu -> Ubuntu LTS.

    But as far as which version has the newest packages then sure, your list is correct.

  • Welcome To Xbox's Rot Economy
  • Especially for subscriptions like gamepass that, just like the video streaming services, don’t have to make great content. It just has to be okay enough for people not to leave.

    And the cheaper they can make that content, the larger the cut of the subscription fees they get to keep.

  • Announcing the Ladybird Browser Initiative
  • They’re making a new browser engine from scratch in an open way, absolutely amazing!

    I do have several questions:

    Why would they use BSD instead of GPL? If you care about open-source so much, why would you make it possible for a company to run away with your fancy new engine?

    Why are they creating a new browser, when even firefox has to struggle to keep some semblance of market share? I get that not every project needs to aim to be “the biggest”, and that even a smaller project (in terms of users), can be fun. It’s just that writing a browser engine that can handle the modern web seems like an almost Sisyphean task; which makes me wonder what their motivation(?) is.

    Why the FLOSS are they using closed-source proprietary discord as their main communication channel?

  • Bill Gates says not to worry about AI's energy draw
  • Exactly

    To quote the post more specifically:

    Even as our species destroys its only home, we assume that the solutions to climate change must lie in technology, without stopping to examine the role that this very attitude has played in the crisis.

    This is so deeply ingrained in our social consciousness that, when there is a new impressive technology, we assume that it must be here to solve one of our big problems. As the AI hype quickens the pace of our ecological devastation, we're so dazzled by the technology that there is actual debate in supposedly serious publications as to whether AI is going to save us from climate change, despite all evidence pointing to the contrary.

  • Disk space counted twice on root folder?
  • You can also do the following to prevent unwanted writes when something is not mounted at /mnt/thatdrive:

    # make sure it is not mounted, fails if not mounted which is fine
    umount /mnt/thatdrive
    # make sure the mountpoint exists
    mkdir -p /mnt/thatdrive
    # make the directory immutable, which disallows writing to it (i.e. creating files inside it)
    chattr +i /mnt/thatdrive
    # test write to unmounted dir (should fail)
    touch /mnt/thatdrive/myfile
    # remount the drive (assumes it’s already listed in fstab)
    mount /mnt/thatdrive
    # test write to mounted dir (should succeed)
    touch /mnt/thatdrive/myfile
    # cleanup
    rm /mnt/thatdrive/myfile

    From man 1 chattr:

    A file with the 'i' attribute cannot be modified: it cannot be deleted or renamed, no link can be created to this file, most of the file's metadata can not be modified, and the file can not be opened in write mode.
    Only the superuser or a process possessing the CAP_LINUX_IMMUTABLE capability can set or clear this attribute.

    I do this to prevent exactly the situation you’ve encountered. Hope this helps!

  • [SOLVED] do I have to install language packages to write in languages other than English on xubuntu 24.04?
  • If you don’t want spellchecking, then no. You can just change the keyboard layout.

    If you do want spellchecking then yes, you will need to install some kind of language pack.

    I’m not sure how libreoffice does it, but Firefox has different language packs for translating the UI and for spellchecking.

    Are the extra dialects taking up too much space for you?

  • The rule of growth

    I’d like to thank the admins for being so open and direct about the issues that they’re facing.