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Trying to rescue a 1GB RAM laptop
  • Looking up the specs of a D270, looks like the memory is upgradable.

    It also looks like the Intel Atom N2600 it has (from my reading) is actually a 64-bit processor

    I'd probably say you shouldn't have much trouble finding a bigger DDR3 memory stick for it for dirt cheap or free from an e-wasted notebook

    Ultimately it depends if the performance loss you're finding is memory limited or CPU limited right now, but I would think that giving it 2 or 4GB + giving it 64-bit would go a long way

  • Server build for Family
  • This all happened two weeks before I started, so I don't know the exact details. If it was set up the way I think it was, I'd say yes, the DC was in it's own VM and then a separate VM would've been used as a NAS. Of course being hardware RAID the whole host server went down when that card failed.

    They probably didn't have a second DC set up due to the DEFCON 5 levels of "We can't work!"

    They were ultimately planning on going to the cloud anyway from what I heard and that catastrophe just accelerated that plan ahead

  • Server build for Family
  • I got a server from ewaste because the RAID card did fail and having SAS drives they couldn't even pull data from it with anything else. It was the domain controller and NAS so as you can imagine, very disruptive to the business. As they should they had an offsite backup of the system and so we just restored onto a gaming PC as a temporary solution until we moved them to M365 instead.

    I just use software RAID on it now and so far so good for about 180 days.

  • Microsoft says it won't let you use Mail & Calendar app on Windows 11
  • I have email addresses under Outlook (old personal account), Gmail (study provided email), Exchange (work) and Proton (main personal account). I also actively use the calendar feature in my client, which is sync'd up to my Nextcloud instance.

    Just having it all under Thunderbird is so convenient and it feels more private. It's also an entirely consistent UI between accounts

  • Why can you join Minecrfat premium servers with cracked bedrock but not with cracked java?
  • Short answer: GeyserMC sidesteps that player authentication process Java players need to do

    Long answer:

    I've used and set up GeyserMC before. It sounds like the server you're joining has online-mode on, which requires all Java players who are joining to have a valid Java account and current authentication.

    GeyserMC, being a mod to the server, entirely sidesteps this entire process. Your Bedrock cracked client requests to join and GeyserMC, being the way your client communicates with the server, just let's you in. It just sends your client the chunks, the entities, etc. and lets you interact with them, and Java players are shown an additional Player entity (being you).

    GeyserMC actually has authentication a server owner can set up that does require a valid Bedrock account or valid Java account, but it seems the server(s) you're playing hasn't set this up.

  • Can anyone recommend a lightweight, stable distro for a thinkpad?
  • Can completely agree with the LMDE 6 recommendation

    I decided on the basis of making my hardware last as long as I can, I chucked an i7-2760QM into my Latitude E6420 and 16GB DDR3 memory, shit actually runs flawlessly with LMDE. It even was able to run Windows Server 2022 in a VM while having me screen share said VM for an assignment I had.

  • X Confirms Plan to Make 'Likes' Private, Remove Likes Tab From Profiles
  • I think that’s a Hermitcraft reference, and I did not expect to see that on Lemmy of all places.

    If you look up Hermitcraft S6 rap battle I think there’s a segment where Xisumavoid (sometimes called X) raps that

    Edit: Jesus Christ this is embarrassing

  • Of course
  • For the phone bit, I started off with really old smartphones like a Galaxy S1, but basically any old old phones are really built like mini laptops and are usually pretty modular as they weren't often water resistant or actively anti-repair

    However I fully get your point and fall into the same boat with cars

  • X Confirms Plan to Make 'Likes' Private, Remove Likes Tab From Profiles
  • I'm not a big Twitter user to begin with, so I assumed based on the title that it was going to be similar to YouTube disabling the dislike counter.

    This is making the list of posts you've "Liked" private. Saved you a click.

    Personally I'd like this to be a toggleable feature like Reddit has (had?), but otherwise, yeah seems like an obtuse change, I don't understand the why behind it.

  • Halp! Calibrating touchscreen on Panasonic CF-30
  • I've had experience with the older Toughbook CF-18's and Linux (specifically Xubuntu actually), in my case mine worked out of box, but I had the digitizer option.

    Could you give us the output of the lspci and lsusb commands, to see if it's being detected?

  • Can You Use Linux Without the Terminal? (How to Geek article)
  • There is also Synaptic which is a graphical front-end for apt, although I would definitely class it as less user friendly than Discover and the like.

    I know if I was doing some Linux challenge with no terminal it would have to be my crutch.

    Edit: Arch Linux has pamac which I used more frequently than the terminal back then.

  • Hey does anyone know how to get microsoft suite apps on linux?
  • If so, they're pretty good at covering it up. You can usually tell Electron apps from how they behave (mousing over any clickable UI elements turns into a hand on Electron but native apps usually don't, etc.) but I've always thought that Office apps, including the latest, are native.

    Its pretty clear that old Outlook is native and the new Outlook is Electron just based on how it feels.

  • Worth the effort to obtain a copy of MS Office on the high seas?
  • Not OP, but I'm aware of it just from seeing it mentioned in threads like this. There might be a community or list available showing all these cool things but a lot of the time it just goes around by word-of-mouth.

  • MBP 2015 13 - Cannot connect to DVI Dual Link 2560x1600 display

    Hi guys

    I have a Retina MacBook Pro 2015 13 inch with 2.9GHz i5, with Ventura on it using OCLP.

    I have a StarTech DisplayPort to DVI Dual Link Active Adapter (DP2DVID2) which I use with my 2560x1600 Dell monitor that only has a DVI Dual Link input. This adapter works flawlessly with my work laptop, a Lenovo ThinkPad L14 via a HP USB-C dock, but connecting it to my MBP (using another adapter going from Thunderbolt 2 to DisplayPort), the built in display goes blank for a second, and then comes back but there's no image or activity on my Dell monitor.

    If I boot my MBP into Windows 10 via Bootcamp, it works totally fine at full resolution, and the same can be said for a live installer of Linux Mint. Booting into El Capitan, Monterey or Ventura does not seem to detect my monitor.

    I've got a couple images of System Information in case it helps: one and two.

    I actually originally posted this issue to MacRumors but no one replied to me at all, so I'm now trying this Apple community, but if this isn't the right fit then I apologise in advance and would like to know where I should post this instead.