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Why are people so squicked out about "Toilet to Tap" / reclaimed water when it basically already works that way?
  • Definitely not everywhere. I'm from the Midwest and I've never heard of sausages, cheap or otherwise, referred to as "lips and assholes" or "hooves and sawdust". Lol.

  • Proton is transitioning towards a non-profit structure
  • Same. If it wasn't for this, I would be switching to Mullvad personally. Especially after Proton getting rid of profiles for their Android app. That bullshit really pissed me off, as the app is actually less functional now.

  • Is the Proton (Mail, VPN, Password Manager) ecosystem any good?
  • mullvad is better for vpn

    Except if you torrent and have poor upload speeds, as it doesn't support port forwarding.

  • Proton is transitioning towards a non-profit structure
  • I hear Mullvad is great but my problem with it is it doesn't support port forwarding (ProtonVPN is pretty much the only one in the market AFAIK that does).

    Not so much a problem if you have high up speeds (like with fiber) or don't do a lot of torrenting (or are an asshole and torrent without seeding), but I don't have fiber and have a max up speed of like 15–20 Mb/s.

  • Have you seen someone die in front of you?
  • The most interesting part to me is watching the color fade from their intestines. It’s actually very fast from pink to gray.

    That's due to oxygen deprivation, right?

  • Have you seen someone die in front of you?
  • Wait, heart attacks can result in blood loss?

  • Why I Can't Use Linux - My Top 3 Reasons
  • Goddammit why are there so many YouTube videos being posted lately...?

  • Could someone help me understand the input() function?
  • But then with Python we can have more complex “formulas”. For example, we can say laugh = “Ho” * 3

    Yeah, you can multiply a string. The result is that print(laugh) prints “HoHoHo”.

    Okay, that's just fucking cool. :3

  • Could someone help me understand the input() function?
  • That's a good point! That is something I've noticed. Traditional mathematics uses PEMDAS, which is bidirectional, but Python uses...PEMDRAS, I guess, which, that is, left-to-right in all cases, except in the exception of variables which is right-to-left.

    I swear this makes sense to me. My brain just thinks weirdly. Haha.

  • Microsoft's Secret Plan to Dominate Tech and You again!
  • Even if the title is 100% accurate to the content of the video, the title is still clickbaity, as it definitely has emotional language in it designed to capture the attention of viewers. Also, the exclamation mark.

  • Could someone help me understand the input() function?
  • Oh!

    I think I've not quite gotten to that part yet in the lesson. Lol.

    But it's good to know, so thanks for pointing that out! I'll be sure to remember it when I get to that point. Haha.

  • Could someone help me understand the input() function?
  • That's pretty cool. It's almost like a...time-based Excel function! Lol.

  • Could someone help me understand the input() function?
  • So input(x) prints out x and then puts itself into a waiting mode of sorts, waiting for the user to supply a value, and then once it has that value it outputs that particular value.

    Am I right?

  • Could someone help me understand the input() function?

    I'm currently learning Python and am learning about very basic functions such as int(), float(), and input().

    I have the first two down pat, but I'm struggling to understand the last. The example I'm looking at is found at 12:26 of this video:

    nam = input('Who are you? ') print('Welcome', nam)

    Who are you? Chuck Welcome Chuck

    In this case, wouldn't nam be a variable equal to the text on the right side of the = sign?

    In which case, if nam is equal to input('Who are you? '), then wouldn't print('Welcome', nam) just result in

    Welcome input(Who are you? )?

    Obviously not (nor does it work in a compiler), which leads me to believe I'm clearly misunderstanding something. But I've rewatched that section of the video several times, and looked it up elsewhere on the web, and I just can't wrap my head around it.

    Could someone help me with this?



    Any suggestions for cheap but decent laptops for coding?

    I'm currently learning how to code (currently Python, then maybe JavaScript), but I'm not always around my desktop, and learning on my phone is not always an option (also, it can be quite cumbersome at times). Therefore, I'm looking into purchasing a laptop just for learning how to code and stuff.

    I don't want to get a Chromebook because I want to be able to wipe the drive and install Linux on it (probably Linux Mint). Maybe it's changed since 2013, but the last time I had a Chromebook, it was a pain in the ass to install even bog-standard Ubuntu on it.

    Problem is, I'm also heavily limited by space & budget: no more than 11 in (280 mm) total laptop width and 330 USD base price.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Please forgive me if this is not the right space for this kind of question. Lemme know if it is and I'll delete it. :)


    Is it bad form for one person to have 2 accounts on a single instance?

    I suppose the answer could apply to any instance, but I'm mostly referring to this one.

    Mind you, I don't have two accounts, but I'm considering it: one for memes, the other for serious discussion.

    But I'm unsure if that's considered bad form by most people, so I thought I'd ask.



    --- EDIT: Also, come to think of it, even if it were okay, would it even be possible to have to be logged into two separate accounts on the same instance at the same time with the same browser profile? :/


    Notification count doesn't display right away

    Lately, when I load up, the notification bell in the corner of the screen doesn't display a count typically until I load a post or comment.

    It's also only a recent thing.

    Any idea what might be causing it?

    Not sure what other details you might need, so just ask if you think of anything. :)


    "Show Context" isn't working?

    Howdy, y'all. :)

    So, within the last couple of days or so, I've been having this problem where if I click on the notification bell, then the chain icon next to a shown reply, then click "Show context" above the horizontal rule (see screenshot), it doesn't proceed to load the context. Rather, it just reloads the same page.

    The strange thing is this doesn't happen with every notification. Another notification I had was from here on the Blahaj Lemmy instance, and that worked fine. Maybe it's a thing to do with federation protocols? Anyway, I'm no expert. I just thought I'd ask. :)



    How to open a particular POST on a different instance?


    I'm extremely tired, so it very well could be that this is extremely simple and I'm just not getting it. However, what I would like to know is how to open a post from a community on one instance on another instance.

    For example, here's a recent post from [email protected]. I know that to open that community in the instance, I would merely type into the address bar[email protected]

    However, how would I open that particular post in that community on the latter instance? Is it even possible?




    I did do some searching on both this community as well as the Reddit Lemmy FAQ page but I didn't find anything. However, I could've missed something. If it's something obvious, I apologize in advance.

    --- Edit: Assuming I understand what people are saying, well, evidently, it seems to be a current limitation of the ActivityPub protocol. Perhaps that will change one day. Hopefully soon. ¯\\\(ツ)\


    Are there any good Blu-ray ripping software for Linux?

    I'm well aware that I can rip most Blu-rays with MakeMKV and then convert to mp4 with Handbrake; however, the former just rips everything raw from the disk so the file size is humongous and the conversion via Handbrake for just a single file is terribly long and puts a lot of strain on my computer.

    I've heard that EaseFab LosslessCopy is decent, but they only have a Windows and a Mac version, and I'm unsure how well it'd run under Wine.

    I am willing to pay for it, but only as long as it's not a subscription thing. Has to be a one-time payment.

    Does anyone know any decent Blu-ray ripping software that fits these conditions and run well on Linux? Specifically, it would be either Pop!_OS or Linux Mint. (I'm still using Windows because I want to figure out some software alternatives before I do so I'm not caught with my pants down, so to speak.)