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How can I go about using the tty only on my system
  • I built a console-only laptop once for financial reasons. I wanted something to travel with on a trip and was donated a laptop that, I think 20 MB of RAM after I upgraded it. I was able to run vim, perl and mutt was very tolerable performance.

    I don't think there's really special tips. Pick a goal of some tasks to accomplish. Work towards them, discover the rough edges and find solutions for them. If you install everyone else's favorite CLI apps, you can end up more than you need.

    All that said, if I had the memory to run a GUI, I probably would have do so. But I wasn't going to have a lot of time for web browsing and other laptop on that trip anyway.

  • Zed on Linux is out!
  • A lot of the bindings are the same, because Helix was inspired in part by Vim.

    Helix overall tries to make more consistent vocabulary and "nouns" and "verbs" in the keybindings, so there are some breaking changes.

    Someone published a more "vim-like" set of keybindings for Helix:

    I started with that and then have slowly disabled a number of them as I come to appreciate the Helix defaults, and have realized that some of these vim-bindings are overriding other Helix bindings that I wanted.

  • What's new in Fuzzel 1.10, a Rofi alternative for Wayland What's new in Fuzzel 1.10

    Fuzzel is a rofi alternative for Wayland. It's a versatile picker and launcher utility for desktop Linux. The last time I gave an update on Fuzzel was when 1.8 released which compared it to some altenatives. Let's look at some recent feature additions since then. New --dmenu0 option Perhaps

    What's new in Fuzzel 1.10
    When transmission lines fell, 16 electric vehicles fed power into the grid. It showed electric vehicles can provide the backup Australia needs
  • The article says the intent was to discharge for only 10 minutes. That’s perhaps long enough for the grid to failover to another source and re-balance.

    I would love the idea of using the car battery to power my house temporarily during an outage and would readily donate 10 minutes of battery to the grid.

  • What email client are you guys using?
  • Despite all the other answers, I suspect Web Browser is the most popular. As web apps for email got better, development of desktop clients stalled.

    Fast search through a lot mail takes some considerable resources to build, store and search an index, and web-based systems do that really well.

    I’ve used about all of them over the years: Pine, Mutt, Thunderbird, Evolution, K-Mail and some others.

    I eventually threw in the towel and use web UIs now. Fast, available everywhere and good keyboard support, especially when paired with a browser extension like Vimium.

  • Is it practically impossible for a newcomer selfhost without using centralised services, and get DDOSed or hacked?
  • DDoSing cost the attacker some time and resources so there has to something in it for them.

    Random servers on the internet are subject to lots of drive-by vuln scans and brute force login attempts, but not DDoS, which are most costly to execute.

  • Long term ergo-mech keyboards reviews

    If you have been using an ergonomic mechanical keyboard for more than year, let us know which keyboard it is, and whether you plan to keep to keep using it for at least another year or if there's another keyboard you are considering trying instead.


    Recommendation for a high-quality webcam for Linux

    I have a Logitech C920 and am looking to upgrade. Something suitable for streaming.

    Some annoyances with the Logitech: sometimes autofocus fails and poor reproduction of blacks. Ex: Lack of detail when a black cat is on screen.

    I already have a nice mic-- the webcam doesn't need one.

    37 I tracked my weight loss and water use during a strenuous hike and the results were CRAZY - Justin Simoni as: THE LONG RANGER

    (There is talk of bodily functions — my bodily functions — in this post. If you do not want to read about that, kindly skip over this post. — JS) I’ve often been in the situation where after a long hot day, I feel particularly dehydrated. I’ll stand on a bathroom weight scale morbidly curious, Conti...

    I tracked my weight loss and water use during a strenuous hike and the results were CRAZY - Justin Simoni as: THE LONG RANGER
    VeganWholeFood markstos

    Evidence for fasting for rheumatoid arthritis and auto immune diseases

    VeganWholeFood markstos

    Dr. Alan Goldhamer: Can Fasting Save Your Life?


    How to open the parent directory relative to the current buffer

    To open a file relative to the current one in Helix, you can to the do the following with 24.3:

    :o <C-r>%<C-w>

    Here, the Control-R allows you to select a register and the special register "%" contains the current file path and inserts into the command line, while the final Control-w chops off the last part of the file name leaving with you current directory.

    This is like :o %:h from Vim/Neovim

    peru markstos

    Seven person pyramid on a high wire at the circus in Peru

    0 Tips for organizing Sway keybindings

    Here's how I set up my keybindings for the Sway window manager for Linux. Most of the tips here would apply to any keyboard, but let's get one detail out of the way first that's specific to 40% keyboards like the Corne. It doesn't have a number row, and this

    Tips for organizing Sway keybindings

    GigabitNow Bloomington, Indiana outage going on 20 hours

    Started yesterday at 3:40 Eastern. 20 hours later, there’s still no ETA for a fix.

    No note about it on their status page. Not impressed.

    Not clear how many people are affected. A co-worker two miles away is not.

    The GigabitNow status page does mention some maintenance work in area the day before this event. My guess is it’s related.


    Recommendation for outgoing-only SMTP server

    I'm looking for a simple sendmail replacement to receive local mail, such as from cron and service failures and forward it to on to a real SMTP server.

    I have used msmtpd successfully but thought I'd ask if folks have other solutions they like.


    I use quotes much more than colon and semicolon, so I swapped the keys

    And then I moved colon and semicolon to layers and re-assigned that outer pinky key to my rarely used AltGr key.


    Why I Found Myself Running 50 Miles Alone in the Wintertime Why I Found Myself Running 50 Miles Alone in the Wintertime - Limestone Post Magazine

    One recent winter, Mark Stosberg set out on a 50-mile run. He wasn’t racing in or training for an event, so at some point, he had to answer the question, Why keep going? To test his physical and mental limits? To satisfy a primal instinct? Or was it therapeutic in some way?

    Why I Found Myself Running 50 Miles Alone in the Wintertime - Limestone Post Magazine

    ZSA announces 52 key, low-profile Voyager The Voyager: A powerful, low-profile, split ergonomic keyboard

    A lean, mean, split typing machine. The Voyager is everything you’d want in a serious ergonomic keyboard, and nothing more. The essentials, refined.

    homelab markstos

    Recommendation for backing up a couple Mac and a couple Linux laptops

    I would like the end result to include remote and encrypted backups.

    I’m considering maybe a Synology NAS with an APFS partition for Time Machine and a BTRFS partition for Linux backups.

    The Linux laptops might backup to the NAS with Restic.

    The Synology NAS might then backup to BackBlaze or another cloud using Synology’s Hyper Backup or also Restic.

    Have I missed a better plan?