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Elden Ring's developers know most players use guides, but still try to cater to those who go in blind: 'If they can't do it, then there's some room for improvement on our behalf'
  • I'm one of the fanboys that demands an easy mode so I can get more of my friends gud (and addicted) at FromSoft games and come play with me.

    Why should my friends have to put as many hours as I had to, in order to become less bad at FromSoft games? There's no sense in it, yeah I can carry them and give them all the info they could need, but that takes away from the fun of figuring things out and becoming a parry god.

    I do agree with you though, the elitism of many in the community needs to stop (or at least be toned down).

  • Louis Rossmann ripped a new one on Adobe
  • I get where you're coming from, however I reckon he's doing a huge public service in this regard, imagine someone just happens to click on one of his vids and learns how scummy corpos are. That's why I believe he should continue with these callouts, but yeah I'd like to see more actual repair stuff in future.

  • Louis Rossmann ripped a new one on Adobe
  • I fucking love Louis, knows his shit, isn't afraid to call shitfuckery out for what it is.

    I genuinely can't recall a video of his I've watched that hasn't been informative, entertaining or both.

    My opinion if him continues to climb, however, as instructed, if he ever uses adobe premiere for a video and I find out about it, it's an unsub from me.

  • What industry do you work in and what are the LPT the general public should know about it?
  • I finally let my phone do some app updates the other week, my banking app now displays full screen ads for their credit cards, conveniently right as you go to click the transfer button.

    I don't update shit anymore. I update my OS and apps on my desktop, but my phone is now being actively neglected in regards to app updates. Every single app update breaks something, removes a feature, or brings ads into the picture.