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How should I feel about a dying parent who's worthless?
  • Oh wow, I'm literally in the same dilemma lately and don't know who to talk to. Your case is exactly like mine, how strange.

    My first born is now 5 month old and I love him so much, with all my heart and soul. It makes me realize how easy it is to love your child and how could my parents had treated me so badly.

    I got out as soon as I turned 18 and they have no idea why would I do that. So they told everyone how I'm an ungrateful piece of shit that abandon them the first chance I got.

    _My parents: Abuse me every day since I could remember.

    _Me: GTFO as soon as I could

    _My parents: surprised Pikachu face

    Never forget the day I ran away, all I got is a bag of clothes and $176 that I secretly saved up because they would took it away if they knew.

    When I was little, my mom would constantly remind me how a waste of money I was. How I owe them for every penny they spent on me and I better pay them back ASAP when I'm "able to work".

    They would beat me for every little thing, like this one time when my mom yelling out for me from downstairs "where is that piece of shit?" So I answered "Ya?". I was 8 at the time.

    Or the time she tell me she wishes that I would got hit by a car and die so she doesn't have to waste any more money on me. I believe I was in 2nd grade at the time.

    Or when she misplaced a $10 bill and accused me of stealing it so she beat the shit out of me and starve me for the entire day, then she found the money somewhere she misplaced so I could eat dinner that day.

    My dad on the other hand, is not much of an "abusive" one. But he has never done anything to protect me either. He just doesn't really care about me at all.

    Growing up, I has never had any toys or videogames or games of any kind. All I got are the most necessities like cheap clothes and enough to eat. And the constant reminder of how I should be eternally grateful for that.

    No one would believe me when I sad my mother is a bad person and I hated her. Their first reaction is always skeptical at best, or downright believe I'm a spoiled brat because "all mother are saint".

  • Finally got around to checking out Mob Psycho 100
  • I blame this for the stagnation of One punch man (i know it's probably not true). But since the debuted of Mob psycho, the release of one punch man just keep slowing down and now it seems like it's abandoned.

  • How would you decorate this room?
  • That poor fan is just waiting to tear itself apart.

    Why don't you turn on the fan then lock the door, and call it "the Schrodinger's room". Quantum mechanics says that after a while, the fan is both functioning and broken, spinning in an endless dance of probability.

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