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My first grade report card from 1982

Teacher comments: Chris is a very slow worker. Chris can not tie his shoes yet. Reading comes easy to Chris but he needs to be pushed or he doesn't do his work.

And second grade...

Teacher comments: Chris' work is done accurately but is often not done neatly. Also, he does not use his working time wisely and often is not done on time. Chris has continued to do well with his school work, but he tends to be disorganized.

And third grade...

Teacher comments: Parent-Teacher conference. Christopher has shown an improvement with his school work. I'm sure he would receive straight As if he would finish all assignments and hand them in. He tends to dawdle away his time and accomplish nothing. Christopher continues to have the same work habits. He needs to change them for the better.

And fourth grade...

Comments are very long. Excerpt: Chris' ability is excellent. However, his efforts tend to be below expectations. Hopefully he will work to improve this problem. Chris is a nice boy!

Sometimes I wonder what the next 40 years would have been like if I'd gotten some help instead of just getting yelled at for being lazy.