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Let's blame the dev who pressed "Deploy"
  • Apparently a snowflake deleted my comment too lol

    I'm going to guess it was a libertarian who took exception to my calling them out hahaha

  • Let's blame the dev who pressed "Deploy"
  • IT needs unionizing. Unfortunately it pays too well and is filled with retarded libertarians.

  • Historically Black frat Alpha Phi Alpha moves to ban trans members
  • I've been saying this for a while. Once the racist white underbelly realizes they have a useful idiot in bigoted immigrants and religious zealots by synergizing their hatred we are fucked.

    Varinder from India may not hate other races like John from Mississippi but what they both agree on is there's only 2 genders and gay people shouldn't be allowed to marry.

  • CrowdStrike’s faulty update crashed 8.5 million Windows devices, says Microsoft
  • Like justifying staffing and budgets. Fuck office politics.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • I'm surprised you got Daddy Trumps cock out your mouth enough to look at a screen to type this. Or you're multi-tasking in which case I applaud you.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • I mean I'd love it and I'm going back and forth on this comment. His biggest negative is those who lean right will see him exactly as he is "a New York Jew"

    That said, who better to trounce Trump and humiliate his ass? I think the only thing better would be Michelle Obama. Trump would lose his absolute shit debating and/or losing to a woman let alone a black woman.

    Watch that fucker drop the N bomb in a debate against her lol

  • -----BEGIN PRIVATE KEY-----
  • I genuinely LOL'd at this thank you OP.

  • Googling
  • On the nose. Thank you for explaining it far more eloquently than I was able to.

  • CrowdStrike effectively bricked windows, Mac and Linux today.
  • Security through obsolescence the healthcare way!

  • xkcd #2961: CrowdStrike
  • Every org worth their weight will be doing a root cause analysis after this. So many lessons learned. We were impacted very minimally and only through external vendors.

  • Kamala Harris Holds Emergency Call With Dem Donors
  • I'd still bang her and her goddamn insane thicc sister lol

  • Microsoft resolves cloud outage that caused some US airlines to ground flights
  • Security software is by and large theatre. There I said it.

    Install TempleOS in your production environment I guarantee no one is writing viruses for that lol

  • Googling
  • I said nothing about the ingenuity and problem solving. That's not the concern. I also didn't take any exception on work ethic or intelligence. You're putting words in my mouth.

  • Googling
  • There is of course a difference in that you're talking about artistic creativity whereas I'm talking about programming creativity.

    Your example works great for artistic creativity. On my side, not so much. I am fearful of people coding in python who do not know what they're coding as an example.

  • Googling
  • Counter counterpoint. Without the fundamentals you will struggle in understanding your capabilities.

    You could be a virtuoso in playing the piano but without understanding how to read and write sheet music you will be hampering your ability to learn other instruments. Note I am not saying you can't. I'm saying it's harder.

  • Googling
  • I will be honest as a late GenX it's going to be interesting as my cohort retires because we were the last generation to remember before The Internet and grew up to understand the technology not just use it.

    If you're my age or older please make sure you're teaching your young coworkers how to break things and put them back together without the aid of all the tools and resources they have at their fingertips now. Creativity thrives in adversity. Creativity is at risk when tools like ChatGPT are at their fingertips now.


  • Slorp
  • Have a problem you're looking to solve with regex? Great now you have two problems! Lol

  • Liurnia Tower Bridge you can see the DLC veil

    Anyone else notice this? Also if you look out into the water where the DLC supposedly is to be you'll notice everything is "pulled in" and closer than it should be. Caelid tower is way too close.

    This all fits because you need to invert the tower and there's so much reference to the DLC in the Carian Study Hall


    My GenX gamer ass whenever someone brings up boomers.

    I won't ever not think this.


    "enshittification" is a stupid "word" made by and perpetuated by lazy people


    Am I alone loving this?

    There's something I just love about big cities that have little pockets where the bones are exposed a bit more.


    How many KM/Miles you run this week?

    I'm up to 19km. Going to push it over 20km tomorrow morning I think.


    Game Threads and possible integration with Swish App?

    For any android users like myself you may have been using Swish which was made by a reddit user but since the API bullshit the app still works for games but there's no live/post game thread access. I just submitted a request to see if we can get it integrated with Lemmy :)


    Anyone got any m3u8 streams?

    Looking to watch some raptors or anyone else

    Industrial Music whoisearth

    Dance with the Dead - Kiss of the Creature


    ysk - your account doesn't exist on other instances and communities don't overlap

    User accounts are fragmented and just because you signed on at doesn't mean your account exists on

    Communities are fragmented and /c/games on is completely different than the one on with its own users, set of posts, etc.

    Lemmy does not currently allow for instance or user migration.

    Nor does it allow for shared communities (ie the aforementioned /c/games is unified across multiple instances)

    We are in the early days. If you're eager feel free to join in the development on these any many other core issues. There's real potential here.