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Artificial Refugium rule
  • that last bit tells me you're either old or have hearing damage: we have some bats around me and despite never once seeing them it's plainly obvious to me that they exist thanks to their shrill squeaky calls in the twilight.

  • Artificial Refugium rule
  • death sentence seems a bit excessive, surely they can climb? Yeah putting them on the ground probably makes it much more likely they'll get nabbed by a predator before they get up a tree, but it feels like saying "putting a human in a tree is a death sentence"

  • Serbia moment
  • would work if they were upfront about the cars being shit and charged effectively scrap value for them

    like people putting up listings for broken devices going cheaply, with the target audience being people who want to repair them or use them for parts

  • Non-binary
  • grogsnarl the fifth, conqueror of silesia

  • Rule
  • had the same problem with subnautica, brilliant game but unfortunately i cannot go further than about 25% into the grassy plateaus (the red grass area) before my lizard brain goes "lmao nope, fuck that shit"

    It's at least nice to know i'd be the only survivor in a horror movie, i would be physically unable to enter the haunted mansion.

  • Mushroom ID
  • This is why we befriend the people who can reliably ID plants and know what is safe to eat, you wouldn't survive an apocalypse alone regardless.

  • Conspiracies
  • My mom!

  • Damn no integrated advanced AI-driven solution that analyzes patterns and just predicts the errors? 🤨
  • remember this shit when people talk about how we can't just give people money for doing nothing

    we're already just inventing problems for people to fix so we can justify paying them

  • The rule of butter
  • It seems here in sweden none of it gets to call itself anything other than margarine, but the stuff i buy (which behaves the same as butter-based stuff) seems to have about 20% coconut/shea fat.

  • Jerky, 7-Fingered Scarlett Johansson Appears In Video To Express Full-Fledged Approval Of OpenAI
  • am i the only one who doesn't find most hollywood women particularly appealing? like yeah scarlet isn't ugly or anything, but she looks a bit weird and stiff and i get the distinct impression that everyone says these women are attractive just because they have smooth skin and look rich..

    like, a lot of the women i see just randomly on the street irl are WAY more attractive than those in hollywood

  • Mushroom ID
  • i don't think you want to eat it after that anyways.

  • Mushroom ID
  • nah it's generally fairly easy to ID mushrooms, the problem is just that if you miss a feature and mistake it for another, you'll fucking liquidize from the inside out.

    This is the same reason that you never touch something that looks like a carrot plant in the wild, because it could be that one plant that kills you 3 times over.

    I agree that it's generally not worth the risk though, hence why those who pick mushrooms (which is pretty standard to do here in the nordics) stick to like 5 species who have no dangerous lookalikes and actually taste good and are easy to find.

    Here in sweden 90% of what people pick is chanterelles or boletes, whose entire families look effectively the same and at worst simply don't taste good. Boletes have ONE slightly toxic species in sweden, and it's bright red and only grows on one island in the baltic sea.

  • Can’t stand it when they do that
  • yet another reason i'm quite glad to live in sweden, our stores actually respect you as a customer: they rearrange like once per year at most, and are generally designed such that the exit is visible from the entrance and easily reachable, and you can just grab what you need and be out of the store in minutes.

    Especially nowadays with self-checkout and some chains even letting you use your phone for checkout, it's an absolute breeze.

  • Can’t stand it when they do that
  • yeah let me spend 5 bucks extra for groceries, sounds great

  • Bussy?
  • He's so hot

  • Making healthier choices
  • Somehow "8 or 12" sounds a lot better than "20% variance"

  • Content Warnings Do Not Reduce Distress, Study Shows
  • Then it should be cw:meat lol

  • South Dakota governor Kristi Noem banned from all tribal lands in her own state
  • How is this global news? How is this relevant outside of the US?

  • Rule
  • i mean sure they didn't have modern medicine, but they were generally in way better health than we are now and still had basic plant medicine.

    washing off wounds and wrapping them in medicinal leaves does a lot, and there is archaeological evidence of individuals who were in extremely bad health and yet through care from their tribe they managed to survive for years in such a state.

    This idea that hunter-gatherers lived lives of misery and were too dumb to try to prevent bad things is unfortunately very widespread, when the reality is that hunter-gatherers had it about as good as you can expect from living without modern technology.

  • Ripperonis
  • years ago, people would go down alleyways

    this technique was known as "a walk"

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    A place to hang out and talk about things not strictly related to climate.

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