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People want 'dumbphones'. Will companies make them?
  • lmao calm down.

    if you're worried about planned obsolescence... buy a fair phone? or a Samsung with a replaceable battery? (they sell those) ... and put an app blocker on it? tons of people hold on to their phone for more than three years. iPhone 6s kinda have a cult following at this point. the problems of screen addiction and planned obsolescence do not require a shiny new dumbphone.

    it costs less than $100 to replace the battery on your phone, that is way less than a new phone. it's way less than a used phone. take care of it, clean out the storage ... you're good.

    buy a new phone if you want, if you replace your working phone with this it's pretty shitty though, and the people I have seen with these phones usually just like ... have two phones. the market for only having a dumb phone is extremely small so any company that makes these is going to inevitably end up pushing extraneous devices on people in order to turn a profit. seems like this ticks people's boxes for "buying a new gadget" as well as "being less online", it's a total gimmick. I don't think you need a whole new phone to do something an app on your existing phone can do.

  • "Of course not - that might hurt my accelerationist dreams!"
  • No, wealthy liberal county in a blue state. It could have been that other prospective jurors were also displeased with the process but were less vocal about it, I know that was me. Trying to keep my head down so I get picked (serving on a jury while being aware of juror's rights is one of the best direct actions you can take. use knowledge of juror nullification.)

  • Apple Patent Hints At Foldable iPhone With Self-healing Screen
  • I have one, it's nice because it actually fits in my pocket and has a stable center of gravity. Every other phone I've had would regularly fall out of my pockets, and that's how they would become broken or lost. I bought mine used last year, and it's still in great condition.

  • People want 'dumbphones'. Will companies make them?
  • You can completely block the social media apps from your phone then. Anything that encourages someone with a fully functional phone to go out and buy another one is a waste of resources.

    I do like to disconnect, which is why I have the app blockers lol

  • Groundhog day
  • lmao yes I am sure that there are propaganda campaigns targeting a website of chronically online open source nerds, whose active userbase is less than one percent of one percent of Facebook's. yes.

  • Here's one for the nature lovers
  • lmao okay check in with what's going on in New Caledonia if you actually want to be educated on this topic, read native-centered news sources

    I mean I know you don't give a shit but, I might as well pretend like you care

  • ALAT.
  • Well, I don't think the content is objective. There are many politically contentious articles and they have systems, disclaimers, and discussions to try to deal with it.

    I think the moderators would be locals looking over an entire neighborhood, sort of like our Lemmy mods.

  • Here's one for the nature lovers
  • a Hawaiians-only vote for sovereignty sounds based af dumbass. forcible removal of the settlers would be even better.

    personally never anticipated that someone would be so outwardly against the sovereignty of native people, but I guess that comes with the Biden-apologist territory

  • cross-posted from:

    > Very weird that I am so old and have literally never heard this mentioned in a TV show or book or movie or anything. > > In four out of five states, if you go to prison, you are literally paying for the time you spend there. > > As you can guess, this results in crippling debt as soon as you're released. > > The county gets back a fraction of what they hold over your head the rest of your life until you commit suicide(or die naturally and peacefully with the sword of damocles hanging over your head). > > $20-$80 a day according to Rutgers. > > Counties apparently sue people and employ wage garnishment to get back the money that majority of people obviously cannot pay back. > >

    Police shoot rubber bullets at UCLA protesters as encampment cleared Police shoot at UCLA protesters as encampment cleared

    Violence erupted at UCLA's pro-Palestinian protest on Thursday as police cleared the encampment.

    Police shoot at UCLA protesters as encampment cleared

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    watched some of the livestreams last night. the protestors were peaceful, and repeatedly and loudly telling each other not to be violent, not to throw things.

    1 Gaza war protesters shut down Golden Gate Bridge, block traffic in other cities

    Cars were stopped and chains were used to block traffic lanes on the famous bridge. Protesters also blocked traffic in Chicago, New York City and Seattle.

    Gaza war protesters shut down Golden Gate Bridge, block traffic in other cities

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    1 Hawaii is "on the verge of catastrophe," locals say, as water crisis continues

    The island home to Hawaii's capital may be surrounded by ocean, but years-long drought conditions, tourist activities and contamination are jeopardizing the island's only source of freshwater.

    Hawaii is "on the verge of catastrophe," locals say, as water crisis continues

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    > In Hawaii, one of the most important sayings is ola i ka wai, "water is life" — a phrase that not only sums up what it means to exist on an island, but what it means to live, period. But now, one of the largest of the island chain's land masses is facing a triple threat to its sole freshwater source, and if it isn't addressed soon, one community member says, "we're in deep trouble." > > Despite being surrounded by seemingly endless ocean, freshwater on Oahu, the third-largest of Hawaii's six major islands, is not easily accessible. The island relies on an underground aquifer for its water supply. Replenishing that aquifer is a decades-long natural process, as it takes a single drop of water roughly 25 years to make it there from the sky. > > And recent years have seen compounding problems: less rain, leading to significant droughts, and repeated jet fuel leaks and PFAS chemical spills contaminating water systems. All of this significantly limits available water use for locals, many of whom say tourism is only worsening the situation. Just months ago, the world's largest surfing wave pool opened up on the island — filled with freshwater.

    0 Just Another Day at the Genocide Office

    By refusing to cover a new U.S. shipment of vast quantities of 2,000-pound bombs to Israel, the Times gave a boost to the process of normalizing the slaughter in Gaza, as if this was unnewsworthy.

    Just Another Day at the Genocide Office

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    0 The ‘NYTimes’ is ignoring Israel’s crackdown in the West Bank

    Israel has been using the distraction of the Gaza invasion to seize land in the occupied West Bank and attack Palestinians. The New York Times is ignoring the story.

    The ‘NYTimes’ is ignoring Israel’s crackdown in the West Bank

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    > cross-posted from: > > > The ‘NYTimes’ is ignoring Israel’s crackdown in the West Bank

    You know it's bad when CNN is cited as having more left reporting than NYT. NYT doesn't want to upset their liberal Zionist reader-base.

    0 Wisconsin 'uninstructed delegation' voters more than double Biden's 2020 margin

    Similar options in other states have picked up thousands of votes and earned delegate spots to the Democratic National Convention.

    Wisconsin 'uninstructed delegation' voters more than double Biden's 2020 margin

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    Insane that people will try to say this is a minority movement. Inspiring news from Wisconsin.

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