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Those of you who don't vote, why?
  • the ballot is one big trick question.

    It really isn't. It does require some basic engagement and research. Maybe 10-15 minutes max if you don't care to get too in-depth. You can always skip ballot measures - they are more time-consuming, for sure.

  • Trump picks Ohio Sen. JD Vance for vice president
  • Here's my slightly outlandish but not really prediction for posterity: If Trump wins either he will have JD Vance taken out or JD will at least try to bump Trump off toward the end of his term. My guess is that Vance will try to claim Trump has lost it (and he'd be right) and seize power, stopping any 2028 election. I don't think he'd be successful but my money is on him trying.

  • Get a Grip, Democrats. You Can Still Win This | Washington Monthly
  • It should not be this hard to beat Trump. I’m so tired of sub-standard candidates.

    I'm pretty sure reasonable people everywhere have said that about populist candidates in general. And yet you have to ask, if they are so easy to beat why would any reasonable person either vote for them or not vote at all, even if the alternative sucks. Knowing the stakes, WHY?

  • The optometrist
  • There are now machines (Autorefractor) that will (more!) accurately get your prescription auto-magically. A couple of years ago I went to place that had one, but where the doctor also checked the traditional way. The results were the identical.

    I'd guess that inside of 10 years you will just get your prescription by computer and that inside of 25 surgery or other solutions will be automated and permanent. This industry of charlatans will be no more.

  • Bernie Sanders: Joe Biden for President
  • I was curious where you were coming from with this... like if you had an actual point you might care to make or you were just being an asshole because you are Very Angry ™ for reasons.

    Definitely the latter. Maybe posting here isn't the best for your mental health.

  • If you think Project 2025 is scary, take a look at Donald Trump's Agenda 47
  • I think she/Biden/Dems would gain more progressives than they would lose conservatives/moderates/independents… absolutely.

    You think. Despite not having any data, not doing any real research and not being familiar with how campaigns are run.

    So everyone who would vote for Biden, would also vote for Bernie

    Pure speculation not borne out by the 2016 election results.

    The math isn’t that hard.

    You aren't doing math. You are going with your gut and guessing.

  • If you think Project 2025 is scary, take a look at Donald Trump's Agenda 47
  • So let me get this straight. Somehow you think that if Clinton went left she'd gain more progressives but NOT lose conservatives/moderates/independents? That is just not the way it works. tl;dr they are trying to thread the needle.

    The difference between an R win and a D win comes down to how many progressives actually show up

    No, it comes down to how many voters vote for one or the other. As in all voters.