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Need advice on new wireless controllers for couch coop
  • I second 8bitdo. I have the ultimate bluetooth model and I love it. That one can switch between bluetooth and 2.4ghz. Unsure how multiple controllers using the dongles would work though.

  • How do you clean your smart watch?
  • I clean my Samsung watch with a wet wipe (the kind you use on human skin - like a baby wipe or "flushable" wipe -- which isn't, never flush those things), and dry the face/underside with a smooth microfiber cloth. The band I have is some form of leather, so yrmv.

    My skin can't stand silicone bands so I stick to metal or leather.

  • Roll20, an online tabletop role-playing game platform, discloses data breach
  • I got an email from them on the 3rd, yesterday, and was thankful for their prompt notice. Prompt as in it was days vs months since they discovered it before notifying customers.

  • Dune
  • I was anxiously anticipating the creepy talking murder baby/toddler and was disappointed when she never appears.

  • Aeropress has easily become my favourite way to brew coffee β˜•
  • Questions: what are the perks to using this vs a pour over system (which is what I currently use when I'm out of cold brew)? Is this easy to use if you have limited hand dexterity and strength?

  • As an extra, my grandma once called me "devilspawn"
  • Same here. I didn't get diagnosed until a couple of years ago but the signs were always there...

    Now I'm just biding my time until my youngest two get the diagnosis (my husband and I both are ADHD, and our other kids have already been diagnosed).

  • [Discussion] Double discussion this month, what games did you buy for your Deck during the Steam Sale, and what are you playing on Deck right now? - July 2024
  • Bought several to share through Family Beta, but the two for me were Bravely Default II and Catlateral Damage. Played the first two Bravely games on the DS, and the other game I got just looks like fun.

    As for what I'm playing? Backlog πŸ˜… When I'm in the mood for story rich I'm playing Death Stranding. When I'm in the mood for just something fun I'm playing Peglin.

  • Headphone / Microphone Combo
  • I'm using a pair of Corsair HS55 via Bluetooth without any issues. Got them on sale cheap-ish and I'm happy. Only used the mic when I've had it connected to my phone and been told there's no noticable difference between the headset mic and the phone mic.

  • What is the best e-book, not because of the content, but because of the reader voice?
  • Luke Daniels and Andy Serkis both really bring that extra to the books they narrate.

  • Apparently controversial, in this day and age
  • I see tenforward is leaking...

    I approve.

  • Plugs
  • #lifegoals βœŒοΈπŸ––

  • FCC proposes 60-day unlocking rule for all mobile phones
  • I miss the $50 phones ...

    Now it's a payment plan for X number of months for the phone - no interest on the amount, or a free (or reduced price, I think) of the phone if you have Y plan for Z months.

  • nice, 7 money
  • VII

  • The developer of Slay the Princess is encouraging those who can't afford it to pirate the game as a new Markiplier video goes viral.
  • It's a great game. The devs seem really chill on their discord server. I highly suggest people try this game out even if visual novels aren't your usual genre of games.

  • Look! It squeaks!
  • My dog goes after the catnip filled toys - so all our pets go after the drugs. πŸ™ƒ

  • I am hungry, but I can't eat.
  • On my lol πŸ˜‚

    I was medicated and mostly asleep. I'm leaving my typo. Love your response. Very true. LoL

  • I am hungry, but I can't eat.
  • This plus hypoglycemia πŸ™ƒ and that I rarely feel hungry before I'm starving... Thankfully I have my kids who tell me they're hungry so I make myself eat them.

  • DIY Camping Bike Trailer
  • It was a ride watching the build video and he included all the ups and downs he had during the process. We watched his camping video with it first and we're really impressed with his one man trailer.

    Love this guy.

  • Portable monitor for steamdeck?

    I am in need of some help. I'm trying to find a good portable monitor for my steamdeck. I don't need it to be huge, 12inches minimum, but I'm not having much luck with my own research. I would like low latency, high refresh rate, and colors as close to the same as on the og LCD deck (which is what I have).

    I have the official dock, so it would need to be able to connect through that as well.

    Thanks in advance for any help!


    Animorphs Discord server

    I found this small lovely server all about Animorphs and got permission to share the permanent invite link.

    Mods, feel free to delete this post if it is not allowed.

    Disclaimer: it is NOT my server, and I am NOT a mod or admin there


    Animorphs book club type read-alongs?

    I just started a reread and then found this community. I was wondering if we could get a timeline for when to have each book read by? I would love to participate and not comment on months old posts. 😬


    A fan from the beginning πŸ’›


    Update to: Need help with Switch Parental Controls

    Original post here:

    Yes, different instance account but same user. I link all my instance accounts on my profile page for transparency.

    FINALLY after months of frustration I have figured it out - and it was with the help of my 8yo (8 year old [child]). 8yo is the 7yo from my first post. A birthday came and went while figuring this mess out.

    I believe this was a fault of the Microsoft parental controls with Minecraft, and various Minecraft online spin-off games, and NOT Nintendo's.

    8yo added 6yo as a Cross-platform friend using 6yo's Xbox gamertag on Minecraft on their tablet. Then we all went through the hand mom your switches so she can type this mess out for you and they added each other as friends. Problem solved?! Nope. Not quite yet. This was step one.

    Step two was me going into the Xbox Family app on my phone, and changing the following settings:

    • Decide if [redacted] can add friends without your approval βœ… Allowed

    • Choose who [redacted] can communicate with on Xbox Live βœ… Everyone

    Under Minecraft specifically

    • See and upload community creations: Decide whose community creations [redacted] can see. Blocking this may affect whether [redacted] can upload their own creations to games. βœ… Everyone

    • Clubs: This lets [redacted] create, join, and follow clubs for all allowed games, including Minecraft Realms. βœ… Allowed

    I had already allowed the Minecraft multiplayer option before and that alone didn't work.

    I also set up everyone as a favorite friend, and they can all play together across Minecraft, Minecraft Dungeons, and Minecraft Legends on their switches.

    I feel like this process was way too convoluted. There may be some options I turned on that don't need to be on, but I'm including what I did specifically on the off chance that there's another frustrated parent out there with multiple kids wanting to play local multiplayer on Minecraft on their switches while logged into their Microsoft account.

    Edit: fixed auto correct fails because words are hard