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Just a reminder
  • Slow proof it isn't

    Republicans fund third parties to dilute the Democrat vote and Democrats also fund third parties to dilute the Republican vote.

    Currently, third party is just a tool to dilute the other guys votes.

  • Seeing this stuff makes me physically sick tbh
  • That's all that should need to be said.

    I don't care who's genociding, it's wrong

    I don't care who's the racist, it's wrong

    I don't care for their reasoning or defenses, they are wrong regardless.

    Tolerate neither, ever

  • Trump vows to ‘drill, baby, drill’ despite rally attendees wilting in extreme heat | Supporters hospitalized following rallies in Las Vegas and Phoenix, where temperatures have broken records
  • I'm indifferent to their suffering, not because of their political opinions, but they aren't the frogs slowly heated in a pot, they're the ones who threw themselves on the hot skillet even as they felt the heat to know the danger beforehand.

    I pity the homeless, who can't find safety in this heat, not the ones who had the means to avoid it and succumbed to it when they knew the danger

  • Deferred maintenance rule
  • The scariest thing I know about elevators is that there are many safety features that deal with it going down. It's practically unfeasible for it to fall, but there are no safety features that would counteract the elevator going up way too fast if the motor decides to do crack.

    In short, I'm not worried about dropping and smooshing, I'm worried about being yeeted from the building upward via elevator

  • You want super OP? I'll give you super OP

    This run was challenging at first because the food was scarce, but once the ring of arcana came around it was a piece of cake (+4 from ambitious imp)

    Edit: Bow is also grim bow


    A good badder bosses run.

    A side note: ting of elements and ring of tenacity level up well until +4 then it's fractions of a percent more. Both is good though for taking a lot of hits with little damage


    I did a dumb

    If you use a random potion, hoping it's the potion of purity, sometimes it's the potion of paralytic gas. Results may vary.


    Finally got grandmaster enchanter

    It was definitely not easy since I used every single SoU on the staff for the mage. Died at Yog, but it's doable, especially if you have a grim staff of disintegration.

    It was an achievement hunter run, but I still wanted to win .


    I finally finished a run with the good ending

    I did do some modded runs before so I knew what to generally expect. The way back up had the most close calls of the run.

    Now time to try it with a different character.