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Milde interessant: Flora Incognita erkennt mein Balkon-Experiment
  • Ich habe leichte Zweifel an der Korrektheit der Pflanzenbeschreibung. Mir scheinen hier verschiedene Begriffe wild in einen Topf geworfen zu sein. Es gibt die Pflanzengattungen Sativa, Indica (Ursprung: Indien) und Ruderalis (wilder Hanf).

  • Okay, I see what the rage is all about
  • Congrats and welcome to the DynaVap club. 🤗

    You may wanna try the HulaStem XL (no carb hole, but excellent cooling and filter capabilities). It's my way to go, along with the titanium bowl and low-temp cap.

  • Is this thought about school too radical?
  • I've been - to some degree - Kid A. I accomplished much by the help of doping (with substances) and anxiety of failing.

    The price I had to pay came with several burnout depressions. I'm now 34 years and I decided to become Kid B - in favor to my own health.

  • Suggestions for a wireless headset, anyone?

    One of the challenges when it comes to switching gaming setups from the Windows world to Linux, is fully-featured hardware support.

    The Xbox Wireless Headset + official dongle does a decent job with a lot of bang for the buck. However, It's not (yet) supported by XONE or any other driver. I can connect it via bluetooth, but then it just sounds dull - no surprise!

    That's why I'm now looking for a new headset which is approved by the community. It must offer decent (surround-)sound in games.

    Distro suggestions, anyone?

    I'm planning to rebuild my gaming PC (Specs so far: Ryzen 5 7600, B650 chipset, RTX 3060, Dan Case A4).

    Yet, I'm not sure which OS it will be. Important features will most probably be:

    • low latency kernel
    • decent hardware support (GPU driver should support the kernel without the need of compiling everything manually)
    • modern looks, rather than a 2003-style xfce configuration
    • still having the freedom to modify and install anything I want
    Study: Inhalation vs Injection

    Yet another study: Inhalation vs injection of 1.6 mg Δ⁹-THC-CBD solution.

    No surprise: blood concentration is much higher when injected.

    Please find the paper:

    Study about CBD oil (2018)

    I just stumbled upon this scientific paper from 2018. It references a Dutch study where 46 canna oil samples from patiens were analyzed. It's shocking how the labels deviate from the actual concentrations.

    Here's the link to the paper:

    And the other related issues:

    Organize your life with a daily journal and a knowledge base

    Half a year ago I stumbled upon two notetaking tools of which one improved my life's quality, so I thought I share my experience with the community. I'm not sponsored by either of these projects.

    Both of these tools are powerful extendable markdown editors with a daily journal, calender function, TODO list and a knowledge base similar to a Wiki. Every page or block can be crosslinked, referenced or embedded. That way, I can keep an overview over my daily tasks with all necessary information directly accessible.

    The one tool I use daily now, is Logseq. I synchronize my notes among all my devices via git. Works great under Linux, but I needed to install termux on Android. They are working on a sync service for logseq, which should make it more interesting for most users. There is one caveat though: It's not on Google's PlayStore, nor on f-droid.

    The other similar tool, which I can recommend because it is more easily available, is Obsidian. The company also offers a sync service for premium users. I found one missing feature which is more a niche, but still a bummer: Code blocks cannot be indented.

    What do you think? Do you use similar - maybe even better - note taking tools?

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