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looking for suggestions for a home networking solution
  • I refuse to use Unifi products after a client's one year old Cloudkey died because they use an actual hard drive inside for the OS, not just the data (it's designed for storing NVR recordings).

    They don't even mirror the drive locally. There's just everything wrong with this approach. The OS should run from M2 and the data drive needs to be mirrored - this is just basic high availability design today. And for the price they charge, there's no reason to not do this. I just wonder what the requirements discovery looked like, and who signed off on such a weak approach.

    For the price of a cloud key (which is essentially required for a business environment), it's a piece of shit. Plus the damn things die all the time.

    Add to it the whole system is problematic - they're slow to discover devices when setting up/reconfiguring/replacing hardware, we're constantly having to tinker with client sites for odd disconnects, etc.

    Unifi belongs in the bin. For a home user you'd be better off with any decent consumer router, which doesn't have the unnecessary complexity (and learning curve) of Unifi. I hate that it's what our company prefers to deploy.

  • Embarassing(?) confession
  • Shoot some Great Stuff into the speaker hole. (Not really, no, don't do this with something that heats up).

    You could open it up, find the little speaker (probably a tiny little thing) and disconnect it or put some glue in it (like Goop).

  • Interesting OSS project: Holesail creates instant P2P tunnels between networks (like a VPN)
  • Static IP address and Dynamic DNS can expose your network to attackers on the internet. With Holesail, you expose only the port you choose.

    Er, wut? If you're exposing a port, then your public IP is being used, as a port is a subset of an IP interface. So even Holesail uses the public IP in some way...thats how the internet works. Unless they're only making outbound connections, which isn't a new idea at all - Hamachi was doing it 20 years ago.

    This sounds like FUD to me - of course your public IP is used, whether static or dynamic. How do they supposedly mitigate this risk?

    There's nothing on the home page saying how it works, or how it's different than current solutions.

    I'm intrigued to see a new tool in this space, but this one is starting off leaving a bad taste. Even Tailscale admits they use Wireguard, and even have a comparison between Wireguard and Tailscale that's pretty honest (though they focus on what Tailscale adds).

    Being open and transparent is a minimum today - anything less and it's not worth the time for a second look.

  • Clever title
  • And the guy's mindset is it's flowers, that go in a vase.

    What's in her head isn't in the head of the delivery guy (and we have no idea what's in the head of the boyfriend that sent them).

    Furthermore, if that's what she thinks, that's all on her. Her thoughts are hers, no one else's. Only she controls what she thinks (like all of us). And before you say "her boyfriend made her think that" :

    1. We have zero evidence of the boyfriend's behaviour from this comic, that would be a strawman.

    2. Regardless of his behaviour, if she didn't like it, she should dump his ass.

    I don't know a single woman who thinks like this (probably because I don't keep people like this in my life). If you (the royal you) let other people determine how you think or feel, only you are responsible for permitting that. This is Cognitive Behavioural Therapy step 1.

    Also, it's a joke... About how all of us operate from assumptions that we'd be well served to revisit and reconcile with what others actually think .

    Ya' all are pretty uptight.

  • What to do with an acre of grass
  • take up scything instead of mowing for personal exercise

    Haha, damn Dad, buy us a lawnmower already!! 🤣

    (Once, when I was 12,had to sycthe a field before we could use it. That's hard work!)

  • Drones trespassing in my property
  • Apparently, old-fashioned spark radios can disrupt comms for consumer drones. There are kits for people who are interested in learning about early radio tech.

    I've not verified this myself.