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Hunter Biden cites Trump ruling in seeking dismissal of gun and tax cases
  • Except any court would reject that outright because you haven't done it in Latin

  • Public servant advises woman facing homelessness to 'use witchcraft' or 'manifest' home
  • 17 seems like overkill. If it worked, surely 1 would be enough.

  • Hive mentality is the opposite of creativity.
  • That's not true. Groups of people can work towards specific goals in a constrained framework and still work creatively within that. Take movies and TV, animation, architecture, music etc. All of these may have hundreds or thousands of people working together and individually behind the scenes. Would you say that therefore they're not creative or relied on creativity to work?

    I know people say that limits kill creativity but I'd say in many cases its the opposite. Limits cause people to think creatively to build something interesting within those bounds.

    Not to say thats the rule. Sure, hive mentality and groupthink can kill creativity but its not the case for everything, far from it.

  • Allergy to hypoallergenic pillow?
  • Are you sure you didn't accidentally pick up HYPER-allergenic pillows?

  • Content never really dies, it's just recycled to lower and lower tiers.
  • Content never really dies, it's just recycled to lower and lower resolutions.

  • Macro pad suggestions
  • Drop has a very nice 9 key macro pad called the Nin-doio. It's a macro pad that's made to closely mimic the GBA! It's pricey but it's really good build quality and very very cool.

  • It's okay, tankies love fascism, so they're not put out by the result
  • "I would fight fascism to my last breath" "I would be part of the resistance movement if a fascist government took power"

    proceeds to do none of the un-sexy things needed to prevent fascism from taking hold in the first place

  • My first grade report card from 1982
  • "Rats is chugging along in second when he should be cruising in fifth". I've had countless reports like that but that one stuck with me, probably for being so much more creative than the others.

    I think it was the year following that report that they stuck me on my own desk facing a corner so that "you won't keep getting distracted by other students". I guess that teacher just really liked euphemisms. At least I always had a set of stationary for myself lol.

  • Robot dogs armed with AI-aimed rifles undergo US Marines Special Ops evaluation
  • I'm SO excited! The torment nexus sounds fucking awesome! I can't wait!

  • With two Boeing whistleblowers dead in one month, either Boeing is actively killing them, or there are enough whistleblowers that this rate of death is not statistically significant
  • No, sudden illness I'm afraid. He arrived in hospital a few days ago for pneumonia like symptoms. poor bugger fell out of a window twice.

  • event horizon
  • Or eat less beetroot

  • Where can I buy ebooks that will actually be mine for life?

    I'm looking to change my reading and buying habits away from Amazon and need an alternate source for my ebooks. Where can I buy ebooks that won't expire or have their licence revoked and will allow me to download a copy of that ebook I can store on my own system regardless of the websites status?

  • The human race is often thought of as communicating primarily on a vocal basis. however, they also possess an extremely complex and sophisticated language based on gestures. For example, the simple gesture of raising the index and middle finger with the palm inwards can convey the complete sentence: "up yours Frenchie, I still have all my fingers"

  • EU sets TikTok ultimatum over 'addictive' new app feature
  • Tiktok lite is a slimmed down version of tiktok. It is optimized for slower internet connections and uses less memory.

    It enables users over the age of 18 to earn points that can be redeemed for vouchers or gift cards.

  • NASA
  • I was going to say, forget 400km, try 8.5 light minutes lol

  • If you're old enough to remember, it's a little unsettling and strange.
  • Cats have always been pretty aerodynamic. I don't think I've noticed a major improvement in how aerodynamic they are

  • License Free, Encrypted, Off-Grid, Decentralized Mesh Network Comms: A full guide on how to get started with LoRa devices and Meshtastic
  • They are fun to mess around with! Unfortunately I haven't had many hits where I am but I'm currently planning on building a small grid of a few solar powered cells and putting them up as weather/air quality monitors around my area. They're very versatile and I think once more people get into it it'll become more like amateur radio except for nerds that like sensors and texting lol

  • Someone has to keep this operation grounded in reality
  • "seriously wormtongue, you need to go outside more often"

  • Still wondering why people from Alaska didn't post about the eclipse
  • Wolf trigger is the name of my new metal band and cancer orb is the first song on their new album

  • What's the best graphics card thats worth getting to upgrade an older PC?

    My PC is getting on a little, it's running on an i7-4790k, 16gb ddr4, and a GTX 970. right now, it's struggling some in most games even though I don't play any triple A titles. What would be a sensible upgrade that wouldn't get totally bottlenecked by the CPU?

    In most games I'm playing the CPU is pinned at around 25% while my card is maxed at 100% 3d and vmem usage so I'm fairly sure it's just my card that's the main limiting factor.


    Would you be in favour of assisted dying being introduced for terminally ill patients in your country?

    With the discussion of whether assisted dying should be allowed in Scotland befing brought up again, I was wondering what other people thought of the topic.

    Do you think people should be allowed to choose when to end their own life?

    What laws need to be put into place to prevent abuses in the system?

    How do we account for people changing their mind or mental decline causing people to no longer be able to consent to a procedure they previously requested?


    How do I pick quality gym/sports wear?

    I know absolutely nothing about going to the gym or working out and I need some help choosing some actual good quality sports wear.

    The clothes I currently have don't seem suitable at all for exercise in that theyre not particularly flexible, breathable or lightweight.

    I'm mainly looking to lose weight and improve cardio fitness as I haven't done proper exercise in a very long time.

    My priorities are durability, longevity and breathability. I'm not bothered about fashion brands unless they can do all three of the above and I don't mind spending a little more money to get something thats good quality.

    I'm in the UK but if you can point me towards the good stuff, even if it's not available in the UK, it'll help me pick similar stuff!

    Thanks very much for any help in advance!



    How do I find organisations that support causes I want to fight for?

    I want to be able to support the causes I believe in and actually be a part of the change I want to see but I was never taught how to find, join and work with these groups.

    I see all the time about protests and community action and people actually going out and helping people who need help and support and I always hated the fact that I only know about it happening after the fact and I want to get involved!

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    How do I select BIFL walking boots?

    Ive had a couple pairs of walking boots in the past and none of them have survived more than 6-8 3 day hikes and I'm sick of replacing them. What are some points to look for in good walking boots, where should I look to buy them from in the UK, how much should I look to be spending as a rough guide?



    Install Linux mint on formerly RST raid 0 drive

    Hi! I previously had windows installed on an intel RST raid 0 disk and I'd like to switch it to Linux mint instead. However, from what I've found, rst isnt compatible with Linux mint as it's specifically a windows thing.

    I'd like to install Linux mint directly onto the raid array and I don't mind erasing windows and starting from scratch, but I can't seem to find a comprehensive or comprehensible guide on how to do that.

    Any help on where to start would be very much appreciated!



    Organisation, tidying, and clearing techniques?

    I need some help when it comes to clearing out, organising and sorting my stuff.

    My house is basically full of stuff and things right now and I really don't think it's helping me out with my health (mental or physical)

    I mostly suffer with getting hopelessly distracted, mess blindness, never wanting to get started, and getting overwhelmed with the scope of the task.

    One of the reasons I want to get tidied up is because my main hobbies (electronics, drones, and DIY) mean that I've got tons of stuff I need to keep around, but it's also lots of small stuff with lots of different categories and storage requirements so it's really not easy to sort without needing tons of boxes or bins so I still haven't been able to find a good way to store it.

    I also don't have much out-of-sight storage in my flat so it's kind of everywhere.

    Any tips on storing and sorting would be massively appreciated especially from people who have been through this already and have/are working towards getting clean!



    Warlock that casts spells using hitpoints instead of spell slots

    Thoughts on creating a Spellcaster that uses hit points for spell casting instead of spell slots.

    I was just wondering about home-brewing a walock NPC who's patron saps hitpoints in exchange for spell casting. Essentially, as long as the character has hitpoints they can cast as many spells as they like but with each one it takes a toll.

    Balance is obviously an issue here in preventing them from just being healed by the party and used as a spell battery in exchange for healing but Im thinking perhaps balancing that out by making con saves to prevent them from passing out from blood loss or something from wounds appearing on their body as till for the spells. Aswell as that, spells would have different hit point costs that scale with levels like a first level costing 5, 2nd 10 and so on.

    Backstory and lore could be pretty interesting as to how they received their patronage, why they took such a harmful deal, they could be good or evil depending on their motives for doing so and other fun stuff!

    Let me know what you think or if you have any ideas!

    Male Fashion Advice DrownedRats

    Advice on casual clothes to wear with a cloak?

    Since discovering the joys of cloaks, I've wanted to wear one all the time now but struggling for clothes that don't look jarring with a cloak.

    To be clear, I'm aiming for a "larp/fantasy" look, just some somewhat modern and comfortable clothes that would look good with a cloak.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hiking DrownedRats

    What's a lesson you've learned first hand on the trail?

    For me, it was to always bring a big water bottle (or two smaller ones).

    I just got back from a hike on one of the hottest days of the year where I ended up walking around 3 hours and several kilometers after running out of water during the hottest part of the day before I could get to a churchyard with an outdoor tap to fill up on. Not fun!


    The point of the book is that Frankenstein IS the monster.


    How do I go about getting diagnosed in the UK?

    I'm fairly suspect that I've likely got ADHD and/or mild depression and I don't know if ones causing symptoms of the other or if im personally misatributing symptoms here and I want to know how to go about changing this in the best way possible.

    The NHS is a wonderful service but unfortunately it's run by the British so it's horrifically overworked and often mismanaged and my area is no exception to the rule.

    Mental and physical health services in my area are under funded, under staffed and overworked which means I can't even speak to a GP about my concerns and I worry I won't be taken seriously or brushed aside as a low criticality case. Not to mention all the testimonys from people about GPs not taking adult ADHD seriously assuming they even believe ADHD exists. (See the state of gender health and trans healthcare for an excellent example of a a broken system).

    However something (whatever it is) is affecting my life and although I absolutely don't feel like self harm or suicide, etc, I'd very much like something to change.

    What are my options here? I've heard people talk about private healthcare but I'm in no position to afford this.

    I'd very much appreciate the help from anyone whose been in my position and would desperately want to listen to your stories too.

    Thank you!


    Nimona (2023) is probably the second best movie I've seen this year! Have you/will you see it?

    I watched Nimona on the weekend, it kind of took over my life briefly. It was a blue sky project that spent several years in development before being sold on when the studio closed, bought up by netflix, set to release during the pandemic, then delayed. Let's say my expectations were low but a depth chage came along and blew them sky high.

    I don't think I've laughed as much in just under 2 hours in a very long time. Nimona herself was an absolute cherry bomb and I liked her character from minute zero. This only improved as the movie went on.

    Ballister was voiced Riz Ahmed and let me say he killed it! He nailed every emotional bit, he was sincere and funny and sometimes sarcastic. Lots of spice in his character!

    Ambrosious was well developed and very well voice acted. I liked his character more than I expected to honestly and although we don't get a huge amount of him on screen, his presence made up for that.

    As for supporting cast, Todd was fine. Maybe a little overstated but I never hated him more than a hateable character should be! The director was very imposing and stole every scene she was in.

    Over all, I really enjoyed it. It was a super fun romp and there's a little bit of something for almost anyone!