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  • I've never been arrested due to any decision made while drunk. Uber/Lyft/taxis have saved my ass.

    I have been arrested for protesting, doing over 100 on an empty road, and trying to kill my father to get back at him for beating the unholy shit out of me for years, but I did all that sober.

  • Cultural differences
  • The question is: who stole that from whom? There are a lot of crab joints with that or similar marketing. Joe's Crab Shack asks "Got Crabs?" on the front, then lets you know "We Do" on the back. Tracy's King Crab Shack has a shirt that says "Tracy gave me crabs". It seems like a lot of seafood restaurants with crab in their name are itching to get you inside with their marketing.

  • I know I’m a horrifying murderbot, and they know it, and it makes both of us nervous, which makes me even more nervous.
  • What if my brain was replaced with robot parts hooked up to my wetware? That's less than half but the robot is definitely in charge. Is the 50% by weight, surface area, or volume?

    I don't ask the second question idly. I'm planning on adding a lot of robot parts to fix defects in my wetware and would like to continue signing up for things. I'm an honest drunk and would rather not lie to these websites.

  • Families of Uvalde school shooting victims are suing Texas state police over botched response
  • And I can totally see your point of view and think it's necessary because compassion doesn't really work on people like that. I think a lot of the way I feel comes from the fact that the only reason that's not me is largely due to luck. I made the decision to leave at 18 which gave me a wider view of the world. I went back years later and the town was too small to hold me.

    For years I heard dumb shit like we can't fix up our park or turn it into a skate park because we were exactly between the east and west coasts so the gangs (code for black people though I didn't know it at the time) there would come and shoot us all up. The only shooting that wasn't painted as meth addicts killing each other we had was painted as an undocumented immigrant (I still don't know if that was true, but my guess would be no) with la raza ties. Someone (I wasn't clear on who except that they weren't white, either gangs or cartels) was going to come to our shitty little town and kidnap blonde haired blue eyed girls and sell them into sex slavery. A lot of this shit was on the local news because that's what local politicians were saying. "Local politicians are concerned that" and then make everything after it seem like it's a fact if you tuned in 3 seconds too late.

    I'll say I understand what led a lot of them there and it was fucking insidious. I don't condone the way they act or the way they vote. And most of them will never understand exactly how they were manipulated into it.

  • Atari Acquires Intellivision Brand
  • I cannot speak to Intelliviaion, but you can get 2600 replacement controllers. If you've still got them it's also likely that you can get someone to repair them if the issue is the electronics.

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