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It’s Time for Democrats to Break With Biden’s Addled Gaza Policy
  • Gotta admit, it's interesting how I specifically mentioned politicians and media networks and you responded by alluding to a vague "government" entity that seemingly acts on its own.

    In my mind, the government is just a name for the politicians people elected. It's like saying corporations seek profit like they have feelings and desires or something, and not like they're falling explicit laws and instructions set forth by politicians, which again are human beings that we've specifically elected.

    That said, at least you answered my question, albeit without ever actually considering it

  • It’s Time for Democrats to Break With Biden’s Addled Gaza Policy
  • Dude, I don't think you understood my comment.

    If politicians/corporate media came out and said, it's unfortunate but there's too much money, power, assets on the line, we have to let Israel' genocide continue and we have to continue to support them for X, Y, and Z reason I'd actually feel respected.

    My understanding is that those groups have regularly dismissed any evidence that the genocide is happening, they've claimed protests by student and university faculty are stupid and due to them being brainwashed, and most-improtantly they've claimed anyone that doesn't support Israel hates Jews.

    Can you please respond with a slightly better understanding of my comment? Please ask if something's not clear.

    Do you even care how their lies erode the trust Americans could/should have in there leaders and institutions?

  • It’s Time for Democrats to Break With Biden’s Addled Gaza Policy
  • I want to agree with you. I'd be with you if you'd at least mentioned the impact this has on actual American citizens.

    My understanding is plenty of people have been silenced for expressing their support for Palestine. I mean, hasn't Congress literally proposed/passed bills saying they can't even talk about the number of people dying?

    It's fascinating how people are so eager to sweep it all under the rug Americans themselves are ignored just to protect Israel, and more importantly, to protect American politicians that refuse to even learn about the situation. That's not even mentioning the absolute infuriating trash that passes as corporate news nowadays (including anything pushed to the masses by large social media publishers). It's like in order to protect Israel... err I mean, stop caring about this issue because it makes us uncomfortable, we're entirely willing to allow news organizations to be straight-up propaganda, feeding blatant misinformation. It's weird how we have zero criticism for them because that might invite someone to mention Gaza

  • Israeli settlers set fire to olive groves in the occupied West Bank
  • I recall reading in Joe Sacco's Palestine that they'd done this before and that was written in the 90s. It's wild how long it's taken for most people to find out about this, or more likely how long people were able to ignore this ongoing issue

  • Kamala Harris Holds Emergency Call With Dem Donors
  • Did you see my last response to them? It addresses what you're saying, I think

    I don't disagree with you or then. However, within the context of what's being said what are they trying to do? At best, they're hijacking the convo when it's not really relevant

    (P.S. basing this on memory of the convo, didn't go back and reread everything)

  • AOC says many Democrats who want Biden to drop out don't want Harris on the ticket either
  • That was great! Hope it felt good

    Now, notice, I literally said we and try to relax a bit

    I'm American. Of course I'm racist. It's kind of something you have to try not to be around here. I'm not really trying to offend you. I'm just a brown American with my own thoughts and opinions on white Americans.

    Here's a question for you, because I appreciate that you're responding. Would you consider an enslaved African woman living in the US in the early 1800s racist for having negative views of white Americans? What about a Chinese man that just spent tons of money to move to the US in the late 1800s but is denied equal rights and is exploited due to his race, would he be racist for his views of white Americans? Would you say Black Americans living in the early 1900s were racist (during peak KKK membership/terrorism)?

    When was it, if not OK, at least understandable for nonwhites to be "racist" and when did it become unacceptable/stop making sense?

    Finally, no, it's not racist to talk about race. It's actually completely fine. It's only taboo in certain circles, like sex and politics. Acknowledging our racial background and how it makes us who we are is an important part of understanding and accepting ourselves. There's absolutely nothing wrong with being white, just like there's nothing wrong with being a man and no one here's saying there is

  • AOC says many Democrats who want Biden to drop out don't want Harris on the ticket either
  • You're just assuming literally everything you're saying about me. You realize that, right? I don't disagree with any of that stuff you're saying (besides all the disrespectful, hateful shit obviously)

    Anyway, you're just a typical racist American, like most of us. You're not special and you should try to do better.

    Alright, now do another round where you fling stuff at me that you wish you could say to someone irl. lol. Just let it all out

  • Netflix’s Contributions
  • That's what I've seen in the past. Like I've seen data showing that people working at a certain company donated to Bernie while there's no way their company ever donated to him

    Do you actually know or are you just assuming as well? lol