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Broadcom continues to kill off VMware products

I received the below email recently which continues to kill off VMware products.

Skyline was a telemetry product which would analyze your environment for security and configuration concerns, and allow you to easily pull logs from multiple resources and upload them to a support case in a simple 3-click wizard. They announced recently that they were stopping new customers from enrolling in Skyline, and now they are stating that the log collection function is going away, in addition to features that help manage license status. They have not yet announced that Skyline is getting cancelled, but it's seems pretty obvious.

The blatant money grab is appalling. I actually had some stock in broadcom and sold it shortly after they started announcing these slash and burn tactics for short-term gains. VMware was an amazing product for well over a decade and I look forward to whichever solution manages to fill the gap Broadcom will create over the next 5 years.

We are announcing that on April 30, 2024, VMware will be making several changes to Skyline's functionality and features.

These changes are necessary as part of our vision for the future of self-help issue avoidance and diagnostics for VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware vSphere Foundation as part of VMware by Broadcom.

Feature Changes Assigned Entitlements No Longer Expire Skyline will no longer check for expiration of Entitlement Accounts or Subscriptions. Any active Skyline customer will remain active until further notice. Previously, all active accounts were upgraded to the Select Support feature set in Skyline.

This means that customers will no longer see linking of EAs to Organization, Deactivation or Renewal screens in Skyline Advisor Pro.

End of Technical Guidance (EOTG) / End of General Support (EOGS) Information In Skyline's Inventory detailed view, information is provided about the product's Lifecycle status (e.g. days remaining before reaching EOGS). Skyline will now only display this information for any product released prior to April 30, 2024. Any products released after this date will display "-" only. Log Assist We are enhancing Log assist to integrate with Broadcom Support systems. However, dependent on the migration scheduling, the feature may temporarily be unavailable beginning May 6, 2024. Log Assist functionality will return upon completion.

After the migration, users must log in using the same username as their Broadcom account id to ensure open support cases can be seen when using Log Assist. Users will only be able to see support cases that they opened. There will also be a new field presented called "Party Name", which is another term for Company Name.

Thank you for your patience during this transition period.

Best Regards, VMware Skyline Team