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Senators urge $32 billion in emergency spending on AI after finishing yearlong review
  • AI is the new decade long FAANG tech scam. Now that Microsoft, Google, and others have planted enough curated demos in the public domain, and established their first mover advantage it is time to do what they always do.

    • Convince/bribe the government to waste billions of dollars chasing this new and mostly useless fad.
    • Convince/bribe the government to enact legislation that will make it difficult or impossible for any others to outcompete them.
    • Scare everyone into thinking that this tech could be used for enormous evil and that they are our only saviors... ya know because they are the good guys even though they are the ones that created this shit.

    Big tech are basically just the new breed of MIC. Make room Lockheed Martin, et al.

  • Microsoft ties executive pay to security following multiple failures and breaches
  • Seems best to do this after firing the first 2-3 levels of leadership since this whole mess was created under their watch. Maybe the next thing to do is to ask if the US government wants to so heavily depend on a company that is no longer a US entity.

    Microsoft is overwhelmingly Indian contractors now. Infact much of the large legacy US tech companies have done so much offshoring I'd hardly call them US companies anymore. Are these companies really who we want to stake our national security on?

  • Broadcom continues to kill off VMware products
  • My impression is that on M(n) silicon Parallels is the most polished virtualization experience on Mac you can get now. Virtualbox lives under the shadow of Oracle which is not a place you want to be.

  • Cops can force suspect to unlock phone with thumbprint, US court rules
  • The initial pin that most folks have to enter is needed to decrypt the partition with user data. This is not 100% foolproof for keeping LEOs out since there are many known, and likely more unknown, ways to brute force these but it is still the best option.

  • FBI says Chinese hackers are inside US infrastructure to cause ‘devastating blow’
  • No, it is not.

    Last year, security analysts at Microsoft identified mysterious code linked to communications systems in Guam, the US territory in the Pacific with a massive strategic air base.

    is currently pointing to:


  • NSA ’just days from taking over the internet’ warns Edward Snowden
  • May I remind everyone of CALEA. Just in case your skim of the page makes you think it is only for phone/telecoms...

    In the years since CALEA was passed it has been greatly expanded to include all VoIP and broadband Internet traffic.

  • Jon Stewart takes aim at his former Apple bosses on ‘The Daily Show’
  • When you work for Apple, Apple gets to tell you what to do. Same goes for any corporate owned media outlet.

    Jon Stewart has more than enough money to just quit, which he did. Most normal folks do not have this luxury so they tow the line.

    Welcome to the reality that the US economic system.

    No real free speech, no real agency in our economy, captive regulators that like to masquerade as populist heros but rarely actually do any real damage to sociopathic corporations.

  • American dream of owning a home is dead, majority of renters say
  • So you sold your house to investors that will use it to add to this pretty obvious problem because you did not want to be bothered to wait 2-3 weeks extra to close? Thanks for doing your part to eleviate the larger problem.

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